Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dream Log: 1SEP2012

I do not remember my dreams from last night. However I asked if I could remember something about it, and immediately there was a sharp pain in my lower left arm between the elbow and wrist. Oh! Something like a small shark had bitten my arm. And I recall that we had celebrated this (even though I felt kind of silly) because what this meant was that the shark had been able to see me in astral form. Apparently I had startled the shark in the process of doing whatever it was I was doing, and I had appeared to him seemingly out of nowhere. Now think about that for a moment. That shouldn’t have happened! In some cases this does happen, it is a similar thing to how a cat might freak out when it sees / senses someone from another dimension.

So at this point I’m not sure if this is a rare happening or an indication of larger things now taking place. Others may wish to pay attention to the animals around them – are they becoming more sensitive / or reacting to things that aren’t there?


  1. it reminds me of what happened to me here:
    start it at about 4:30... you will see what i mean

  2. Yes, exactly! And what you are doing here, is something of the process I use as well, although I kind of use the waking moment between wake and sleep to trigger/ set up / set the intent of the dream-state, but I try not to "control" but rather "allow". If that makes any sense... :-) I see fractals as well, typically triangular in nature, it just repeats itself over and over.