Saturday, September 15, 2012

Introducing The White Sisterhood

White Buffalo Calf Woman by Cher Lynn
White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman
White Spirit Bear Woman
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman
White Deer Woman

We are the white sisterhood.

You have seen us before.

We are the White Sisterhood, we are the stories you've heard, we represent the ancient knowledge. We are teachers and healers, mothers and daughters. We passed an eagle feather to you, you carry this in your heart today.

We are the stories you have heard about. We have been teachers of compassion. We are now connecting directly with the avatars to which we embody that of the human form. We are of grace, love, and compassion. We embrace you every day and stand beside you to help you whenever it is needed. We hold you up when you need it and kiss you goodnight when you go to sleep. And sometimes you may meet us in your dreams to guide you on your path. Now is the time that you may meet us, and you (humanity) are meeting yourselves for the first time as you awaken from your slumber. As creators you are shape-shifters and spirits, your multidimensional forms connect with all planes and all realities. You are that which you see yourselves, as you see us before you.

That which you might see as negative expressions of your soul is at this time a necessary part of the positive expressions of your soul. You are not seeing yourselves as a separate being, but as one with all of the universe for you truly are the universe. The template of the universe, so to speak, is embodied in all that you are. So the challenge now is to expand your definition of what you are out into the broadest reaches of the universe. Whatever you can imagine, reach further.

And so here we are before you as equals and as guides, we stand before you as you stand before us. Attunements have run their course and are no longer required, although these still may serve to help provide shifts in consciousness for those who need them.

We are the White Sisterhood, and we await further definition. We are the White Sisterhood, and we have always been with you since the beginning of time. We are the White Sisterhood, and we stand with you in the seven directions. Membership in the White Sisterhood encompasses all. We are the feminine expression of all, in a singular / separate collective expression at this time to deliver our message.

We will see you soon. We love you so much!

Notes: This is a project I have been "given", to help identify, define, and connect the White Sisterhood. These women have existed separately in many stories of people from many cultures.  White Cloud Woman I don't know anything about, but she wished to be added to the list. The others have been identified in myths and legends. I feel this is by no means a complete list, and more than one person may certainly identify with this energy (it is all-inclusive rather than exclusive).

But to get the ball rolling, I am connecting these spirits to the realm of my experience, and this is their wish that I do so. Selphia is an Agarthan contact of mine who can be included in this list, although I don't understand her role at this time. She has somewhat protested my use of the term "White Deer Woman" rather than just "Deer Woman" but I feel this is accurate (or perhaps necessary for the purposes of identification...).

White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman (Stasha Eve)
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman (Amaterasu)
White Spirit Bear Woman (Dorothy Maquabeak Francis)
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman (Saraswati)
White Deer Woman (Selphia of Agartha)

Here's a picture of Selphia / Deer Woman. This is pretty much how she appears to me.


  1. I am in tears... so many. This is a new moon... a new life... a re-awakening to reclaiming the powers that we have denied ourselves of. Unworthiness has hung over my head like a grey cloud, enveloping me in a vacuum of doubt, despair & shame. I no longer accept myself as an unworthy woman. I no longer feel shame for perceived mistakes I have made in the past. I accept and understand that as a true warrior of love that I placed these challenges in front of me in order to be the best "me" that I could possibly be. The strangest thing is I have felt that sophia was my mother... and selphia seems like a very similar name... and as you know, if you read my introduction page on my sacred pipe ceremony that my 7th grandmother, nanye hi (the beloved woman of the cherokee) her mothers name was tame doe. this made my lineage the deer clan, wolf clan (when she was born a white wolf appeared) and when she died, a white swan emerged from her chest. in my current life, i have resonated as being a white lion which i talked about in the video i sent you. so i feel that this entire sisterhood are within me and guiding me now. as far as white cloud woman... there was a day that i was at the depths of despair earlier this year & i looked outside to the clouds for guidance as i often do... a huge cloud swooped by me and i saw the image of a warrior in the clouds, it reminded me of the image that blossom goodchild discussed when she saw white cloud. but this was a woman... i am now certain this was white cloud woman. i have always felt a kinship to the white owl and this year have felt protected by the bear energy, so i can clearly see why dorothy reminded you of me also. so it seems the only energy i havent been connected to is the white rabbit (maybe that was on purpose, since i know where it got alice) hehe. so much love and words cannot express my thanks. my heart is overflowing...

  2. With great love, I am honoured.

    Actually your video of being the white lion was the catalyst I needed to bring this together. That energy made this all very, very real. Thank you!

  3. Dear Dreamwalker, this is so amazing for me as well. Not long ago a group of strong women, a loving group of female energy were speaking to me in a unknown language. I made recordings of it and it sounded a bit like native american and light language mixed together. This energy was strong and it empowered me! I told someone, who gave me a reading and she said they were dead witches...I knew she was wrong but I wasn't sure yet who they were. The moment I read this post, I knew who my mysterious ladies were, are....oh my...eagle feathers....they always bring me eagle feathers....thank you for this most wonderful post! Stasha, such a beautiful post you shared too....we are home! The Goddessess are here and they are speaking through us...oh my gosh....such joy! Such incredible joy :)

  4. Thank you! I would love to hear one of your recordings sometime, if you wish to share! ♥

    1. I will and soon, it has already been discussed to do so :)