Friday, September 7, 2012

Message From Selphia Regarding Aurora Dreamflights

Selphia (of Agartha) says - thank you all for assisting with this task at this time. You are working in concert with us, we are on the other side of the crust and it is thrilling to think that there are others now working with us on these tasks. Do not be disappointed if you do not remember these events at this time. It (your memory) will catch up with you. You are being connected spiritually on your ships with your twin flame since the technology exists to make this connection, which is in truth your multidimensional heart-center. It is a place where you both exist now and forever. And very soon we will break through the cave wall and you will find us on the other side, as we will find you. This truth - and many others - are unleashed on the world. Do not be in any way afraid of the "other", stand strong and others will gain strength from you. You are now going forth as a complete human being, as you do every day. With much love, Selphia.



Important and Urgent Message from Adrial for the ground Crew and the Earth Crew – 7 Sept 2012 | Here and Now


  1. i wonder if you could speak with selphia about my twin flame? part of me feels he is not in 3D, yet an equal part feels that he is... but that we have been separated for a reason... so that we could keep our focus on our missions & the "bigger picture" any info she could offer would be greatly appreciated. LOVE

  2. Stasha, I would be honored to ask. I can be reached at cloesclausen at gmail dot com, my real name is Troy. Selphia is giving me this mischievous grin (smirk?) at the moment, but we shall see.... Namaste