Monday, September 10, 2012

RA: Overcoming Programming

(RA) I am RA.

>I am here, RA.

(RA) I am the one you seek.

>I was not aware I was seeking.

(RA) You were. And you seek now, but now you have found that which you seek.

>And what was it I was seeking?

(RA) Answers regarding DNA and the means to override the programming.

>Can you tell me or show me how to override the programming?

(RA) I can. It is in your heart-soul-path that you follow that leads you to override this programming.

>Can you tell me how to encourage someone else to follow this path?

(RA) Ask them.

>Is there a way to lead them along this path to override the programming?

(RA) They will be led, in time along this path, more and more will be encouraged by creative energies that they are as yet unaware of. The I-CHING turns positive whereas once it was negative. So it is in fact being viewed upside down at this point in time. The calulators will find that this important principle will need to be taken into consideration for future guidance.

So these positive creative points become creative opportunities for the spirit-mind-body complex to comprehend more of its wholeness and of its surroundings within / external to the matrix of the internal universe.

You are doing all you can do at this time. Do not feel bad for those who choose not to follow the path for this only encourages a focus on the bad-ness of the choice. You encourage the good-ness of the path by focusing on the good-ness of the choice made. You will notice even in school and work they are now focusing on positive reinforcement whereas previously the reinforcement was negative. There were still some vestiges of the old energy but those were expressions of freewill in a similar way to how a toddler might do things detrimental to itself to test its boundaries. This is an important part of the learning process.

So your environment is becoming increasingly positive over time, even though there may seem to be isolated events contrary to this, it is simply the learning where the boundaries are as a necessary part of growth.

You shine a beacon with your spirit family for all to see, subconsciously. This has more of a positive influence than you know. It requires so few individuals to act in this capacity but it is true that darkness is no longer darkness with even a small amount of light shining forth. That light is truth, love, compassion. It contains both eros and ethos. Not balanced but whole. A single expression rather than a balanced expression.

>Thank you Ra, I appreciate this wisdom. I was hoping for a recipe or formula, but what you say is that the answer is exactly what is happening now.

(RA) Yes indeed. You could try far less and still succeed, but that is not of your nature.

>I suppose that is true.

(RA) Enjoy the path, my friend. Do not be deterred by complications, these are simply more of the path of learning. Test those boundaries if you wish, it is within your grasp.

>Thank you Ra, goodnight.

(RA) See you soon.


  1. wow... this is pretty amazing... i made this video the other day i think u may want to see it xo
    love and peace

  2. feel free to share with anyone u think may relate xo

  3. Thank you my dear Stasha, what a great video blog! Thank you for sharing the story of the white buffalo calf woman. This is a story I learned many years ago, but I love hearing it retold.

    You might enjoy my next post, it has needed to get out there for a couple weeks now (yes they are insistent!). I hope you don't mind but I have made an important connection here. You may be interested to read about Dorothy Maquabeak Francis. :-) ♥ Namaste my friend.

  4. angel, it takes a lot for me to "mind" anything :) im pretty easy going & always look on the bright side. hehe. i havent heard of her, but i did just google her & see she is a bahai faith. my sister is bahai & ive been to the most beautiful temple in chicago that they have. i will read more & let u know what synchronicities i find. my connections with white buffalo woman go a lot deeper, i think this playlist of ym first sacred pipe journey will explain a lot more. especially the description page: