Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dream Log: 24 August 2012

This is for friday night 8/24. Before going to sleep I expressed my intent to remember my dreams and used the password center spiral wings unity.

I was walking along the sidewalk in “Astral Victoria” with my two sons. There is an elementary school on Oak Bay avenue, whereas in real life there is no school there.  As we are walking along the sidewalk, my younger son trips and lands face down in a puddle, and he wants to be carried. My older son wants to be carried too, and I say to him, no way buddy (he’s 9 years old now…) but a guy walking beside us (I don’t recognize him) says hey no problem, I’ll carry him. The guy kind of resembles my uncle (dad’s brother), with thinning black medium-length hair, somewhat heavy set, in his late 60′s. So this guy gives my older son a piggy back and we continue walking to the school. When we get to the grounds of the school, my older son shows him an acrobatic trick and stands on the guys head like a surfer. It was pretty funny, and the guy was hamming it up too. Then we get to the front door of the school and he puts my older son down, and offers us some candy – lollipops (fizz bombs?) – to my sons and a purple and green striped lollipop to me that looks like a crystal (Ocatawa?). He was a pretty friendly / happy guy.

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