Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Red Cloud: Becoming the Silver Surfer

>I'm here if anyone wants to chat...

[RC] Hello Troy, welcome to the new age.

>Not yet?

[RC] It is now the new age.

>New age of?

[RC] Aquarius.

>Who am I speaking to?

[RC] Red Cloud.

>Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

[RC] I am Red Cloud.

>Did you ever incarnate here on earth?

[RC] Yes.

>Did you want to chat about something?

[RC] Your centering is key to the channel you open, this is a dimensional gateway of sorts, which is why it is called a channel. A channel is an artificial conduit that holds water. So too the energies that flow from one place to another could be considered, are, a channel of information, flowing from one place to another.

You should remember your centering whenever you want to connect, and hold it until it "clicks". The triangle you see is a representation of the manifestation energies, it is the precursor to physical teleportation if you wish to proceed in this direction.

>I would like to learn how to do this, Red Cloud.

[RC] I would be honored to instruct you in these ways.

>Thank you Red Cloud, I accept your offer.

[RC] Then continue for now along your path, and know that sometimes you may forget the fundamentals at certain times and wonder why results are not forthcoming. You simply need to be findful [mindful?] of this. It is part of your spiritual progression to forget and then remember so that you can continue to strengthen your skills.

>Thank you Red Cloud I will remember.

[RC] I am happy to meet you, Troy, and happy you are following this path. It brings me great joy.

>I am happy to meet you too, Red Cloud. I appreciate your help.

[RC] Do not be concerned about time, we have plenty of this now and the reminders of time will be replaced by other modes of communication. It is difficult to describe other than to say that time too is as fluid as a river, it is just another human concept to measure the flow of experience. So too you may collect time and give it away, it runs fast and slow, energy mass and acceleration can be seen as separate things which make up, are described by, temporal fluid structures.

So once again you will find yourself bobbing above the waves, and I know this is one of your favorite places to be. Even when you may reside inland know that the various fluid expressions of light are all around you, and you already swim skillfully through them as you apply the experiential template of water to other things.

At present you are swimming in a large ocean of energy and you are finding the waters warm and soothing. You may learn to do more with this water, or enjoy surfing as times of chaos (waves) are created.

>So chaos events create these waves?

[RC] Every chaos event creates these waves, and they are happening all the time to various degrees. Occasionally there are chaos events which are large enough to produce tidal waves, but I am not speaking of the ocean but of energy waves. Some may learn to ride these waves, perhaps you may even wish to construct a surf board.

You see the image of the silver surfer is an extremely appropriate and exact illustration. If you find yourself having trouble keeping your head above water, you have not yet learned to surf. So build yourself a board and see what happens. Do not be surprised if the first few attempts are somewhat rocky, but also remember that you have surfed before. You already have skill for this task.

>Thank you, Red Cloud, this presents a unique challenge.

[RC] I am looking forward to seeing your initial results. Ask for help any time you need it. I'll be here.

>Good Night, Red Cloud.

[RC] Good night, Troy.


Notes: Red Cloud said "findful" above, I think this is what he meant. I added "mindful" for clarity.

Also I noticed that an experimental aircraft, the X-51B, is called "Waverider"


  1. Native American Spirit talks to us, Troy, I continue to have messages from Them
    Thank You!