Friday, July 13, 2012

An Open Letter to Humanity, from Umbro

This is Umbro. I am Captain of the Galactic Light Ship Tulya.

As disclosure increases throughout the year, you will become increasingly aware of our presence. If you wish to contact us, the first thing you can do is look within, for it is there that we will contact you. You may look for us in your skies, but our ships are cloaked. Those who cannot handle our presence at this time are protected from the shock that would result from such a contact. Those who can handle this information are sometimes given a sighting, and these will increase as the year progresses. Fearing us simply creates barriers to first contact, we are in fact just like you in many ways. You as a society have for the most part overcome your racial differences, and this is a critical step to encountering an “alien” race of beings.

The next step is understanding that we pose no threat to your well-being, and we respect your life path. We are the lamb, and you are the lion. You may see this message as an attempt to “lower your guard”, and this too is part of a process you can go through. All things in this universe can be seen as positive or negative, or not, this is up to you.

At this time we encourage you to look beyond the information constantly fed to you in your media. We are your family, as you are ours, and we are excited by the possibility of meeting you face to face. It is time now to make this meeting a reality. It is time now for you to meet people from another galaxy. Please do not be frustrated if we do not appear instantaneously, it is up to you as a society, as a whole, to join us when you are ready.

We love you, and we look forward to your return.


  1. I cant wait to see you. I am losing any concern I have for my current life here, I feel just love and giving. Mundane affairs are out if my mental and emotional range. I hope this is okay because I just dont care. : )

  2. Sarah, I feel exactly the same way you do. And it appears many of us are feeling this way too, all at the same time. Namaste