Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Santa Muerte: Hide N' Seek

>Is anyone there?

Not that I'm aware of...

>any guides?





Nope. :-D

>Santa Muerte, I do believe you're still hiding...

Sorry, I'm not here...

>Ha, you see, got you!

Oh balderdash...

>How are you doing... why the hide n' seek?

Today it is all about illusion, my friend. I do appreciate our connection! As the illusion falls further, you may find yourself at times feeling alone, all by yourself. The silence was intended to teach you to look further past the illusion to what is truly there. You are never alone, and we are always here to help at any "time". Why is it that we are always available to everyone? We can portion time into smaller and smaller pieces until that same moment can be used over and over again, if we wish. Your friend experienced this by traveling "back" to a certain time/space and re-using that time, as you too have done on several occasions. So we do the same. We are simply reusing the same moment as many times as we wish.

>Think of the airmiles...

Well Troy there is no need for airmiles, as you have discovered this is not necessary, since energy is everywhere, and the expression of self as energy can be anywhere energy might be (which is everywhere). But we still maintain our singular identity for the purposes of our communication and interactions with your kind. The template of the bodhisattva extends beyond your third dimension.

>That is very interesting, it is service-to-others...

...in a very real way, it is you might call something of a limitation but it is the point where service-to-others and service-to-self truly ceases to exist because all is one. Service to all one is more appropriate, perhaps. There is really no way to communicate this concept in your language.

>Can you tell me anything about the energies we're getting now?

Necessary but I understand some who have raised their levels of consciousness are feeling the energies more now, as they should. This is something of a balancing act, and as you understand it, not everything to do with this path is as pleasant as you might want. But in truth this is a good sign, symptoms increase with awareness. Think of it like a reverse allergy, and you can use this as a very real indicator of your progress. A canary in the coalmine, of sorts.

You have also picked up on the fact that following an easy path can result in easy progress. Well it is easy but there is a minor price to be paid in the area of discomfort. However this is more along the lines of growing pains, and the rewards are much greater than the toll. Much in the same way that adolescence is a necessary part of adulthood. It is perhaps more difficult because there are not too many others there (by definition) who can say "yes, I've walked this path". As luck would have it, this happens to be one benefit of reaching out to your guides, since they have walked this particular path and can tell you exactly what they went through. It is also fun to share among your friends, of course, but remember that we are all as snowflakes, and so too each experience is different.

>Thank you, Santa Muerte, I enjoy our conversations.

I do too, do not worry about the future, you're going to have a lot of fun!

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