Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dream Log: 26DEC2012 - At the Armories with Stasha

I was at the Bay St. Armories in Victoria. The building had been converted into a public Space where people could go and chat collectively, carry on collective conversations. Vinyl olive green couches were placed around the perimeter of the parade square - the building was not used for military functions any longer. I was sitting / reclining next to my friend Stasha. She was telling those present how she knew my cousins Kirk and Todd, maybe through school or through a trip they had taken to California. And I pointed out the coincidence that they were my cousins, we were marvelling at the three  degrees of separation.


  1. wowww. i had some crazy dreams last night too! but they were here in ireland. i was in a VERY awkward love triangle and it was NO BUENO. kirk & todd, huh? weird that those names sound familiar

  2. I think this was either the "astral" Victoria or perhaps "future" Victoria... Or could be one of those alternate timelines... Well Stasha I'm glad to know there are mutual acquaintances in more than one reality! :-)