Monday, December 17, 2012

The White Sisterhood: New Town for a New Era

This is the White Sisterhood.

We speak to you today to address the question of the Resistance Movement. What transpired in New Town is a part of this. Let us first talk about the significance of the name of the town. This is a New Town, heralding a New Era.

Having a conversation about guns, or politics, or mental illness is important, but it does not address the underlying issue. You see, the Resistance Movement is made up of children who resist all that is wrong with your current society. That is what they are here for. This is their mission. This is not to say that this is an ARMED resistance movement. This is to say that they are here to resist in whatever way they can. This may involve such behaviors as "going boneless" to such violent actions as causing harm to themselves and others. Pharmaceutical treatments only mask the problem, they do not solve the problem. Only when the real problem is truly dealt with, does the resistance lay down their arms.

So what is the problem, and how can it be dealt with? This is your job. This is for you to discover. To be blunt, the problem is not with these children, but it is with those to whom they are connected. They are here, as a gift from God, to show you what still needs to be dealt with. Think of it as a puzzle - and the end result is to transmute the social ills (also known as "social norms"), that which no longer serves humanity.

Do not fear the violence that you may witness, but know that this can be a direct one to one correlation to the severity of the problem that needs to be dealt with. It is a cause and effect reaction to that which they find in their social environment. When that environment is "cleaned up," these children modify their behavior to suit their environment.

Know that the Resistance Movement may also be other things, but this is a critical facet of this movement that humanity should be aware of at this time. Look within and know that this is where you will find the tools to solve all problems. And know that the children of the Resistance Movement are here at this time, fulfilling their role in the highest aspect of divine love. They are and will always be cared for, and they will never leave your side. They are your teachers and protectors. They are also your children, as you are their children. They love you as you love them. They are the angels you pray to and ask for assistance. And so, you have received this assistance. It is not a punishment. It is an opportunity.

We love you.

The White Sisterhood


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