Thursday, December 13, 2012

Love, Multiplied

Dream log 121212

I was at a communal home of several young women. The house was painted with warm yellows and earth tones. Bedrooms faced a central kitchen. Dividing each bedroom between the doorway was only a heavy blanket, but that was fine. I was being accepted into their family as a partner/husband – a polygamous / communal arrangement. I was spending time with each woman to get to know her, they were all quite pretty and had a “love of life”, happy with lots of positive energy, and each had a strong bond with her "soul-sister". The dream focused on being in one woman’s bedroom, she had long wavy brown hair. I felt it somewhat awkward that there was only a sheet, wishing there was a bit more privacy. However she didn’t seem too concerned.
[I feel this dream was a dream about spending time with several spiritual beings. I understand that this dream reflects how they communicate, through experiences focused on love. I am happy to be accepted by them.]

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