Friday, April 29, 2011

Adama and Mikos - earthquakes

Focused/channelled by Dreamwalker

>Adama, Mikos, how are you today?

We're fine thanks, it's a beautiful day!

>Is there something you wanted to talk about?

We wanted to talk to you about the upcoming earthquakes - some people have expressed concern about this, but the situation is at least partially controlled by us here in Telos/Agartha.

>So are you saying that the earthquakes will be less than they would be otherwise?

In fact the dark ones are trying to make the problems worse to continue their campaign of fear across the world. We have gotten to the point where it doesn't matter how much money they pour into their projects, their efforts are mitigated.

They are still trying - they feel any effort at this point is not wasted effort.

>Can you give me specific dates for when these things will happen?

It doesn't really matter now because the quakes won't be that bad. 5.9 to 6.0 is fairly large but definitely survivable. You may have some minor infrastructure damage but we don't expect any deaths as a direct result of these events.

May 15-26
June 15-26

California or Ohio is correct; effects may be felt in Oregon as well.

>I was kind of wondering about the number 3 because it seems to be a kind of persistent number in a number of major events.

Well similar to how you create a loaf of bread using a number of ingredients, the number 3 was used as one of the ingredients in your reality. This is really why it's referred to as 3-d/third dimension. Many people think this refers to the fact that your world is "3-d" with x,y,z axis but that's a somewhat limited viewpoint because you also have time, dreams, and other dimensions that come into play. You picked up on the fact that this number tends to resonate in many different ways, such as disasters (there were 6 buildings in the recent Fukushima meltdown). You can also use this as a perspective; don't look at something 1 way, but look at it in 3 different ways. This approach will help you better understand your frame of reference from an objective viewpoint.

>Can you tell me what that energy source I saw in Mammoth caves was? It was really strong! I was really surprised that nobody else could see it.

That was in fact a portal to one of our cities but you would not have been able to get here from there because we control all entrances, and that is a fairly "public" entrance. As part of our directive of non-interference, allowing you entrance at this point would go against that, since others would become aware of this fact.

>Would that be such a bad thing?

This is a technology beyond their current understanding, so it falls into the non-interference category. In terms of their awareness you know this is going on right now, and it is moving quite quickly - we are very pleased about this fact.

>I'll have to pick up later guys - thanks!

No problem, Troy, we'll chat later.

>Adama, could you tell me what it was you did with the white light? Judy said it was an attunement, and I later figured out it was an attunement for channeling. Can this be done for anyone?

You are quite correct, it was an attunement but not specifically for channelling. You were ready for the next step, and so that's what you received. Ask and ye shall receive, as the saying goes. The light that you saw was a way of transmitting energy that is then used to activate the inactive parts of your DNA. This is the same energy that you saw in the Yuwipi ceremonies and it can be used for many things. It can be done for anyone when they are ready, and they too have to ask. It is our way.

>Adama, I am very grateful for this blessing and I will try to live up to the responsibility you have given me!

Troy you do not need to live up to anything, you are able to exceed your wildest dreams each and every day! I would like to talk more about that another time - but we have much to discuss.

>Would you be able to help me build a free energy device that anyone could put together themselves? To me this kind of feels like an interesting way to remove some of people's burden so they could shift their focus to other things.

I could myself, but let me find someone for you who has an interest in this area. It will take me a few days, but I have an idea of who could help.

>Okay, that sounds great. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about?

If you don't have any other questions for now, I think we are satisfied with this session.

>Thank you Adama, and Mikos, for all your help and blessings!

Thank you Troy - Peace and blessings to you!

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