Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Memory of Medieval Times

I remember a really bad storm, thunder, lightning, rain, and a big battle. A really big battle. The ground was completely red with blood, and I remember one low area in the ground that had created a small, shallow, red lake. That’s how much blood there was. I remember thinking, well the rain sucks, but at least it’s keeping the armor clean (which still had a lot of blood and mud on it).

There was heavy armor, and greatswords, and pikes. Several horses, owned by men who mistakenly thought they had an advantage by riding a horse into battle. And from that battle at the end there was roughly 16 survivors, myself included, out of 3 to 4 thousand men. Included in that number were a handful of the best warriors from the opposing force. And I recall making a comment similar to “we have to stop meeting like this”. We actually let those guys walk free because they had shown valor in battle. I recall feeling regret for the horses because it wasn’t really their fault they were dead. Oddly, the height of the storm, with large amounts of thunder and lightning, was also the height of the battle. The thunder especially was really loud. Some of the soldiers of the opposing force even got hit by lightning.

I recall my favorite weapon, which was a round mace (similar in shape and size to a cannonball) with a curved blade on one side of it. The profile of this thing kind of looked like a bird of some sort, with a curved beak (kind of like a flamingo). When you hit someone’s armor in the right spot with the blunt part of the mace, the armor would bend upwards revealing the leather bindings underneath. You could then use the blade to cut the bindings. I had it down to where the time between the first hit and the cutting of the leather was about 7-10 seconds. As the blade cut through the bindings, it also usually left a big bloody gash as well. And then once my opponent’s armor was off, he was pretty much already dead. It had a braided leather lanyard at the end of the handle to keep me from dropping it. Very handy piece of equipment.

I can’t seem to find an example, but here’s some weapons with a similar principle:

I also recall this being a major turning point for me, realizing that it was all just a waste of time, it was a pointless endeavor. I was there for the purpose of causing mass destruction, and I realized that there would always be more of it. I would live to fight again, and cause more death, or I would die, and then in another lifetime continue the same treadmill pattern. POINTLESS. STUPID. BLOODY. WAR.

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  1. Horus and Anubis, by Sherwin


    The God-energy of Horus and Anubis, collectively, as been coming to me strongly and gradually. I’m not sure what’s to be learned or revealed. It’s mostly fight scenes and weapons, especially the scene where Osiris instructs Horus in the art of war, using a weapon which resembles a short scythe or curved blade.

    Anubis, on the other hand, uses the weapon of a staff (or is it a javelin?). But unlike his step brother Horus, Anubis does more magic and energywork, especially opening and closing of gates/portals, and teleportation. He is, after all, the ‘opener of pathways’ and the guardian of the Duat.

    Of course, this does help explain the name of this blog – Sons of Isis – and why that name came to me very strongly in the beginning.

    How can I use this knowledge in my healing work?

    Perhaps a story is waiting to be told – right, Lord Osiris?