Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mammoth Caves

Well guys I’m back from Mammoth Caves. I had a few interesting experiences I thought I’d share.
-It’s a 10 hour drive from where I live near DC to Glasgow, KY. As I mentioned previously, the spirits have a price for their gifts, and the price is usually a test of some nature. Youngest son decided to empty the contents of his stomach onto the back seat of my car as my wife took over driving, so we had a bit of a test to work through.

When I took over driving (after cleaning up my son and the car) later on I noticed my right hand was kind of tingling like when I do reiki, but I wasn’t doing reiki. I was told by an acquaintance medium that Mikos was accompanying me on this journey, so I guess that was him. He is a librarian of Pathologos, apparently.
I could also sense a raven spirit overhead during the entire drive to mammoth caves. This doesn’t usually happen, but there he was. I have to tell you I felt really protected!

-first day at mammoth caves we took a tour in an area of the park where you need to take a bus to get to it. The guide takes you to this small cement hut with a door in it that leads underground. This tour was the “niagara” tour because some of the formations look like a waterfall.

In one particular area, I noticed a stalactite/stalagmite formation with a light shining on it that was radiating this huge amount of energy. It was just like looking at the hood of your car in the hot sun – I couldn’t actually look at it directly. I’m not sure what this was, but there was a LOT of spiritual energy around it, just like an aura.
That night as I was drifting off to sleep, there was a huge bright flash behind my eyes, similar to what I’ve seen with lights in the Yuwipi ceremony. These are very similar to chinese firecrackers but without the noise – it’s just a bright light. I didn’t feel anything, but this was not an electronic device and our hotel window was not facing the road or parking lot. I was told to expect an attunement from Adamos; I think this is what it was since I’m no longer feeling the 3-rd eye confusion I was feeling before the trip (and thank goodness for that!)
The next day we toured the main cave area which is a self-guided tour. This area didn’t have any anomalies that I could see or feel, but it is just a huge cave and very impressive. We saw these little brown bats clinging to the ceiling about a foot from our head so we could see them up close and personal! These are very neat little creatures! They were sleeping so they didn’t even care we were there. I could have actually picked one up it was so close but I know that would be a bad idea!

That afternoon we decided to drive back home. When we stopped for dinner the forecast was for a thunderstorm, and yes it really got into biblical proportions once my wife took over driving from me; massive amounts of rain, thunder, lighting, and this thick fog with very low visibility. She had all the luck on this trip…
Anyhow as soon as we could I took over driving from her. I had to laugh because we tuned into NPR, and they were playing bluegrass tunes to the theme “Angels watch over you”, which included themes like getting in touch with your soul, and a song about a place where there is no rain or thunder (HAHA angels, VERY FUNNY). There was also a spoken thing that went “if I could write a song” and went through several religious and spiritual themes, including a phrase about Jesus, then segued into “if I could write a song I would talk about souls on other planets”. All this while I was dealing with the storm and the fog.

At this point I was chuckling away, and my wife was like, “what?”

“Never mind, dear…”

Well there you have it – I wasn’t actually expecting any of this, and everything happened just as it was supposed to happen, and just as I’m reporting it. I’m not making any of this up – it’s just what I experienced.

More Background info on Galacticmessages.com


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