Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Selphia from Telos - Calais and a Reptillian friend

Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Hello Selphia, I am here if you'd like to chat. It sounded like you wanted to continue our discussion about Laurinda.

Sure, Troy, I'd like that!

>So you suggested we bring up the chariot races and that brought up a memory/dream for me that I was there too. We had a fairly good discussion about that, and it brought up several other past experiences too.

It was all about girl power then - you were a sexy and powerful female group who competed and put on a show but everyone who watched you loved your act! There were no winners and losers even though I know you felt frustrated by your losses sometimes!

>I'm getting a thunderstorm here so I'll have to save often in case my power dies...

Okay, no problem, Troy.

>Are you avoiding talking further about this at this point?

Well, in our plan we're trying to focus right now on higher energies to raise the awareness of your people, so dwelling on the "dark" is not below us but tends to serve a different purpose. She also has such strong memories of her past, I'd just as soon help someone out who needs it.

> Okay, well how about recent past? Can you talk about any bright moments?

Well yes there's lots of bright moments. Her spirit leans towards female, so several of her lives were female. One of those was in Calais, around 1450. She was a devoted nun and treated many sick people. Before that she had a child, and the child died. Her husband died shortly after that (at sea, as a merchant) so she turned to the convent.

>I see Calais was part of England at that time.

Yes it was. Her husband was actually running a boat to London, but it sank in a storm.

>Do you know the name of the ship?


>What that her name or the ship's name?

The ship's name.

>Calais isn't that far from London - how could it have sunk?

Well he had to pick up supplies in Morocco, and on his way to London he ran into a big storm.

>Ok, can we talk about something else?

Sure what would you like to talk about?

>Laurinda said we were strongly connected, can you talk about that?

I would love to - I remember you well, Troy. As I said we are like family. We have had several lifetimes together a long time ago and you actually tried to hold onto that thread a few times, just so we could be together longer.

>so what happened?

Well, unfortunately you passed away before we made our transition to where we are now, and you ended up on the surface and I ended up here. Unfortunately there's a barrier preventing reincarnation between places - this is why people don't remember their recent lives in Agartha.

>So Laurinda's reptillian experience would have been a very long time ago?

Yes, she's been in a similar state to you, but did come to earth in reptile form. She carried that thread for some time, but reincarnated as a human after realizing the stuff she was doing with genetics was really wrong.

>Can you tell me about that?

They were trying to overcome some of the problems that were built into the human thought processes. This involved killing a lot of babies.

>Okay, looks like I have to sign off now, but thankyou for the chat.

I think Mikos would like to speak with you again at some point, when you are ready.

>Thank you, I would like that.

Okay, Troy, I hope you have a pleasant evening. Good night, my friend.

>Good night, Selphia.

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  1. Thank you Selphia and Troy! You are just fab!! You are a super team! I could defo feel both your love and affection yest. and today :) You two are really magic! Sending love to Laurinda too! She is a great lady! ~ Laura