Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Channel - Mikos from Telos

Channeled by Dreamwalker 

>Hi Mikos, how are you?

Fine thanks

>What do I need to do to get to where this is fluent?

You’re doing it now.

>Can you tell me a bit about where you live?

Telos is similar to Eden; it’s another city in the hollow earth that houses roughly 1.2 million souls. When we lived in Lemuria we learned how to create from thought, and this is what Telos is – it is a city that is a physical creation from thought. We can build things with our hands but our current surroundings have met our needs. It is similar accommodations to what you would know, so whether we build this with our hands or with our minds makes no difference. The end result is the same.

>Can you tell me about Pathologos? Is this a real place or an imaginary place?

Pathologos is the library at which I work. It’s an interface to the akashic records that specifically deals with transcendent dreams – those that lead to an awakening of some kind, or an enlightenment. It is a real “brick and mortar” place that provides access to these dreams, for those who come here. They can access the akashic records themselves but it is easier/makes more sense for them to have this information segmented in a specific way, in a physical place. It is a form of educational entertainment, but we hold great value in the process of learning that leads to an “aha!” moment.  You are correct in thinking that your Sprit Helper Dreams are a part of this, and you could certainly tap into other dreams as well. But our focus is on the past experiences of others that lead to enlightenment so we may learn from these experiences directly ourselves.

>Are there privacy issues with these dreams?

Nobody really wants to block these dreams as it is an honor for them to contribute to the enlightenment of the whole. And the dream can be played out as in real life, in the safety of the dream.  It is very much like a 3-d movie except you are completely immersed in it. The other benefit is that for those who have trouble remembering their dream, they can come here and relive it if they wish. Some dreams they of course do not wish to re-live, but sometimes it helps to catch the finer details of a dream you’ve already had.

>Well Mikos I really appreciate you and Adama helping me through this process and it is joy to be speaking with you directly. I am looking forward to the day when we can physically meet and shake hands, but I understand that is some ways off.

Similar to what we said before, it is closer than you think, and the time between now and then will seem like a very small amount of time indeed once we meet face to face! It has been an honor for us to follow your path – you are a quick study my friend. We are happy you met Judy [Cali] as well – she is a dear soul and is very good at what she does.  In the near future you will have an opportunity to meet her as well.

>I have to sign off now but perhaps we could chat more later.

Thank you, Troy, I would really like that.

In Peace

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