Friday, May 4, 2012

Maureen: Crop Circles and Energy Portals

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[Hi Maureen, did you wish to chat?]

I did Troy, you are doing well, I see, and the next phase is coming along nicely. I would even say you're breaking waves, but that would imply there are waves in the first place...

[I understand what you mean. Speeding right along. ]

Exactly. We are approaching no-time. Do not be concerned with the unfolding of time around you, or those who would wish to unravel the societies that you are currently connected to. These societies are an illusion, of course, but belong to systems that provide for your physical frame. These will be maintained regardless of what processes may or may not be put in place.

[Can we talk a bit about these portals?]

I do not have much to say about them at this point in "time," perhaps we can reflect on them as more of the puzzle has been unraveled.

[How is everything going on the Aeterna?]

Developing nicely, thank you. Quite a crew you have here. I am also glad for your connection to Agartha, and to the other light ships, as well as that which has not been discovered.

[All part of the process huh?]

Yes indeed.

[Is there anything else you can tell me, an update perhaps?]

Even the flow of time will stop, it is much like water, it is fluid, in deeper parts the river runs stronger. Knowing this, it is sometimes easier to move on the edges than it is in the middle.

[Can you tell me what it is I am feeling with the visualizations?]

The mandalas / portals / crop circles are designed for specific attunements. Do not be concerned as this is not a medical condition you are experiencing in the traditional sense of the word, it is an energetic/spiritual symptom of the process. You do not get to a certain point without having to travel the path to get there. That is not to say that this is a path that involves time/space but it does manifest to you in this way. You are correct that your oneness with the universe is in fact a 1:1 relationship between the experiences you have and your mental spiritual/ etheric inner workings. And in fact you could create a detailed catalog of how certain events might map to different thoughts and feelings. You no longer pay attention to the news on TV and so those events are lessened by your intake of them. It is not to say they don't exist, but this is part of the reflection of who you are.

You know, religion has utterly failed in this regard. I'm really going to have to have a chat with management about this, haha.

But you may yet find a detailed catalog of how one can tailor one's life to a specific outcome. 

A worthwhile process to group the "crop circles" / chakra attunements according to the base chakras that they are designed to attune. Remember though that there are many chakras throughout the body. This is a good first step if you wish to follow it.

[Thank you Maureen, I appreciate your loving guidance.]

Adama may have something for you as well. It really has been a busy week for you hasn't it? Lots of positive energy. I am happy you are taking advantage of it.

[I will try and connect with Adama when he is ready.]

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  1. Thank you, dear Maureen and Troy!
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