Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Maureen: Games and Puzzles

channeled by dreamwalker | dreamwalkerdiaries.blogspot.com

[I am here if anyone wants to chat...]

I am here Troy

[Maureen, it's good to talk to you]

They are busy in the inner earth preparing for upcoming events. We have preparations of our own, you know.

It is time we made ourselves known.

Continue with your work in discovering the secrets of the crop circles

This is a puzzle with many layers, you are correct that the first layer is relating to Chakra Activation in a very specific way. Also an interface.

Do not be concerned with the information and disinformation that surrounds you. It is correct that there are no complete picture-holders at this point in time. In fact nobody can have all the cards in this particular game. One or two cards are always held back from those who are certain they have a complete deck of cards.

[So you're saying none of us are playing with a full deck?]

Ah, yes, well that would be quite true wouldn't it? But those who consider both sides of the card, and both sides of the argument, will be better prepared to accept and receive what information it is that they can further uncover, towards the truth. As you know the truth has many facets. It is not even a complete thought, but a very small portion of all-that-is. Which is to say, whatever it is we think we know, there is a vast amount of information yet still we don't know, and never will know.

[Is there anything you'd like to tell us, or humanity, in preparation for coming events?]

Love conquers all. I know it's something that has been said over and over again, but this is really a universal truth that can be applied to all things. If you fear the future, simply turn love towards it and you will see that the future is not as dark and dreary as it once seemed.  The outcomes that you think exist are illuminated through love.

[Thank you Maureen, I'll try to remember.]

Have a good night, Troy

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  1. I'm so happy to read this! I can't wait to relate the download/downlow from my last few days! May be the weekend before I have a chance to decompress and summarize, lol! It's all good - in fact, wonderful! :)