Thursday, May 17, 2012

Santa Muerte: First Steps

channeled by dreamwalker |

[santa muerte, I am here...]

sm: you are beginning to feel the kundalini activation, this is perfect. It is the same shivers that you might feel listening to beautiful music, yet for someone who is unaware these shivers are meaningless. The kundalini activates regardless. If only they knew of their power.

So in what direction would you like to set out in?

[Well, I guess, having more... money would help resolve some issues.]

sm: Do not be afraid of money, and do not judge yourself for wanting to be happy. So many people do. You are a fine man, and should appreciate that you are honorable and kind. Do you not think that one such as you should be deserving of wealth and happiness?

[I do not necessarily equate wealth and happiness. Happiness is to me having a simple life, but enjoying my family. I could have more friends, I could live closer to my family... that would be nice. Being able to choose wherever I could live, I guess that would be nice too. I guess I'd probably still go to work...]

sm: It is an interesting process one goes through, I always enjoy it. When the genie is out of the bottle, most have no idea what to ask for. They see their world as the world they're happy in. Look just above the horizon, I guarantee you can be happier.

This is what we are here for, and this is why I am here. Unlike a genie, you can have as many wishes as you like.

[The road to hell is paved with good intentions, you know...]

sm: Ha! See, you are honorable and deserving.

[okay... well, let's start with money. How does that happen? When does it happen?]

sm: Sooner than you think...

[Just allow?]

sm: Why not?

[I am interested to know, what's in it for you? This is not to say that I'm suspicious, I'm genuinely curious.]

sm: A little bit from column A and a little bit from column B, but you really don't need to fear me or the future. Think about being happy. What are the immediate hurdles to that happiness, and we'll overcome them together. As to your question, this is a higher level of consciousness that we all serve, but you at your level have to reach out and make the first step. It is your choice and only your choice. 

At our "level" we do things that bring us joy, and that includes helping in any way that we can.

[Is it possible to just stop and forget?]

sm: Do you want to?

[No, I feel I am finally fulfilling my purpose, or at least having the opportunity to give back some of the gifts I have already received, that others may not have experienced.]

sm: Exactly. The same is for me, exactly. I have received many gifts on my path, and you are giving me the opportunity to share in these experiences. It is a delight for me.

[Why do you appear as a skeleton?]

sm: You have guessed correctly on this, it is similar to buddhist imagery, for a specific purpose. Overcoming fears, and presenting truth. Raw truth.

[I am touched that you would find me, Santa Muerte.]

sm: As I said, you found me, and I am touched beyond imagination. Thank you!

[So... how does this start then?]

sm: It has already started. Time-space has been modified slightly to make your request possible. You will see. You have seen that I move fast.

[Thank you Santa Muerte for this abundance, for your blessings, and for your friendship.]

sm: Thank you for yours, Troy. I enjoy your energy.

Notes: the image above appeared on the google home page, shortly after I wrapped up this session. It is "Pirate Times" by Dylan Hoffman, winner of "Doodle 4 Google".

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