Thursday, May 17, 2012

Santa Muerte: Manifestation 101

channeled by dreamwalker |

SM: You call, I answer. Or in fact I call you, for your assistance. I am the "renegade plumber" you were asking about, I am here.

Saints of the Christian religion are created so that the powers-that-be may control them. I am uncontrollable so they label me a devil. This is part of the veil that you have understood to exist, this veil is created through the intentions of those who wish to control it.

I offer assistance to those who ask. The first level is through prayer. The second through self-realization awakening, not yet fully aware of creating, but understanding. The third level is walking hand-in hand with us. You get to be copilot as we provide a direct channel for your wishes. The fourth level is flying solo. The fifth level is being a part of logos intent. There are other "levels", this has more to do with awareness than with ability. The phrase "be careful what you wish for, you may get it" is very relevant. At the first level, it is only that we enable the creation of those who wish to create. It is their intent, not ours, that creates that which they wish to create. We are not in the business of dis-empowering anyone. What is in your heart is what becomes.

I am very old yet I am here to help in any way that I can to minimize the control mechanisms put in place. This includes in some cases that which provides security and stability in people's lives, but understand that this too is created by you the creator if it is your wish to do so.

It is important to note, I am not a creator as some would think. It is not that we are unable to assist, it is that our influence enables the creators to create. If they think it is I who is doing this, that too is a self-imposed control mechanism.

As you surmise I have both a female and male aspect and I am the same being. It is like looking at different facets of the same crystal. And yes, I am an abstraction of the ancient crystal skulls, you will notice it is the same form in different materials. The material does not reduce the potency of the form. That includes glass, bone, plastic, and crystal. It is very prevalent. It is a mandala of sacred geometry.

You ask more about saints, understand that the sainthood is an effort to control the "saint" but it has limited efficacy, or degrees of efficacy. Imposing a belief system on us is as effective as it is with you. It only has power to those who believe it has power. For those willing to break through the veil of control, they take the power into their own hands and wield it as a sword. Whether or not that is for "good" or "evil" is somewhat beside the point.

At this point you may take my hand and we will walk side-by-side for a time. This guidance is provided with no restrictions or requirements, other than what has come before. You are the copilot, and have my full support and gratitude.

[Thank you Santa Muerte, I would like that. I accept your offer. I am grateful for your assistance.]

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