Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Thousand Years - Selphia

channeled by dreamwalker | dreamwalkerdiaries.blogspot.com

[I'm here, Selphia, if you'd like to chat.]

Hello Troy

[Can you give me an update on what's going on right now?]

Everything is proceeding as planned. As you have felt we have no new information for you at this time. You can bring more love into your heart if you wish.

It is sometimes necessary for one to step back and let events unfold. As you know from sailing, you get to your destination faster if you make fewer corrections. So too, a lack of interference is beneficial to the process set in motion by our collective will.

[Do you have will?]

Indeed I do, and it is sometimes very hard to sit back and let things happen. You know this from having children too, they are lovely boys. I enjoy their energy. I have met your younger son, he is delightful.

And you know that making too many corrections with them will not allow them to thrive. So too, the world around you, this is a principle that is being embraced. It is actually the overcorrection of many factors that lead to your current environment. If those "in charge" learned to let go of their control, they would learn that things tend to happen in a manner that is not only to their liking, but it is beyond their expectations. You have been learning this through your own "intuitive GPS" practice. It is not that you are not in control, it's that you make far fewer corrections. You are letting things happen.

Sometimes we lead by example, you know. It is hard when those you are showing the truth to do not listen, I know you understand this. I feel that examples can be understood, even if not fully incorporated into someone's understanding at the time. Sometimes it is simply exposure to the truth that is important, not that the truth is necessarily seen for what it is.

I hope you enjoyed the song today, Troy.

[I did indeed, thank you for listening, and thank you for the reminder. It is odd how some of us have decided to take life in smaller chunks.]

A necessary process, it will seem like a distant memory, but also that the memories can be explored at your leisure through both this life and many lives past.

[Is it you I've been meeting in my dreams?]

Me and one other, yes. Maureen may wish to provide an update on the growth of the Aeterna at some point. You can feel the energies all keying in at different times but they are slowly slotting into place. Don't worry about your friends and their ability to cope with this energy. They handle it differently as we are all different, but know that they are all well equipped to handle it. Others "in the dark" may have a slightly harder time of it, but they too have helpers walking with them every step of the way.

You know that the May 5 gateway will be significant, but those who may be disappointed have simply to open their hearts to see the truth, and feel the energy that is flowing through this time/space event. Or perhaps, may the fourth be with you?

[Haha, Selphia, good one! Well I'll need to sign off, but thank you for the chat, it's good to talk to you again.]

Just because there's nothing from us, don't ever feel nobody will answer. You are loved, and we are all so looking forward to reunification.

[Thank you, good night, Selphia.]


  1. Thank you, Troy and Selphia :) At times I also think that I am without a ground under my feet or without being heard but you are right, each effort is worthy and it is seen at the proper time because we have different equipment to handle it but a common goal at the same time
    Great connection! Thank you!
    Love and Light!

  2. Wonderful message, Selphia & Troy, thank you so much! Yes this is looking like it's going to be quite a week! In love & light, Leslee

  3. Thank you Troy for the message. I enjoyed reading it and I can feel the love emanating from her.

    Love, Light and Laughter