Wednesday, June 15, 2011

At the Atlantis Lab

Selphia from Telos
Focused/channeled by Dreamwalker

>Hi Selphia, are you there? I was wondering if you'd like to chat about Laurinda's past life in Atlantis?

Hi Troy, how are you? It is good to hear from you!

>I'm doing fine, thanks. A little down perhaps but it will pass.

Cheer up, Troy, you are loved! We have been making preparation for a big event. I can't tell you what it is, but it is related to a disclosure event. Following that there will be some relief for those in the lower eschelons of society, those currently having to live from day to day without knowing where their sustanance will come from.

>I've been waiting for that for a very long time. I know there are children currently having to live off of what they can scrounge in garbage dumps, or those who simply go hungry. I know they can be taken care of with only a minor shift in how things work.

Well it will be more than a minor shift, and they will be taken care of!

>I can feel a great deal of enthusiasm coming from you - you're anticipating how these children will react to this, aren't you?

I will tell you, Troy, it will be like the greatest birthday they could ever imagine!

>Can you tell me when this will happen? I'd really like to see it happen in the next month or so. Would that be possible?

As I said, I can't say what it is that will happen at this point, but you will know.

I would also like to address a concern Kellia has - she is making progress, but she needs to keep her spirits up. When she makes her connection she can make the choice to stay where she is and do the work she needs to do, she can move to another location and continue her work there, or she can come here if she wishes. I feel she may make the choice to continue her work; she is currently working against her higher self at the moment because of the reality around her. She is such a dear soul and really cares about humanity. The last thing she would do is abandon it!

Onto Laurinda's question - she was asking about the Atlantis Lab. She's still thinking to some degree in terms of physical incarnations. Was she a reptillian scientist in Atlantis? Yes, and a very good one. The project she was working on was part of the human hybrid program that introduced reptillian genes into the human genepool. This was a contract developed by the Galatic Federation of the time to develop a showcase planet for universal diversity. Your planet's diversity is part of why it was created in the first place. The genetic code allowed an avatar-like interface for those individuals who wished to come here. There were several prototypes developed and she managed to find the right combination that would accept Reptillian DNA. This was introduced relatively recently into the human DNA pool, around 14,000 years ago (there was some confusion as to time - it could have been 40,000 years; 14,000 seems more "accurate").

(I am hearing the word "Rebel")

>Was she one of the Annunaki?

No. The Annunaki were "invaders" to the planet and were primarily interested in the earth's mineral resources.  They initially interfaced with the program to accomplish this. Going back further, she was part of the group who served on the council to create the planet in the first place. She was involved in establishing the planet's diversity. You can't of course have every species from every system represented on a single planet.

>Thank you Selphia, I think she'll like to hear this information.

Thank you, Troy, good night.

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