Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Explanation - 3d vs 5d

Selphia of Tayos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Are you there Selphia?

I am here Troy, how are you doing?

>I'm okay, I guess. I'm sorry I dropped connection with Adama earlier, I am grateful for the information he provided to me, but it was a bit of a shock as well.

Please do not fear the future or the implications of it Troy - we love you very much and will make sure no harm comes to you! Trust in your feelings, use the Force! You see the reality you feel and see is just as real as our reality, so don't think that it is less than any other dimension. As you know we can travel freely/physically between dimensions, but vibrations are key to overcoming the barriers that exist.

>I'm still curious as to how a submarine full of Nazis were able to travel there.

Well in fact they had raised their vibrations because they believed they were doing God's work. And they were. You see unlike the Bible there is no judgement in this process - good and evil is really just perceptual.

>So I could go around doing really bad things, and as long as I believed I was doing god's work I could overcome those barriers?

Well you see that's the problem. There are those in your society who do not see right from wrong; their conscience is technically removed. Some are incarcerated to protect society from them. Other raise to high levels of politics and corporations because they do not have empathy. These are what are often referred to as "dark" individuals.

Those men in the U-boat believed they were doing the right thing for their country, and in their lives some killed others but they did not carry the guilt with them because they felt this was in self-defense, or the responsibility for their actions lied with their superior officer. The key to these men is that at some point during their journey there was a leap of faith that they all made using collective consciousness, and this allowed them to journey to where they are today.

The rules here are different from there - everything is provided to them so there is no need to fight for something they already have. Something similar in American history happened when clemency was given to the men of the opposing side. They were treated well, and at the end of the war they decided to stay in the country of opposition because it was a better life than what they left behind.

>Can you tell me why this is a game?

Well it's not anymore but that's how it started. Those that created it left, leaving the simulation running, so to speak. This construct has since been used by others for their purposes, and it's not really a computer game in the sense of being digital, this more has to do with how the soul is handled in your area of the universe. I'm sorry if Adama didn't explain this very well, he tried to explain it in terms you'd understand but maybe it was a little extreme. It's just that your souls, your higher selves, are not as free as they could be. Everything is still very real; when you and I meet again, we'll be able to embrace, feel water, and walk on the sand. A "dimension" is really just another physical reality; that's all it is. The transition is in no way like death - you do not die, you will still feel pain, you will still bleed. It is exactly like walking through a door into another room. No weird things happening, no flashing lights, no weird sounds. Unless of course you want to make them yourself!

You have asked yourself in the past, where is the fear, where is the love? This applies to this scenario as any other - you do not fear walking into another room, you do not fear walking up stairs (unless of course you have reason to believe they will break!), you do not fear everyday life. What we are here is just everyday life, but with a few less rules.

>So I'm a little confused about the higher self - is this a 5th-dimensional thing?

Yes it is but it is also a 3rd dimensional thing. You can interact with it in your dimension so it exists in your dimension.

>And how about the 5th dimension - does it exist there as well?

When you are here, it exists here. It's just energy, that's all it is.

>So I'm still confused - is the higher self energy that has sentience?

If you'd like to think of it as "magical" energy, that's probably the closest we can come to it. You think of energy in terms of doing work, as in physics, but there are other kinds of energy, similar to how there are many different kinds of gems and minerals. These all have different properties, some conduct electricity, some are transparent, and so forth. The same is true with the soul energy - it is a special kind of energy that exists in the universe. It has special properties that make it unique. This truth has been hidden from you because the physical sciences are physical in nature - they reinforce the lower 3-d constructions. "Ether" energy is another kind of energy that Nikki Telsa has tapped into that is an interesting contrast to mechanical energy. Both are energy, but they are different forms of it.

>I see, so the "crystal" references I hear about energy are more describing the nature of this energy, rather than saying that it is literally made up out of crystals.


>Well Selphia - thank you for having the patience to explain this to me.  A walk on the beach would do me some good. Care to join me?

I am pleased you asked Troy but you know this can't happen right now.

>I know, but it would be nice for me to have some more confirmation in this 3-d world. To meet with one of your kind, physically, even if only for a few minutes. To see a spaceship, for example.

Ask, if it is within reason we can provide.

>Who should I ask? You?

If you like.

>Well, can I see a spaceship some time in the next 5 days?

You will see a spaceship some time in the next 5 days.


Really. You're so funny, Troy - but I understand your need for the truth. You've had lots of evidence that what you're experiencing is real, and I know that it is just your nature to find more ways to find the truth.

>Hey Selphia, I kind of lost track of time and need to go... but thank you so much for this discussion; it's really helped me quite a bit.

We love you and your friends very much Troy, please do not lose sight of the process of holding things up to the light to see them for what they really are!

>I won't Selphia, good night.

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