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Relationships - Rakasha

Channeled/Focused by Dreamwalker
Rakasha (somewhere in earth's caves)

>Did you want to tell me something Rakasha? Someone was asking about the process of remembering. What is it like when you can remember past lives? Are you able to do this?

I am, Troy, it is good to connect with you! It is quite different from human life in this regard. We remember who we are in past lives, and we are fully conscious beings when we are born. So in truth it is simply a matter of picking up where we left off when we are reborn. It is not quite as easy as that, mind you - skills need to be re-learned as the brain grows inside the infant's body. Once the brain is fully formed we remember everything.

>How does your brain hold all that information?

Ah well it is not our brain that holds this information, you see - it is the akashic records that hold it. We have a stronger connection to it, so we can access information about ourselves in a much more efficient manner. This is why it takes some time to develop our consciousness when we are younger - we do have to go through a remembering process.

>A number of our group were wondering what kind of an impact this has on relationships?

Well, that is a good question! Relationships are kept separate from reproduction. When you remember who you are you are better able to connect with old friends, and you are less willing to make enemies because they'll remember you! But of course although we do have disagreements "enemies" from a human standpoint is a thing of the distant past. We use empathy to see both sides of an argument, and this helps us come to agreement on the best path to take. If there is no obvious path, sometimes a disagreement is settled democratically with a vote but this is very rare.

>How about love? Are there conflicts between two loved individuals?

Of course not! We are free to love whomever we want. We do mate for life but this is a strong partnership between two individuals. We can express our love and we feel love for each other, and can experience love with others. In this respect the Agarthans are the same because both of our civilizations have evolved. Oneness plays a part in this, but we are also free to make strong connections between special beings; we can strike up friendships with old friends or create new friendships through various assignments we undertake. We have stronger connections with some than others; similar interests and strengths and weaknesses play a part in this. For example you might create a friendship with someone who can teach you about the properties of minerals.

>Perhaps among my friends we're concerned about the process of remembering because there are more restrictions on relationships because of marriage.

Marriage is an "old ways" institution that will disappear in time because of those restrictions. If you love someone it shouldn't matter if you're married or not - your love is unconditional to any institution. I know that your women especially love to get married, but what I'm saying is that as you raise your awareness you will find marriage too confining.

>What do you think will happen to marriages when us humans remember more?

Well, another excellent question, sir! I hate to say it but it is a part of the chaos. Some can certainly continue the relationship but it is similar to how other institutions such as banks and politics cannot continue in their current form. It won't make any sense to do this. I'm not saying it won't continue, I just feel that it will need to change.

>I understand, I think. You are saying that people won't get jealous as easily because they understand about life paths and the need to express love.

That is part of it, Troy. More of it I think will play itself out as you discover more about each other and yourselves.

>Thank you Rakasha, I think that's all I have for now. Good night, Rakasha.

I appreciate this chance to talk, good night, Troy



Reptillians look different but are otherwise the same as us, with a few more mental capabilities, better strength, and longer life. And they mostly prefer to live underground (except for the few who live among us).

I saw one driving behind me in a BMW a few weeks ago. Very odd experience, to say the least!

To be clear, we are really talking about 3 different things.

There are the Reptillians like Rakasha who are physically different from us, and live in the present day. They developed to their present form at least a million years ago, evolving from the dinosaurs. During that time their civilization developed mental abilities and star travel.

There is also reptillian genetic code, which exists in some humans (this information is available through the Hopi as well as the Sumerians). Humans are “created” beings rather than “evolved” beings. Our genetic code is made up from many different species across the galaxy. So in some ways we’re a much stranger creature than they are!

And there is reptillian past lives, which are where the higher self carries those experiences and accesses them through the Akashic records. For example Laurinda has memories of her R warrior self, as do a few others on the site. This isn’t to say they are necessarily a reptillian being, just that they had a past life as one. They may also have R genetic code, but that’s a somewhat different but related thing.

For those of us scared of snakes, this is likely a past life memory of a conflict either with or as a reptillian being.


This poem was written by Robert Burns. When Scottish settlers arrived in Canada, it is said they brought with them 2 things: the Holy Bible and a book of Robert Burns Poems. On the surface they refer to nature, but they have much more profound meaning. There is a key to ancient knowledge in this poem; reptile = river = agriculture.

Robert Burns was the author of Auld Lang Syne, which is sung every New Years Eve by millions of people across the planet.

The Banks Of The Devon
Type: Song
Tune: Bhanarach dhonn a’ chruidh.

How pleasant the banks of the clear winding Devon,
With green spreading bushes and flow’rs blooming fair!
But the boniest flow’r on the banks of the Devon
Was once a sweet bud on the braes of the Ayr.
Mild be the sun on this sweet blushing flower,
In the gay rosy morn, as it bathes in the dew;
And gentle the fall of the soft vernal shower,
That steals on the evening each leaf to renew!

O spare the dear blossom, ye orient breezes,
With chill hoary wing as ye usher the dawn;
And far be thou distant, thou reptile that seizes
The verdure and pride of the garden or lawn!
Let Bourbon exult in his gay gilded lilies,
And England triumphant display her proud rose:
A fairer than either adorns the green valleys,
Where Devon, sweet Devon, meandering flows.

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