Monday, June 27, 2011

Aten - Pyramid Connection

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

>Aten, I hear you...

Hello Troy it is Aten.

You have much to do. Please do not stop.

>Can you please stop the headache? Is it related to the fact that you were trying to contact me?

It was, it will subside. I wanted to congratulate you on your progress. We have noticed strong light coming from your group, in different ways you light up the planet like a Christmas tree. You all have your own skills and of course strengths and weaknesses but these are altogether greater than the sum of parts.

Given the time things are right on schedule.

You have pyramids in your history, as you have surmised. In the future you will join your Telosian/Agarthan family for a time.

It is good the path you are on. Please stand strong.

There is a need to fast track at this time, your head may spin and wobble but it is necessary. A greater effect has been achieved, and the many bamboo together held fast.

Do not be concerned with this being too soon. We are always here, always watching.

Give people light and they will shine.

Thank you.

Do not fear sharing this message.


  1. SunRaymond #128 on GM

    Dreamwalker!!! Well well, Remember Aten has mentioned you in my first channeling of him? And now he speaks through you as he do me. WoW! There are no coincidences. I will most definitely make sure that I answer to Aten’s calls. Because I hate headaches!!!!! LoL!!!!! (smiley face)

    SunRaymond #129 on GM

    But Dreamwalker, Aten’s nicer to you. No fair! (cry face)

    I put your channeling and a link to you on my website under "Aten".

  2. ...and also I notice that your Aten channeling is mine are also short. Hmmm...I guess Aten is not a big talker. Just straight to the point! LoL!