Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Avatar in the Matrix

Focused by Dreamwalker
Adama of Telos

>Hi Adama, you wanted to chat about 3-d? Babajij was asking about his physical body; he smokes, and he's concerned about his health once the "shift" happens. Does he need to be in perfect health?

There was a movie that was created recently called "Avatar" which is part of the truth of what Earth is. It is indeed a perfect simulation, a video-game, if you will. It was created as a venue of entertainment for other beings. Your physical form is but a shell, but in some ways your reality is more real than the reality you originally came from. It's a perfect world from a simulation point of view. Like the Avatar movie your physical form will take on characteristics of the "real you" - this is why you noticed a physical resemblance between your friend Laurinda today and the "Laurinda" (I believe her name was "Cassie" then) back in the chariot races.

And so what's going on now is that your technology and point of reference, your consciousness, is "catching up" to where you left off thousands of years ago - the simulation is almost complete from that perspective.

The difficulty is that your "soul" is trapped in the simulation so it limits your free will in this respect. Your friends made a pact to wake each other up; this is how you escape the simulation.

From a physical perspective, you can retain the body you have now since this is in all respects the real you. Others may want another form completely, or they may decide to play the game again. Your current form can be healed or upgraded as you wish; eventually you may want a new form too. Most choose a balance that gives them a physical form that allows them to live and thrive without too much effort to maintain it. For example if you create a lot of muscle mass then you have to maintain it. And frankly spending hours in a gym is boring!

The 3-d world is very real, and you can of course cause yourself harm in this reality, in this dimension. Escape is not necessarily through death, although you can escape to the 4-d holding dimension to return to the 3rd dimension when another form is ready.

This reality is why it's the perfect simulation - as I said in some ways it is more "real" from a perception point of view because there are stricter rules that govern it.

>So how do you know that this is not the reality, and you're not the simulation?

Well there's the other problem - some, if not many entities, have trouble with this. It's one of the pitfalls of creating a perfect simulation. And it is really up to your point of reference. But I can tell you that your dimension, as perfect as it is, is in fact a simulation that other beings use for entertainment purposes.

>So our souls are being used to maintain the simulation for them?

Exactly - you have to have "free agents" within the simulation to make it interesting, don't you? NPCs are a similar concept. So what ascension is, is essentially you'll be trading places with the gamers, for those who want to assume the roles of the NPCs.

>I think some people will be really angry that they have been used in that way.

Well you know that I am bound to tell you the truth. This is the truth. They/you agreed to play the role of the NPCs, for better or for worse. The concept of Karma - that you are reincarnated based on your life choices - is not really accurate. You can reincarnate as anything you wish. If you decide to spend a life as a salamander, that's fine. But you're still an NPC within this world.

You see the reason for this agreement is that the soul is one thing that cannot be simulated. It has its own personality and makes its own choices. Only god can create the soul. But what that soul does and what form it takes on is really a free will choice, and it always has been thus. But a device was devised to trap the soul in one location on earth. Ghosts are one of the flaws of the simulation. It's replaying something that already happened. The akashic records are the "log files" of the simulation.

>How far does this simulation go?

The simulation is infinite. Please center Troy we're losing our connection.

>I guess I'll have to go for now Adama, although I would really like to carry on this discussion at another time.

That's fine, Troy, I'll talk to you later.



After I had chilled out a bit I realized... wait a minute, this information is actually very useful to know.

It's a game that can be played.

Just like World of Warcraft, there are both players and non-players.

The majority of us are non-players, but can make the transition to "players".

How do we play the game?

The key to this, I believe, is chaos -> Love -> Light.

1. We can envision our goal.

Whatever the outcome you want to achieve, think about that outcome in as much detail as you can. If you want money, think about what the money looks like - will it be $20 bills? Where is the money? In your pocket, in your wallet, etc.

2. We can artificially create a chaos node.

This is done any number of ways; you could have a fever, you could have an argument; you could read a script. You could pretend you have tourette's syndrome and start insulting people... you can tell someone a really funny joke, maybe.

3. We can create love. This involves having someone tell you "I love you", or somehow expressing love towards you. This too can be artificial, and they don't have to mean it - they just have to tell you; this has to be an external source, I think.

4. Light is created (as in, the goal we expressed in #1)

The light in the end result #4 can take on many forms, including heightened awareness, the manifestation of an event, and possibly even physical things (i.e. money).

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