Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rakasha - Dispelling a Myth

Rakasha the Reptillian
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Are you there, Rakasha?

I am here, Troy.

>Can you tell me where you are?

I am inside the earth's crust, in one of the many cave systems around the planet.

>Can you describe what you look like?

I am as you would say, a reptillian male, about 6'2" high by your measurements. Skin is light olive in color. (I also see beige-colored eyes)

>Why did you wish to contact me?

I tried to talk to you before but you were not open to communication with other beings at that point in time. I am very happy that you have managed to progress past that. You have been talking to your friends about your Reptillian brothers and sisters on the planet earth; I wanted to set the record straight about a few misconceptions about who we are.

For the most part we are friendly but territorial. You can consider us your allies. We do in fact walk among you using thought to change what you see, but as your awareness has increased, you have been able to get glimpses at something else, from those of us who walk amongst you. There are far fewer than humans, but there are a few in every city.

This faction of us have used a portion of their abilities to give themselves positions of power on the surface just has humans have done. They do not wish you harm but they do wish to protect their position and lifestyle. This is exactly the same as humans in the same position.

So it is not that they are enemies of humans or reptillian beings, they are enemies of Gaia because of their extravagant lifestyles, our brethren are similar to leeches in that they are using human greed and the darkness to their advantage. This can no longer continue since they harm Gaia, and as an extension this will eventually lead to the demise of everyone on the planet.

Some humans in positions of power can use their power for their own benefit, even if they're just vaguely aware of this power. It is why humans must raise their consciousness now, so they can band together and oppose the dark with light and love.

>I have to be honest - I was expecting more malice from a reptillian, since humans are supposedly latecomers to planet earth.

Well your presence here at the moment is a mixed blessing, but no more so than our reptillian brothers perpetuating greed and waste. We are peaceful and mean you no harm. We are with you in your fight against these things, and we will all unite with Gaia in harmony to protect her from further abuse.

Our relationship with these reptillians is the same as humans have with those taking advantage of the system; if you were to see them in the street, you would not fight them; you may even have your picture taken next to them. But this doesn't change the fact that they are persisting a system that is designed to fail.

>What is your role within your society?

I am an organizer. I manage resources and work opportunities. I am one of many who do this. our lifestyle is closer to our Agarthan allies, but of course many of us prefer our traditional habitation over surface life. We are traditionalists, you might say. We occasionally collaborate on projects with the Agarthans but we are more territorial; those living on the surface also use this to their advantage to promote their lifestyle.

>Can you tell me anything about Reptillian history on the planet?

Well that of course is a very big topic, just like asking about human history! You already know that the current humans were bred for a specific purpose; some things were made dormant so that you were less of a threat. The reptillian race evolved on this planet and developed star travel many, many years before humans were even a concept.  We populated other systems, sometimes by force. In most cases planets could host us and another humanoid race because most prefer the surface. We adapted to the caves and this served as an advantage for us. We travel, we dig in, and are forgotten. In some cases we ran into other reptillian-like races who were also territorial, and of course conflict develops.

We can talk about this another time, if you like.

>Do you have any children?

I do, I have a son who has reached adulthood and two younger daughters. They would be considered teenagers by your standards, but the ages don't quite match up because we live to be around 200 years. The development time between live birth to adult is somewhat longer. Mental abilities also develop over this time; currently adults have more mental capacity than humans but following your current transition this will change - mentally you will have the advantage. We realize this and do not fear this turn of events because our allies are committed to your progress. Progress is ultimately your choice, but failure to progress will eventually lead to the destruction of planet earth.

>Thank you Rakasha, I appreciate our connection.

Thank you Troy - I am glad I had the opportunity to show you that we are more alike than different; humans have different physiology but we are all one on planet earth.

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