Sunday, June 19, 2011 friends

Rakasha (Reptilian male) and Selphia (of Telos)
Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

>Good Evening, Selphia, Adama, Mikos, Rakasha, I'm here if you'd like to chat.

Hello Troy how are you?

>I'm fine, thanks - how are you? Is that Rakasha?

It is. There is something I'd like to talk to you about before you connect to your friends in Agartha - this will not take long, sir.

>It is wonderful to connect with you again, Rakasha. What's on your mind?

It is uplifting to connect with you too, and I appreciate your willingness to stand for those who do not have a voice. You are quite correct that love breeds more love and fear breeds more fear. There are many events through history that could have benefited from this simple reminder. It is this same thing that will lend you service as we move closer to disclosure. I look forward to meeting you in Telos.

It is also uplifting that you are starting to connect telepathically with others in your group. Initially it will be as a distant call, currently you will have a hard time connecting through the mechanisms in place. Look at it as a professional runner who trains on the beach; although they don't compete on the beach, running here is good training because it is more of a challenge; the sand offers more resistance.

>Is there anything else you wanted to discuss at this time?

Not at this time.

>Thank you for your wisdom, Rakasha

Thank you for your attention, sir. Give my best to Adama.

>Adama, Selphia, Mikos - are you there?

We are all here Troy although we are being kept busy. How are you, my dear?

>Hi Selphia - busy can be a good thing!

In this case it is a very good thing as we continue towards our goal. We are all really excited about our progress! I can tell you my heart aches for the day when your group can come here and travel all across the planet to connect with others to do your work.

>I'm not sure I quite understand - how will we be supported in this work?

You will be supported, that's all I can say at this time. When your basic needs are met you will be free to do what you want to do to contribute to the progress of society. And that is a great thing indeed when you realize that you are a small and important part of the whole.

>Can you give me some information about John, Azzey, or Conscious?

Your friend Laura was asking as well - she understands that working with energy has many facets to it. You've been able to connect with her because she is working with energy in interesting a creative ways. One is not dependent on the other, for her you might think of this as a "side effect" of the other work that she's doing.

She asked about the reptilian wars. Did you know that another role earth is playing is to show other parts of the universe the process that you're going through to serve as an example to them? Much of your media portrays elements of the many conflicts that have happened in the universe. There are other civilizations who have made this journey but only from a civilization standpoint, so there is still an opening for finger-pointing. Oh, well they did because of this, and the others didn't because of this. Well this is nonsense. So now we have an entire cluster of civilizations that will make this transition; this collective transition is what will serve as a catalyst to others. It removes the argument of inequality.

So at this point in time I'm not going to dwell on the reptilian wars, but instead focus on more recent lifetimes.

Laura was a mongolian warrior who followed Ghengis Khan. (s)He was a fierce warrior that used fear in a very real way. In some cases this involved letting children go so they could tell the next village of the horror they had seen, only to relive the horror again several weeks later.

This was neither good nor bad - it was a way of effective battle management. (S)he later took one of the wives of Ghengis as his own.

Azzeylay may remember her past life as a head matron of the Sultan's harem. She had many friendships and took good care of the girls who crossed her threshold. She has been ashamed of this past life but she really shouldn't be - she was there to serve and it was an honor to serve the king. Strong girl power here, sometimes pronounced grrrrrl, Haha. Being ashamed of this is nothing more than recent programming combating the memory of this time; she can use the method of forgiving her past self to overcome this. She was a very dear and loving soul and would be pleased to see this version of herself.

>Where was this?

In India, shah Jahangar.

One of John's, interestingly enough, was on the soldier side of wounded knee. He's been carrying the guilt with him and he needs to release this. It's a hard blow to be given the order to kill an enemy who is obviously outgunned. Previous to that he fought in some skirmishes and felt justified initially in his membership among the ranks of the soldiers who participated. But when it came time to be given the orders, as he pulled the trigger he had a moment of realization from the other side of the bullet - he saw through his opponents eyes. This was a profound moment for him as he realized the two sides of the coin. He would not forgive himself for what he did. Now he needs to forgive that past version of himself. If he meditates on this he may see this event play itself out before him. It will be as if he was there because he was there.

Your friend Reefer had a back-to-back reincarnation as both an African slave and as a slaver. This was another case of seeing both sides of the same coin. In the first case, he died in Haiti before going any further; in the second case he lived a longer life but ran up against a few fearsome storms. Previously he was also a student of Zen buddhism, in Japan (or India?), he reached enlightenment, and then his soul continued on with its lessons in other incarnations. Just because you reach enlightenment in a lifetime does not mean that the cycle ends! It simply means that you've learned that particular lesson in that lifetime that you set out to learn (and who is to say that there aren't more lessons following that!)

We mentioned previously that many of you are where you are now to bring light to the parts of the world that you are in. As you did many times previously, even if you felt as though you were simply existing, this light persisted with you to give others that moment of seeing two sides of an issue. This can be a powerful thing passed down through generations.

>Can you tell me about conscious?

She is also hiding knowledge of her abilities but this is also because they are still developing to some degree. In one part she can acknowledge these and accept them, and disregard the ego telling her otherwise. She is seeking something within her reading that she already has.

From a past-life point of view she was a woman during celtic times in Scotland (I am hearing 1500 to 2000 years ago) who was a loving mother. She was a breadmaker in the village and was very good at her craft. She learned something of the healing arts through her craft as well; it is really just chemistry and herbs when it gets right down to it. This was beyond the understanding of the times and her skills were revered by those around her.

>Thank you Selphia, I appreciate your help and your connection.

It is wonderful to talk to you Troy. By the way - the friends in the saucer you met wanted to pass along the message "soon".  They thought you'd get a kick out of this, and give you an understanding that they too are following along with interest and excitement.

>A message in a message... in one word? Wow! Can you tell me how I know them?

For now I can tell you they've been following for many thousands of years. They actually bent the rules a little when they weren't really supposed to, but we understand they were anxious to have you awaken. They were good friends of yours.

>I'm really looking forward to becoming re-acquainted with them, Selphia - and with you!

Thank you Troy I'm happy to hear that - good night, dearest (dear one?)

>Goodnight, Selphia

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