Monday, June 13, 2011

Rakasha and Adama - Super Soldiers

Channeled/ focused by Dreamwalker
Rakasha of (earth's caves) and Adama of Tayos

>Rakasha, I am here if you'd like to talk

I am here, Troy, how are you, sir?

>I'm fine, thank you Rakasha - how are you doing?

I am doing well, here, and I am currently underneath Japan. There are tunnels that belong to our kind here, and we were effected to some degree by the large quake here as well. We have had to do some rebuilding but it's nothing we can't handle.

>Did anyone lose their lives?

It was a minor problem to us and we are sparsely populated here. I wanted to express my sincere and heartfelt concern for those lives on the surface that were impacted in some way by the tsunami, quakes and meltdown there. It does not do to dwell on this event as you risk carrying more fear and sorrow with you, when your need is to be forward-looking. For example, is nuclear power a good choice for power generation? What can be used that will be more in tune to Gaia? There are a few technologies that can be used that have been suppressed from the public benefit because of corporate greed, as you know. As more of your leaders start to make the connection they will "see the light" and start working to release these technologies into the public domain. It makes sense in the here and now because of the jobs it will create. And employment right now is the number one concern of many on the surface.

>Can you tell me what you use for energy?

Our technology is similar to what the Agarthans use.

>My friend had someone contact her regarding the dark - particularly in relation to a disinformation campaign. Can you tell me something about this?

I'm sorry, Troy, I can't. Perhaps you can talk to Adama. I think he is handling some liaison.

>Thank you Rakasha, I'll do that.

>Adama, are you there?

I am here, Troy.

>My friend  had someone contact her regarding a disinformation campaign. Can you tell me something about this?

I can Troy. She should not fear this as she will come to no harm in relation to this. It is connected to project blue beam - I sent you an image of a round spaceship lit up with white lights around its outer perimeter, and a side view as well. I can tell you that this is a fabrication and is not one of our ships, nor any ship that belongs to the Galactic Federation.

I do not think this particular event will come to fruition because there is enough discerning individuals to see through this kind of event on the surface now that even if it is attempted, the effects will be combated by lightworkers on the surface.

(I feel love/pride coming from Adama)

>What can you tell me of this man? Is he in any danger?

He may want to be careful about the personal information he posts on the web, since this kind of information once there is never deleted (even if you think it's deleted). However he will come to no harm. He recently felt the connection to his higher self and does not mean any harm to your friend . He can be considered to be a friend.

He has some information you may be interested in.

His superiors are crazy. Unfortunately they have not felt their connection to higher self and proceed as if it were 1970. Well they will have quite a shock in store very soon! They actually have a few irons in the fire at the moment currently under development. One relates to HAARP but they've already discovered that these tools are now useless, yet they are still trying to modify it to the point where it will once again be successful. This of course will fail - when they modify their tools, we modify ours. From our point of view it is quite simple, and to some degree they are playing with forces they do not understand. Seriously, when everything is connected to energy in different ways, their tools are still a physical expression so for much of what it does we can disrupt it at the source.

>Is there another project in the works that you can tell me about?

This is a military contract, but it's just at the beginning paperwork stages. This is more of a practical program that has more to do with canals and bridges. I don't think this is a "bad" thing but it's hard to tell at this stage.

>I keep hearing "supersoldier" - how is that related?

>Is he a supersoldier?


>Are supersoldiers somehow involved in these programs?

Yes. Understand that they are not in their right minds if they perform any of these activities. 9/11 was one such event where they were used. They can be switched on and off as needed; they can live and work in the "real world" without realizing they can be called into service at a moment's notice. They will have no immediate memory of the tasks they perform, although their memories do start to "leak" after some time. There has been attempts to prevent these leaks but these attempts are not successful. Unfortunately the average person dismisses their dreams a fiction, so they assume what they see being played out before them is their imagination, or related to something they saw on the news. They don't realize it's them doing these things.

(I get a sense that Adama does not like the supersoldier program)

>Thank you Adama. I appreciate this information, and have a deep amount of love and respect for all beings trying to help us in this time of need.

You are most welcome, Troy it is an honor to serve. Goodnight.

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