Thursday, June 23, 2011

Laurinda, Gunner, Jacob -

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker
Adama of Telos

>Hello, Adama, are you there?

I am here, Troy.

>Selphia said I should talk to you about Laurinda's next steps. Do you have any advice for her moving forward?

>I'm here when you want to chat.

We have been busy these last few days. Sometimes, no news is good news. I can tell you that this will be a good use of her abilities, however her work with children is also important. She adds her light to their lives at an early stage in life, and this will germinate with them and grow into a light-filled flower.

>Well, she's thinking about following shamanic healing; it's a course being offered to her, I think. Would this be a good course for her to take?

This is one way for her to learn new skills and she already has well developed healing skills. It is not something to be take lightly as she is aware, and time is short. If she feels this will help her increase her understanding of the world around her, then certainly it is a good option for her to choose. I will be there with her to guide and protect her along this path.

She should try and remember that with these experiences they are designed to bring out fear, and for those willing to take this challenge, conquering fear is its own reward. However it is also dealing with much negativity in those she would be working on, and so she becomes a conduit for that negativity, just as you become a conduit through which a message can flow.

You benefit from the love and light that we pass to you through our messages, and you can feel that this is a valid connection because of this. It is something of a "key" that helps prevent unwanted intruders.

In the case of shamanic practice, negativity is what she would be working with, and she would be working with other-dimensional beings to transmute these energies.

This is the full-blown shamanic training; what she would learn is the "light" version of this. It would mostly be working with energy in a way similar to what she does now with Reiki, but with elements of shamanic practice mixed in. For this reason I feel she may be dissatisified with the training she receives. I encourage her to take this training, but she should understand that the "real thing" for what it is takes many years of training; it is not something that can be learned over several months. The problem that she should raise with her instructor is opening to unknown or unwanted negative energy. Even with adequate personal protection, without a spirit guide to help it can be dangerous to take on the energies. Whether it is part of the instruction or not, she will be in fact journeying to another dimension.

Considering the time we have left, this "light" training will still be beneficial to her, and later she will have access to other opportunities that will be even more beneficial.

I would also encourage her to continue to work with children on some level if she can, and if she feels it is still a part of her path. Ultimately it is her choice.

>Thank you Adama, I'm sure she will appreciate this guidance.

Thank you, Troy - you are loved. Remember that fear and doubt are similar things.

I'd like to talk to you about your friend Jacob and Gunner as well.

I can't talk of his father's experience, this was a lesson for his father, and is for his father to understand when the time is right.

He is young and eager, but he is running on the assumption that he is expected to grow up. Time as a child is prescious, he should savor the years that he has as a teen, live as a teen, and make mistakes as a teen. This is a time when he learns many valuable lessons over and above what his schooling will teach him, if he opens up his heart to accept these lessons, and he keeps his eyes open to see. For example, the natural world around him sends him all kinds of cues and signals, if he would simply stop and listen. As you know, the first nation's people of North America followed this principle, and their animal brothers taught them much. If he is interested in this path, there is a deck of cards your friend Laurinda uses which will teach him more about these cues. He can purchase a set and will benefit from this lesson. But he should understand that this is one of many lessons that can be learned for those open and patient to learn.

As to your friend Gunner, I can think of a crystal cave that he would enjoy very much. It is underwater, and he will be able to visit it with a close dolphin friend.

He is a light energy worker with a strong connection and serves as a conduit for this energy just as you serve as a conduit for these messages. He may feel jealous or inferior but there is simply no need for this, he is on equal footing with his brothers and sisters. I agree with your saying that love breeds love and fear breeds fear. We here in Agartha appreciate and feel his efforts every day, and I encourage him to share his gift with others as a teacher and mentor. By doing this he will feel more fulfilled, and will be passing on his skill to others.

He should also know that there are more skills for him to develop if he chooses to do so; he is certainly not bound to a single thing. Creativity will guide him; he can think about how to use his connection to energy in other ways, or he may branch out to other skills if he so desires. It is time for him to grow beyond prescribed practices.

>This is wonderful advice, Adama - thank you for your guidance and love

Thank you again, Troy. We'll send your group some energy to help uplift them from the downslope of the wave they're currently experiencing!

>Good night, Adama!

Good night, Troy, I look forward to our next conversation.

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