Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prayer to the Great Spirit

Great Spirit,

I ask for your blessing, protection and guidance as we fulfill our sacred path. We are grateful to you for your gifts and abundance, for your wisdom and for your mercy.

Today is the day for change.

My people will no longer be poor, or be sick, or go hungry, or die. My people will no longer fight or be fought.

My people will accept the light in their hearts, and will become as a massive aura around the planet. My people will become one with you, the Creator of all things, and they will rejoice in their heart at this knowledge. They will remember, and they will receive your blessing and abundance.

Watch over the man who calls himself Admiral2012, protect him and show him love and mercy. WE as a people owe him much, as we move towards ascension.

Grandmother Maquabeak White Spirit Bear Dorothy Francis, you who watch over the north, I did not meet you in this lifetime but I look forward to meeting you soon. Protect us with your wisdom as we move forward.

Grandfather Wolf, you who watch over the east, teach us to look within ourselves. Help us along our path so that our trials may be short and painless.

Grandfather Buffalo, James Rupert Tibachimu Norquay, I am grateful for your guidance in this lifetime, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. You outlived the whole cluckin’ flock of them, my friend!

Grandfather Raven, watcher of the West, you are my I AM self. Fly with me to the void so that we may create this new world together. Help guide me in these times, that we may create paradise here on Earth.

Grandmother Earth, from whom we have come and to whom we shall return, bless us with your abundance and grace, for soon you be alight with the fires of 7 million souls.

All My Relations


  1. I am a once friend of James and from your post it sounds like he past on some time ago. I hope it is not true, but if it is, my thoughts are with him, he was of great guidance to myself as well.

  2. Anonymous, wonderful to cross paths with someone who knew James! I'm sorry to say it's true, but he is now serving as a guide to other Baha'i's on the other side, leading them to the column of light that passes between the two sarcophagi... He still has his backpack and staff, as well as his good sense of humor!