Thursday, June 9, 2011

Raising Levels of Awareness - Peter Pan

Mikos of Telos
Channeled / focused by Dreamwalker

>Selphia, Adama, Mikos, I'm here if you want to chat.

Good evening, Troy, this is Mikos.

>There is this feeling of great love always emanating from you, Adama, and Selphia, but I also pick up a very deep sadness from you. Can you tell me a bit about this?

It is nothing. We have for thousands of years been maintaing the records of the game. We see that this game has been twisted into something it wasn't meant for, and we see that there is a regrettable suffering that has taken place because of this. There were not enough protections in place to prevent this, but then the protections would have compromised the original goal of the game. We would like to see this come to an end as much as you would, but humanity must first break free of the game by raising their awareness. And awareness in this case is not knowledge, it is connecting with their higher self in some way. The bar is not high, but this is a requirement to break free. It is also a requirement for coming here, by the way, which your friend Kellia should realize. Think Peter Pan - raise your mindset to that of a child; think of something that makes you really happy and you will fly to Agartha. Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. Adults think that they have raised their levels beyond that of a child, when in fact they have lowered them to accommodate life on the planet.

>Can you give her specific guidance as to what she needs to focus on?

As I said it is not knowledge, knowledge is not what she and others need to focus on.

>Thank you Mikos.

>Laurinda was asking about her gifts or abilities she has so far, and what the intended purpose of those gifts are?

I encourage you all to seek other abilities. Do not rest on your laurels, dear ones, you have opportunities to expand your experience in many directions! Just because you feel you are not good at something doesn't mean you can't practice. Practice makes perfect, after all.

In Laurinda's case, her abilities simply blossomed as a branch from a tree. And she can grow more branches from the stem, and more flowers from the bud. She is not limited in any way to what she has now.

It is interesting that much of humanity is expecting something worse than what you have now - some calamity or event that will make life worse. If you expect it to happen, any event that resembles this will happen. The fact of the matter is that you are in the calamity now. There is much suffering all around you, and you and your group feel the darkess more and more as you raise your awareness. This is natural. It is a good sign; it is what we feel of surface dwellers here, and why we typically try to stay away from the surface. We feel the same darkness you do.

Slowly more and more will join your ranks. In addition to the pain and darkness you will feel the strength of your group as it grows. You can draw on this group strenth to add to your own energy. Think of how the efforts of a group are always superior to that of the individual. This is a part of that strength.

>Can you give me any information about past lives, particularly those before Earth habitation?

That goes back many, many, years. You are not quite ready for this information yet, except that I can tell you that at some point you were a diplomat. You are correct in your thinking that you are from the Orion cluster - it feels like home to you because this is where you are from. And before that, you were from another system. Your reptillian existance is one of many.

>Thank you Mikos, I appreciate our conversation and the time we have to chat. Much love to all of you there, and I'm sorry you have to suffer the darkness that is here on the surface.

You know Troy that we are motivated to see those on the surface raise awareness as this helps us and the planet, for she feels this darkness just as we do.

>Thanks Mikos, I'll remember that.

Goodnight, Troy

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