Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reptillian-Hybrids - Selphia

Selphia of Telos
Channeled/Focused by Dreamwalker

>Selphia, are you there to chat?

I am indeed, Troy. Lovely to hear from you! As you can see we have been busy, mostly with balancing. I heard your call earlier this week but wasn't able to respond.

>Laurinda wanted me to ask about Reptillian DNA - can you give me some insight into this - into my own background, perhaps?

I think you have a fairly good grasp of the idea that there were many different sources for the current human genetic stock. Reptillian DNA was one of them. I can't tell you much about your physical background without a blood sample, unfortunately. But this is just a shell, so it is irrelevant to the spirit inside. Focusing on these things can be divisive.

>I understand. Why would some of us incarnate into Reptillian-hybrid forms?

To some degree right now it is a "means to an end". You have been thinking how mixed-race members of society are key to bridging gaps between two societies, for example you studied about mixed white/Indians during the 1800s [in India] and how they contributed to culture diffusion. This diffusion led to the collapse of the British in India. The Reptillian-human hybrid serves the same role.

>I'm not sure I understand. How?

Well it is 2 different cultures, with one as the empire and the other as the colony. The conquest is about to end, and the Reptillian-human hybrid will serve as a catalyst to bring this about. It is in fact exactly the same - these beings have a strong love of both races, they are conflicted internally with this so they have no choice but to rise to the occasion. Or they may have strong hatred for both. Either way these are strong emotions, and their desire to feel love and be loved by both societies is a direct manifestation of the future.

It is so wonderful you have connected with Rakasha - he is a good man; I don't see him often but I think Adama has dealings with him on occasion. He stops by here occasionally, when he has a few moments to spare.

>So how do we identify dark reptillian masters from light ones?

The same as you would for humans. You know, but you also know from their actions and their words. Ask yourself, where is the fear, and where is the love? If you feel fear, it is time to start asking questions! Look within, and ask why you fear. When you feel fear, you are being manipulated!

>I'm a little confused by reptillian masters and humans of the dark cabal who are hybrids. Is there such a thing? Do reptillian masters know they are reptillian?

I would not believe everything you see on the internet - I think there may be some manipulation going on there as well, to once again instill fear. Reptillian masters, like the rest of their kind, prefer darker places so you won't typically see them out in the open.  They are controlling things from behind the scenes. But it is not really necessary to focus on this - it is not our main goal. Once that goal is accomplished, they are powerless. Humans have been allowing these things to happen for centuries, and just as they allowed it by they own hand they will now put a stop to it by their own hand.

>I think I understand; it actually seems like a fairly simple manipulation now that you put it that way.

Just remember that with video you can wrap anything around anything. Your Lord of the Rings movie with Gollum was a GREAT example of this.

>You saw that movie?

You bet I did, one of my favorite groups of movies. How could an Agarthan possibly miss a movie about Middle Earth!?!

>That trilogy was one of my favorites too. Well I need to go to sleep now, but I always enjoy talking to you, Selphia!

As I with you, dear Troy. Goodnight, god bless.

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