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Egyptian past lives - GM friends

Hello Troy how are you?

>Hi Selphia - we have some questions for you tonight. A few of my friends would like some insight into past lives.

Excellent - the group you have connected with is such a nice group of warm souls. I enjoy their energy! It feels like we have quite a list tonight! You know, I think there will be quite a few historians out of a job when people really start to remember who they are! But of course they will continue to enjoy having museums to visit to have real connections to their experiences. They'll be able to remember how they dressed, and they'll be able to contribute more fully to the discussion of how things are represented. For example, was egypt always a desert? Of course not! It was a lush river valley with large forests. There were beutiful flowers and meadows, farms, and villages.

Well your friend Clint comes to mind first - I've been sending you this information. He was involved in Wounded Knee; his son was with him in that event. They stood their ground well but they were outgunned. They were very proud and fulfilled their roles. They were first nations in that battle. He felt a deep amount of regret that his son followed him but he was also proud to die with his son by his side.

Your friend SunRaymond, as you might have guessed, was a sun-worshipping priest, following Akenaton. He finally found the humor in what was going on and broke off service to his king. He simply left and spent the rest of his life in poverty, as a wandering sage, when he was in fact fairly close to the King and could have had a fairly comfortable life. But he saw the folly in what was happening; the king was obviously sick (deranged), and the priests were trained to encourage sustainability, which was counter to what the king was building.

Rawanderer is hiding something of is abilities, but he does feel a strong connection to Ra. He was one of the engineers who were involved in building the two original pyramids. In addition to having technology that could lift large stones, they also had technology to cut the stone fairly easily. It molded the stone at a molecular level, but it did not change the properties of the stone. He was an Atlantean engineer. He also had a hand in building and maintaining the structures in Atlantis; of course an engineer back then was a far more creative process than it was mathematical, although he had high skill in both.

>Thank you, Selphia, we'll carry on tomorrow, if that's okay with you.

Of course, Troy - have a pleasant evening!


I wanted to say something about past lives... but I feel that these ARE real since I have had several confirmations from other sources. For example, Rawanderer confirmed that he had been given a message about being an engineer in Atlantis, and he had heard this before I posted this post (for some reason I was in fact compelled to wait to post this particular message). These are coincidences that I cannot deny. For past lives that do not resonate, perhaps they serve another purpose.

The key is not the past life itself but your reaction and other's reactions to this past life. Being a king of Egypt may sound pretty important, but it is in reality no more or less of a job than working at McDonalds or Walmart. It has its own responsibilities and pitfalls.

So how did you react to this? Were you jealous? Did you believe it to be true? Did you feel sympathy for SunRaymond that he had to make difficult decisions as a king? Did you feel that one such as SunRaymond was not worthy of such a lofty position?

I feel this is the role, as several of the folks on have already said, that these experiences play in the "clearing" process. If you feel compelled just to focus on the "now" then perhaps you are already past the need to clear. And that's great! But you may also be trying to avoid these feelings, avoiding the need to deal.

These also have multiple sides to them. Pick it up like you would a jewel, look at it from different sides. Let the light pass through the facets of the jewel in different ways. These are all different facets of the same thing, and there are different truths to be found for those willing to look.

I have to admit, Selphia threw me for a loop with a later reading for "Conscious" (which she says was inaccurate), until I realized it was an opportunity to share information about the process. It was less about Conscious and more about me.

And with SunRaymond, I initially felt disbelief (this is what ego does), followed by acceptance after I saw those photos of him and his spiritual sons. I then felt Joy knowing one of the reasons behind why they have been reunited. And so close to father's day too!

So all I'm saying is that I encourage everyone to look inside with as much of a critical eye as you would others. Do not be afraid of this process - love yourself as you would love others!

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Photos of SunRaymond and his spiritual sons (used with permission, from Facebook)

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  1. whoa... this is crazy. i think i need to post this video here:
    when i saw sunraymonds face and those children... i got goosebumps... i would love to know more about sunraymonds story. is he still on here? i told you whom i was told that i was.. isis. well, part of me ;) but i feel somehow connected to this. i also just landed on the page about joan of arc. i had an akashic records reading and am quite certain i was her as well. seems i played this role over and over and over... another time i trained with the dogon tribe & came back to england and tried to spread it... didnt go over so well with the romans...