Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jacob - a Zulu past

Channeled / Focused by Dreamwalker
Sephia of Telos

>Good evening, is there anyone there to chat?

Hello Troy, how are you?

>Hi Selphia, it's great to talk to you!

Thank you Troy it's great to talk to you too!

>So I have a few questions tonight. Laurinda was asking what her next steps should be; she is drawn to the healing arts, and is looking for direction.

Your other question?

>My friend Jacob asked three questions. One was about the character he saw on his roof, the other was about a past reincarnation, and an event when he spoke with his family about his mission.

The character he saw on his roof was a construct, a robot. It did not mean him any harm. It was monitoring a situation. He was able to see it because he is young, and he has/keeps an open mind.

Regarding his mission, this is his path and he knows what this is. His family loves him very much, and is supportive but, similar to your family, is dismissive of it because of lower vibrations. He does not need to concern himself with trying to "save" them. They have their own path, and they will make their own discoveries in due time. What he can do is lead by example. Turn the other cheek, be a source of light for others to follow. Calm his inner voice, connect to the light, and he will see that it is catching, and they won't know why. It's just because he's there.

With regards to past lives, you have met some resistance to this, and this is completely natural. It simply shows a misunderstanding of what is being asked, you see it is human energy so only humans can clear it. I feel you have a good handle on the process and now have a full understanding of why this is so important. The spiritual energy that requires cleansing takes many forms, and some will step up and embrace this challenge as the true light warriors that they are.

Understand that some do not understand what a strong connection we have. Deep meditation is required for some but not others. It is really just personal preference; those who use this method have a need to quiet their minds. Your process of centering prior to the connection does the same thing. It is not that one process is better than another, it's just personal preference.

So with regards to Jacob's past lives, there is one that will be significant to him that relates to the spiders. In Africa, during the boer war. He was a warrior of the Zulu nation, and some men set fire to his home, with his sleeping son still in it. He was quite furious and flew into a blind rage. He killed several men from the opposing side, even though they had muskets he took them completely by surprise. In the end a bayonette took his life, but he fought fiercely. He was a good storyteller, and the children of his village looked up to him for these stories. He used his connection to the spider stories well.

Regarding dear Laurinda, please connect with Adama another time.

>Thank you, Selphia, I will. Good night.

Good night, Troy, pleasant dreams.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Homeless

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