Saturday, June 25, 2011 friends - extended questions

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker
Adama and Selphia of Telos


Hello, Troy, how are you dear?

>I am fine Selphia. Weathering the storm, so to speak.

Indeed! The chaos/void is where you have the greatest opportunity to create a new path, or to simply create. This is hard to do because chaos can be such a distraction! But you've done it before - just feel the new path and you'll find yourself on it in no time.

>Okay, there is a new member of our group who has a question... she goes by "love reborn". She is concerned about her new group dynamic, I think she means with another group.

She has known all of these people before; she is new to them in this lifetime but not in others. And everyone has an opportunity to be the catalyst for change. This is quite an honor as it is the same as being someone who steers a ship. Not "leader" necessarily but someone who effects change. And when that happens, when the rudder is turned, then everyone else on the ship has to do something to get the ship moving the other way. Sails, ropes, cleats, and so on. It's a coordinated effort. So she should approach her role with love and efficiency and she can expect a positive outcome.

>Thank you Selphia. Can I talk to Adama?

Sure, Troy... have a great evening!


>Adama, I had another question from Jacob

Go ahead, Troy.

>Did you get his questions?

I did. I understand he is anxious, as are many others. He is certainly not alone in this concern. "Be the change you want to see in others" and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" are key phrases he may have heard before. And in fact first contact has already happened, and it will happen many more times. What is "soon" in this context? It is a very personal thing, and does not apply to the masses as is often assumed.

Disclosure is somewhat meaningless within the context of first contact. The planetary vibration, the revolution of spirit, is what we're concerned with. Everything else from our perspective is a distraction. Disclosure is being coordinated by the Galactic Federation of Light but it really is contingent on personal development. You are all different yet equal, and of course your experiences will all be quite different. It would be like me telling you that your favorite color is green. It may be true, but that's hardly an assumption I would make about everyone.

With regards to his father, as I mentioned before I am not able to answer these questions for Jacob.

>Thank you, Adama, I appreciate your help.

Goodnight, Troy

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