Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Light Energy, Ascension, Merlin

>Anyone there who wishes to chat?

Hello Troy this is Selphia.

>Is there anything you'd like to talk about? Can you tell me a bit about current events?

This is part of a process and as you know much of what you see is different from what transpires behind the scenes. Do not be alarmed by anything that is happening; it is all part of a greater plan to ensure humans will live in abundance. In fact some casualty numbers have been fabricated by the dark ones to scare other revolutions from taking place. These have mostly been peaceful although there has been some violence. It is unfortunate that these beings are required to create chaos but this too is part of the awakening process. Some will lay down their lives so that enlightenment may occur. They have a soul-understanding of what is required to energize humanity. In some cases it is violence, in other cases it is chaos, in other cases it is love, and other cases it is the collection of information.

You should explore the roles more, this is an interesting line of thought. We all work with energy in some way; it is light and is easily manipulated. This is technology your planet has but does not capitalize on at this time as much as it could. Certainly more and more people are learning to utilize this energy but devices can also tap into this energy. For example the library here taps into information light energy. There is also crystal energy that can be used to energize and store, as well as attune. You have seen flashes on the horizon that has been part of Gaia's attunement process. This is something we also have been participating in; providing attunement for an entire planet is similar to that of a human being but each merkaba/chakra needs to be slowly brought back online, focused, and cleansed. This is a much slower process for gaia than it would be for a human being but even humans can take time to energize. And I know that many of you on the surface have been participating in this process and it gives us much joy to see this taking place as a team effort with you.

The ascension process is not something to be feared and from your point of view it is actually quite easy. You will not sprout wings and fly, you will not grow and extra head, you will not burst into flames. I am reiterating this because there is still fear surrounding this process. But if you think about it ascension just means rising up. So you are raising your comprehension of the world around you, and taking new forms of information in that would not have been possible or available in other times. It is an evolutionary process and your brain is being bombarded by new information and so it expands to accomodate this. But in this case the information expands outwards into the higher realms as well.

By reaching into these realms with your mind you are connecting with them. That's really all there is to it. There is no hocus pocus; you just have to put your mind through its paces, and be patient. Some old minds resistant to change will be harder to shift than others but centering is an easy thing to do that can help with this. Saying prayers can be another way of centering that is familar with some but to be effective they should extend their repertoire to other traditions, break out of the mold so to speak. If Christian, seek Buddhist wisdom and prayers, for example. Or simply substitute words within your prayers for other words, for example instead of saying "God" say "Great Spirit", instead of saying "Jesus" say "Muhammad". It's quite an easy way to expand your consciousness and understanding, and combats the trap that the fundamental religion lays before you. Put yourself into your comfort zone and then get yourself out of it!

Did you know that the Templars experienced a similar expansion with the crusades, which is why the Crusades happened in the first place. In darkness (chaos) comes light. They experienced another way of life as they lived and fought amongst muslim cities. They tasted new foods and enjoyed new stories. It was those providing peaceful support to the crusaders that provided them with a means to become enlightened to a new way of life and a new way of thinking.

Moving sideways a bit, Merlin and Arthur were indeed both Ascended Masters and they did indeed make a great team. They were in the place that they were to create an opportunity to understand democracy in some fairly dark times. Of course democracy existed in other forms, but it was introduced here as an early taste of what was to come.

I always enjoy talking to you, Troy, have a great evening!

>Thank you Selphia, and you have a great evening too!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Understanding Energy (Jay Bland)

I wanted to provide a link over to Jay Bland's guide because I feel it's a fairly straightforward and readable guide to understanding ideas like meditation, centering, channeling, and out of body experiences (OBE's). For me personally the centering advice has been the most helpful; this guide is his rationale of the process, so it is from his own experience and point of reference.

This process is similar to learning to play an instrument or learning a new sport in that we develop our own technique over time, and it may take some practice. And similar to these other activities, everyone can do it but may be able to do some things more easily than others. Also these skills are not prerequisites to one another - someone may be able to naturally be able to get out of their bodies but not have the slightest inclination to meditate. Along the same lines, you can center without meditating, although some may find it harder to center with distractions around them.

Other areas of interest that are similar to these skills are spiritual healing methods such as Reiki, Martial Arts training, and making "higher self" connections. Reiki training can be helpful for understanding how energy works; level I deals with personal protection, basic healing methods, and understanding of chakras (your body's energy centers). Martial Arts training can be useful for meditation and centering, and building your awareness of your body in the space it occupies. Higher self connections can be defined as your creative energy, and may be experienced by toastmasters when they give speeches without notes, or writers who write an entire novel in the course of a single weekend. It's also known as "being in the zone", something I'm sure many of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

Something that could be seen as prerequisite for channeling is understanding personal energy protection. There are a number of different ways of doing this. One is to use energy to protect yourself; envision a beam of white light coming down from the sky, enveloping all parts of your body, and then down into the earth.  Another way is to state that you wish to connect only with beings of the highest Christed Consciousness before you channel. Using a gatekeeper archetype or entity is another method: you will need to ask an entity you've previously connected with to be your "gatekeeper", and this gatekeeper will assist with connections to other unknown entities. "White Cloud" is apparently one such entity who can help with this.

In my process, I do some basic centering to clear my thoughts; in my case, I think of a white piece of paper. Then, I follow the advice of Peter Pan. I think of something I'm really grateful for or that makes me really happy (for example, my family, or ice cream!), and this provides a clear pathway with which to do other things. I then state my intent in my mind of what I want to do, for example, "I want to heal my back pains using Reiki" (this is the stage where you would want to do your energy protection if you are channeling). And then I would commence to do what I need to do. Note that you may not need to run through this whole process again to do different things unless you feel you need to. Once the energy is flowing it can be tasked for anything you want to accomplish. Statements of intent are not required but can help make the the thing you want to accomplish easier.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ego Training

Channeled / Focused by Dreamwalker
Adama and Selphia of Telos

>I am here if anyone wants to chat.

Hello Troy, how are you doing this evening?

>I am fine Selphia, how are you? I feel you are there with Adama this evening.

(Adama) I am here Troy, it is always nice to chat with you.

I really have nothing to ask tonight, I feel I'm in "support mode" for others currently.

(Adama) you are indeed Troy. It is an important role to play to support those who need it most. You become their eyes and ears when they are focused forward, you can cover their rear, so to speak.

(Selphia) I have enjoyed watching the progress of your friends; an interesting development but everything is on schedule. You may have noticed things "heating up" in the media and this is as they should.

(Adama) I think as things progress humanity will benefit. You are wise to use discernment to handle fear-based messages, thoughts, and feelings. It is simply another way to control you into triggering your ego into play.

Your ego serves a specific purpose but telling you how to act can conflict with your intuition. Trust it and it will serve you well. It takes practice but now you are becoming more aware of its influence and can view the signals from ego with a more discerning eye. That ancient flight instinct is something you can pick up on. Instinct versus intution can sometimes be a matter of life and death so there are times when ego has an important role to play. But you can also use the benefit of time to slow things down, and know when it is time to fly and when it is time to relax. You felt it today with the dog, a very powerful feeling, and yet there was nothing to fear, and your intuition told you this. You also noticed time slow down briefly and this is ego and intuition coming into play together.

(Selphia) You certainly have a way with words, Adama... It's a feeling that you have to trust, but it's also a trigger that will let you play with time.

>What other elements are involved in this process?

(Adama) Temporal, pineal (third eye), intuitive, higher self. Instinctive plays a role as I mentioned as well.

(Selphia) As you may have noticed this process is already second nature to you, but many of these things that you TRY to do at the moment you will fail because your ego has a firm grasp of your reality.

(Adama) This process is tricky at first because you are doing something that your ego tries to correct. It is trying to fit time back into its evenly measured portions, yet time is simply a perception. It is based on a lie.

>Well Adama time is based roughly on our planet's revolution around the sun, is it not?

(Adama) And has been doing so for millions of years before time was invented! Do goldfish wear wristwatches? Of course not! And yet they exist.

>I think they'd probably have trouble making the wristwatch that small...

(Selphia) Think of the tiny little buckles!

(Adama) haha, well yes... and you see you society has indeed started to move away from wearable time pieces because time is becoming passe. It is no longer needed to progress through life. And you might imagine a Jedi warrior would have no use for a wristwatch because he instinctively knows the time. Instinct (ego) can be used in this fashion; you can actually build aspects of your ego to serve a useful purpose, rather than simply letting it run wild over your emotions. And so it becomes a time-keeper... give it a job to do so it doesn't interfere in other aspects of your life.

>That's a very interesting perspective, Adama - like devoting cycles of a computer processor to a specific task.

(Adama) Exactly.

(Selphia) Well Troy you should get off to bed my dear, but enjoy the rest of your evening. Perhaps we can connect in the dreamworld at some point.

>I would like that very much. Many thanks to both of you. I appreciate our chats.

(collectively) As do we, Troy. Good night.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The End of Man's Domain

By Dreamwalker

I was looking around me in the NOW and realizing how accurate it is to say that this is a "masculine" energy cycle. Drive around any city and look around you.

Look at a golf course. It says "this is Man's Domain."

Look at the buildings. "This is Man's Domain."

Look at the malls, the streets, the open spaces. "This is Man's Domain."

Everywhere around you, your environment has been modified by Man (masculine energy) to express its dominion. There is grass being mowed by someone. Trees sculpted to resemble something they're not. Large areas of highway designed to meet the needs of Man's design. Planters to fit nature into a smaller, controlled space.

So how would our surroundings be different if they were to reflect feminine energy? How would they be different if they were to reflect oneness with Gaia?

Would our surroundings be more natural, more random? Would they be less "sculpted" or "controlled" and more "grown"? Would they reflect the need to facilitate natural process rather than mechanical design? How about other creatures within that space? Would habitat be encouraged that would better meet their needs?

Changing even one part of our environment would have an impact on the whole. For example, eliminate roads and you have less roadkill. Eliminate golf courses and you have more natural habitat. Eliminate street lights and you see more stars.

I believe that as we transition to a new age, Man will voluntarily create a civilization that better reflects harmony with gaia. It is a creative organic process that may take many years to develop, but the fact that it is creative and organic is key to how it develops.

So for me, I have no specific vision for the future other than that it be creative and organic in a way that reflects harmony with Gaia, rather than in opposition to it. This is perhaps a greater challenge than simply bending our surroundings to our will, and is an extension of environmental impact assessments that are already becoming a critical part of any new undertaking.

The end result, I believe, is that our surroundings become a tool for uplifting our spirit, rather than simply a place to satisfy our basic wants and needs.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Seed of an Idea

By Dreamwalker

Steve has a garden that he's planted with seeds, and he needs to step back and let the garden grow. The garden can be watered and weeded; if you water too little or too often the plants will die. Weeding is a necessary process but understand that some weeds can be beneficial, others can be harmful (such as invasive species). Beneficial weeds can contribute to the diversity of the garden, so long as they do not detract from the primary seeds you planted.

A gardener must have patience and diligence to let the plants grow. When it is time to harvest, do not forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Celebrate what you have accomplished! And then, a winter will come (a void) after which you may plant some new seeds and the cycle continues.

Planting too many seeds at one time can make harvest more difficult. Planting seeds in the wild is more difficult because there are more competitors for water and light. There is value in sowing a few seeds in fertile ground, but there is also value in learning how those seeds will grow in less than optimal conditions. You may find that some seeds, surprisingly, will do well regardless of where you plant them.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Selphia - Balancing a Coin

>I'm here if anyone wants to chat.

Hello, Troy, how are you.

>Hi Selphia, how are things going today?

Things are going fine today. You would enjoy swimming in the ocean here. It is alive.

If you want to understand the finer points of spiritual development, take a coin and look at both sides. How are they the same? How are they different? Now, take the coin and place it on its side.  Stand it up. Are you able to balance the coin? Does it fall to one side or the other? Now, pick the coin up and try again. Try it a few times until you can pick the coin and place it without the coin falling.

You are feeling the same that it is a tight rope walking act of balance. But notice that with the coin there neither side is positive or negative - it's just heads and tails. Sometimes on your path the coin will balance, sometimes it will fall to heads and sometimes to tails. You will feel good with a positive fall, or bad with a negative fall, but really there is no good or bad, it is all just perception.

You will also notice that it is difficult to stand the coin on its edge every time. Sometimes the coin will fall. So your goal is to balance the coin every time, but of course in your path initially the coin will fall more often one way or another. As you learn to balance and center the coin will fall less often.

>Thank you Selphia, that makes a lot of sense.

Have a great day Troy!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Adama - Corporate Media

(From a portion of a conversation with Adama)

There is also a time of change coming soon, Troy, be ready.

>What should I be ready for?

These are changes that are happening from the top-down; as the "trickle-down" theory has created such distress, it will now reverse flow and trickle-down in another way. This will be good for society as a whole but the media will paint it in a different light. Whatever they say, you know that the opposite will be true.

>As always.

Yes indeed! Well the trouble is that the corporate media has painted themselves into a corner. They don't cover the news anymore so they're really just creating their own reality. They will find soon that this reality will cease to be, since it has no foundation other than in their own imaginations.

The organizations that serve the public good [I hear organizations like the BBC] will continue serving, but with minor shifts in how they do business. This will be beneficial since there will be less chance of skewing than there is now.

>Thank you Adama, I appreciate your advice.