Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dream Log 27JUL2016 Gandhi at McDonalds

I was walking outside McDonalds and somehow knew that Gandhi had been showing up there every Sunday morning for breakfast for a long time. McDonalds isn't normally high on my list of places to visit. I had meant to visit him there but kept putting it off. Since I was there now and had some time on my hands, I went inside.

The inside still looked like McDonalds, but had a warm family atmosphere, and there were several families there having breakfast. Gandhi was sitting at a large table where several tables had been pushed together to accommodate more people. He was dressed in his white robes and seemed quite short. He was enjoying his breakfast and talking to the family there, and it seemed to me that he was acting more like a wise 10-year old boy.... and about the same size as one... same kind of "twitchy" energy. The color inside the restaurant seemed to have been turned up a notch.... colors were still real, but more vivid. Gandhi seemed to have a "golden" energy about him.

I noticed that my son's preschool teacher was also there, sitting at a table nearby, and I was delighted to see her because she was such an amazing teacher and person. I spent time talking to her and catching up, and although I was aware Gandhi was there, it didn't seem to be that important. He was just an old kid hanging out with his family.  I wonder what kind of "Happy Meal" he got?