Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream Log: 29OCT2012 Other Victoria

This was on Monday at around 3:30 in the afternoon. I don’t normally nap then but I had no choice, and no work that day since we were waiting out the storm to hit the US east coast.
Drifting off, I heard a woman screaming. I couldn’t tell if it was outside, but then I realized I was hearing it inside my head, telepathically. I hope she’s okay, whoever it was. She sounded like she was in trouble.
In the dream I found myself in the “other” Victoria, BC (Canada). I know this because generally it is a familiar place but details of the buildings and the layout of the city is slightly different. In this case I was at the mall downtown, known as Eaton Center in “this” reality. I was entering a cafe on the ground floor, it had a cafeteria feel to it, with white tile floors and red accents. Red neon lights for decor. In this reality they served cheddar jacks – small salty pizza bread with cheddar cheese. I was sitting down to have a small meal / lunch in the early evening. It was dark, but warm. It had a large opening to he street and also had a view of an alleyway with an exotic bazaar-like decor. There was a black bike in the alley tied to a pole.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Selphia of Agartha: Time to Say Goodbye

>Selphia, did you want to chat?

s> I did Troy, how are you feeling?

>I'm feeling tired, but I guess I can't complain. Can you tell me about the energies happening at the moment? I noticed a lot of my friends have been feeling the same way. I feel like there is nothing with any relevance or importance right now. I just can't be bothered to do anything, because there's a tiredness that's going right into my bones.

s> You do not need to judge yourself regarding these energies, what comes down must come up, and what goes up must come down. The wave cycle is so short now that you must be feeling like you are on something of a roller coaster ride. Now get some sleep and do what needs to be done as they present themselves if you feel able to do them. If not you may find that exactly three days of the tiredness has passed you will start to feel better. This is how short the cycle is now.

>allright, goodnight, I will talk to you soon. Or see you maybe?

s> If you like. :-)

>Thank you Selphia, I appreciate your help.

s> I appreciate your help Troy, it is you and your many points of light around the planet who are doing the heavy lifting now. The work for us has eased off somewhat so we are able to fine-tune our part of the process as opposed to something that was somewhat more heavy-handed before. It would be difficult to explain but we are all working towards the same goals. It will make more sense once we are through the other side.

>Could you explain something about this multi-dimensional nature of humanity? I was assuming going into the process that as I uncovered more information, as more would be revealed, that I would have a better understanding of what this means. And I can already feel your answer, that this is similar to being a scientist. An answer tends to lead to many more questions.

s> It is the fractal nature of the process, I'm afraid. Do you think source is a simple thing or a complex thing?

>Both? It is really too big for me to even begin to comprehend.

s>Even those who have "mostly" merged with source do not understand the complexity that is the "all". So it is however easier to understand it when it is broken down into smaller portions. And the process that you undertook is to follow source / your guides to lead you to answers, typically this happens in a fairly efficient manner. It is true that there is some interference taking place but centering and meditation, including active meditation, helps to overcome some of this interference.
Do not forget what you have learned at this time, even if you are sleepy it is important to remember that you are always protected and guided, and you have learned much in the past two years.

>Thank you for the reminder, Selphia.

s> And you have also made connections with entities that will be fairly important connections down the road. They / we are here to help and you know that we support you in what you do. We play our role as powerful beings as you play your role as powerful beings.

[at this point I see the black eyes of a gray alien looking at me, very close up, as he is watching me or attempting to interrupt the flow of conversation. I envision a white light surrounding me and I try to share / offer this to the being but he doesn't understand it. He looks puzzled and leaves.]

s> You see they are looking and now you can see them. Surrounding yourself with white light and then bringing this light inside is a good way to provide protection. You can involve the heart in this process as well, the light benefits all. You establish in this way a direct secure connection with source that cannot be interrupted.

s> I also want to say something about the song "Time to Say Goodbye". Let's shift perspective on this as it is time to say goodbye to the controllers. You are sending your love to them but they cannot continue on this journey with you. It is a love relationship but it is time to move on.

>This is interesting you say that, I assumed it was a "hate" relationship.

s> Not at all. We have all played our parts in this process of helping humanity emerge from the darkness. If they understood that their role was anything less than contributing in a loving way to your development, they would be mistaken. Humanity might see this as the most horrible of oppressors but this is an expression of the darkness that humanity was encouraged through love to overcome. And as you have said many times, love conquers all.

>I am confused... the archons are loving entities?

s> They are indeed. And what you surmise that the Elohim and the archons are one in the same is very close to the truth. That humanity has used this knowledge and twisted it to their advantage is also close to the truth, but this makes the role we play more efficient in our process to en-light-en humanity, as it were. Whatever end game they wish to play, the pendulum still swings. In a few weeks time it may stop swinging.

>That sounds very dramatic, but my experience has been that things seem to keep chugging along...

s> It is human will /co-creation at this time that things keep chugging along. When and if the pendulum stops, it will happen unnoticed by humanity, unless they are aware of the energy around them to a very fine degree. A smooth sailing ship is, generally speaking, defined as a pleasant journey. I think this experience might be new for some expecting adversity and not getting it. They will want to create more, just because they expect it. I suggest, once this happens, embrace the pleasant journey and enjoy the ride.

>Thank you Selphia. I think I am going to take your recommendation and go get some rest... but it is lovely to chat with you again.

s> I am always here Troy. We have both been pretty busy but I will try to answer if I can. Goodnight my dear.

>Good night, Selphia.


Above photo source: Animal Liberation Front

Channeled by dreamwalker | dreamwalkerdiaries.blogspot.com

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Silver Surfer and Santa Muerte

During a waking dream before going to sleep, I received a “call” last night. I was asked to help. I wasn’t told what it was but I agreed to help. So then I saw a triangle, followed by a circle of white light, which morphed into a tunnel. I followed the tunnel and I eventually found myself at the other end of it as the silver surfer. I was standing on a surfboard in space. My role was to round up some asteroids, and then put them in the earth’s ocean to become a coral habitat. The asteroids weren’t that big. The coral bloomed as soon as I placed the asteroid material where they needed to go. I’m not sure if this was earth or some other planet.

Then I shifted focus and saw Death standing above me. Hey there Santa Muerte, how’s it going? Death morphed into the angelic woman (I could still see her “death” form) and she thanked me for my help.

Later I had a dream and I was talking to the Ascended Masters about the success of the ascension process and how Lightworkers played an important role in this process, along with two other more mundane things which I forget now. People were openly talking about Lightworkers, it was still a new concept but it was a household word / idea.


Image Credit: Dio de los muertos by Kelly Ashcraft

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blue Plejaran and Snow White

First is an observation. I was watching the series Once Upon a Time last night, Snow White says to Prince Charming, do you know the one thing required for ascension? Faith.

Second is a dream. I was talking with the blue Pleidian woman, she showed me that ascension feels like crystal-clear clarity of thought, similar to what one might achieve during meditation. Except that this is all the time. No meditation required.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meditation: Connecting with Mona Lisa

Cube transforming to merkaba transforming to fireworks (Aeterna?)


Eye of Horus

Feathers Falling

I see Horus

Winged predator/ hawk

tornado / vortex

Asp / snakelike vortex

A seashell

A large petal-shaped temple, somewhat like the middle part of the Baha'i temple in India.

It is a stone ship.

I see mona lisa, she is breathing. She is waking up, opening her eyes, she has not breathed in so long

Looking around at her surroundings

Mostly white surroundings, she is still wearing her white astronaut outfit.

She has been awoken by the light vibrations surrounding the planet at this time, and the vibrational energy of the planet itself. A heart is beating.

She .... vibrational energy radiating energy....

>Where are you?

M. "I don't know, but I am here as a very real part of disclosure. I will find a way out of here, it is easy. I am comfortable, this is good surroundings / environment. I do not feel my keepers will understand me but this is not relevant, they are not in a position to help. There are a few here in this place, I can feel, who may be able to receive my thoughts, I do not know if they will heed my call."

...Showing me a tunnel network on the moon, deep underground. It appears somewhat like the human settlement underground in the Matrix film, with warmly-lit caverns, underground gardens.

Mushroom cloud

>why are you showing me this?

M. It is a truth of long ago, a truth we share.

>What can I do?

M. You are doing it already.

A small white moon.

Near a large planet (Saturn?)

An octopus/ dalek creature.

M. This was once their home but it is now their prison. The overlords here on earth still run the program relentlessly but their masters are now contained. It is simply a matter of breaking free of the program. Dark vibrational energy is being transmuted at this time. Understand that you (lightworkers) must take on some of this energy. The KEY is that as you have already discovered, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. This is EXACTLY what you are doing and more negative energy is taken on as you are able to do so. It is a gradual but a very NECESSARY thing at this time. Do not feel sad or bad it is just necessary. Someone has to do it, and it is only a minor discomfort to your daily routine.

M. Troy, thank you for your connection. I understand you are not in a position to help me break free from my prison but you are working partially towards this goal, and do not be concerned for I am not in any prison I can't (physically) break out of, when the time is right.


M.> We are getting closer to the truth now. It is really quite extraordinary that there is a robot on mars. It is good thing the camera is pointed downwards.

(end meditation)


This started off as a meditation but turned into a channeling session. I was not expecting / trying to connect to anyone in particular. What I note here are my observations. My goal in meditation is to initiate the process of embracing nothingness, and then initiate the process of receiving information from a fairly high vibration, especially where that information is followed by a series of energy band visualizations. This information does not always make sense until it can be seen in a larger context. All of it is open to discernment and further interpretation.

by Dreamwalker | dreamwalkerdiaries.blogspot.com

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The White Sisterhood: White Rabbit Woman

We are the white sisterhood

There is nothing.

There is the void.

Without which there is nobody to experience the void.

Yet intelligent energy is always aware, and it fills everything, even that which seems empty.

Those times that you experience the void you are in fact connecting directly to source. And those times seem more frequent now. This may lead to feelings of sadness and depression as you realize your separation, without realizing this is what you are doing. It is difficult sometimes to experience joy thinking that the void is all around us. But that void is in fact the loving embrace of the creator. The creator is encouraging YOU to create, and frequently gives you strong doses of void-ness in a similar way to how the mother bird may eventually kick the baby bird from the nest. You are still learning how to fly but this basic instinct is there, and as you are all god's children all capabilities are waiting to be discovered.

The baby bird likely experiences separation depression as well, it is not an easy time. But do not feel sad as soon you will literally be soaring among the clouds if you so wish to do so.

This is White Rabbit Woman. It was I who demonstrated to you the death of ego, for it was I in rabbit form that was dead on the snow. You may have thought the vision to be unrelated to an expression of yourself from Africa but these were indeed related. "Self change", and "death" are all part of the same thing. In a cycle of duality this might be represented as a transition from one form to another. One of my aspects is the representation of this change. You might think that the death of a rabbit is symbolic of being a victim. When in fact we all play our roles, the rabbit is the victor because the predator is the one trapped in duality. Life is precious because we are gifted with empathy. It is a love for all creation and a wonder that all exists, and appreciation for the mechanisms that come into play.

I am represented in African stories as Brer Rabbit. The prey is quick of wit and often overcomes that which would otherwise be his predator. These are fantasy stories but also very real from a teaching perspective. Bugs bunny is modeled on Brer Rabbit. Another case where the prey overcomes the predator. It is interesting to note that these characters do not die. It would be financially unsound to kill off your leading actor, of course, but this is a strong reminder of things to come. Do not fear living for a very, very long time as it is your nature.

There have been many layers / veils placed between you and me, for the negative connotations of my name are many in your world. You do not need to fear these as they are simply another part of the veil. It is similar in many ways to the veils and negative connotations that surround our dear sister Santa Muerte. Yet she only wears these like a garment, a veil, and it can be cast aside to reveal her true nature. What you "feel" is a creature of divine beauty, yet your brain still wants to "see" an undead skeleton. So this gets to the very nature of our existence, we challenge the brain and the veil with the feeling of what we are, which is love. And so there is a schism that takes place between that which you "see" and that which you "feel".

You will also notice I share company with Amaterasu and White Owl Woman. Natural predators to a rabbit, yet we are here side by side as sisters. Alice's white rabbit, going down the rabbit hole, is a powerful symbol for seeking truth. Also used, I might add, in the Matrix film.