Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Selphia of Agartha: Yellowstone Dream Followup


Yes! Remember we love you.

>What can be done regarding my dream of yellowstone? What can we do to help - help gaia?

Don't fear, my friend... remember that this "time" / place you are experiencing - there are upheavals that seem larger, but then not only resolve themselves, but are somehow beneficial.

It is like a phase in the life of a fish, where it finally swims into deeper water. It finally experiences larger predators, but at the same time, it is equipped to protect itself. If it swims out too soon, it may not have the protection or speed it needs to survive.

In this case it is an energetic test, moving to a larger energetic ocean. And remember the lesson that although you may think you are alone, there is someone else always swimming very close by. But far enough away that lessons are learned to keep you strong.

Your awareness of your manifestation has improved, as you can see that the results happen more quickly, whereas previously you may have missed them.

>What of the fear-based events being predicted? Market crashing - possible volcanoes - heat waves? Some of these things aren't really my fault... but those who can see their place in the universe seem to refuse to do so.

Do you understand the ritual you participated in with "Loki"? This was a preventative measure, but also a connection with him to spend some time with him, "hang out", but also do something beneficial. There was a sense of play - remember that sometimes the most innovative and creative things can come about through "play".

>I can't say I understood it, only that it was important... and it didn't really seem like a ritual as I would see it.

Rituals do not have to be boring you know :-)

>Why would there be weapons in a place where you live? It seems kind of a silly thing... when you can do what you can do... who you are...

It is similar to training in any of your martial arts. It's no longer technically necessary, but it is a path of conducting something energetic that is also worthwhile. You learn and you grow by forging weapons, and appreciating the craft.

>I understand. So what can we do to help?

You are doing it now. You have taken this path to help others who can't help themselves, focused on their own separation at various stages, as much as they are.

>Please give my best to Adama, Mikos, and Nicola, if they're around.

They are, and they appreciate you - thank you.

>Thank you, Selphia.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dream Log 18APR2016 Armory of the Gods

I was traveling with a tour group on a bus. I was with my older son. We had a specific destination, and the towns had a "Norwegian" feeling, although it could have been somewhere in America. We stopped at a hotel or hostel for the night. It was a large carpeted room where several people could stay with sleeping bags and mattresses. The back of the room had a window that spanned almost the entire back wall, which gave a great view of the surroundings behind the hotel. The room looked onto a large field of wheat, growing between many old abandoned train cars - there were box cars and a few old steam engines - it was very scenic / beautiful.  The group appreciated the view as the sun set over the hilly wheat fields.

As I was admiring the rusting trains from the large window, a kind of hologram appeared and disappeared outside, as if it were "glitching." It was replaying a scene from Africa of lions chasing buffalo. First it was just a brief view of running buffalo, and then it was gone in a second. Then a larger scene of a herd, and then again it was gone. Then it glitched again, and it was a pride of lions chasing a herd of buffalo. And the hologram appeared near the trains, but the lions then chased the buffalo right through the window, and turned itself off when the animals were inside the room! This was very realistic, except for the glitching, and we all braced ourselves, expecting that the animals were going to break the window. They didn't, since they were holograms.

The next day we traveled to a mid-sized town with older wooden buildings. The buildings were not painted, or were painted with natural colors such as reds and browns. Old wood treated with pitch. I was reminded of a "frontier" ghost town, but all the buildings were being used. The tour group went on to other parts of the town, and I stopped at a place that seemed to have prop weapons for a movie. I knew the man there - we were good friends - he could have been "Valiant Thor" (AKA William Griffith).

Screen capture from Jimmy Kimmel Live, aired Oct. 10, 2017.

There was a specific purpose for being there... we were there to try out the weapons, but there was also a "timing" or "higher purpose" to our doing these things - as if the things that we did had an impact on the entire planet.

The first weapon was a hammer that created ice. Valiant took the hammer under a wooden bridge near the armory, where there was a hot spring, so the water was quite warm. As he waved the hammer around, it turned the steam from the hot spring into ice crystals - quite a neat trick. I joked with him that it would be a bad idea to hit the water with the hammer, since he would find himself encased in a block of ice.

The second weapon was a large golden axe with a handle similar to a scythe. It wasn't heavy. For some reason, it was kept suspended over a bath of hot lava.  We tested it by swinging the axe and cleaving off a piece of rock from a yellow (amber? gold?) stone similar to the Dark Crystal. This action had similar importance. It was something that "needed to be done". We placed the axe back into its special holder, suspended over the lava.

Next was a set of three weapons. These were displayed on a mannequin wearing a costume from the 18th century: a leather tricorn hat, brown long coat, knee-length pants, and a vest with a white shirt. "Valiant Thor" handed the weapons to me. The first was a sword much like the sword from the Dark Crystal movie. The second was a long fishing knife, with a thin blade. I was reminded of the Katana / Wakizashi set - these two weapons were meant to be worn together.

The third of these three blades was a large, broad dagger. At first I said, "well this is just the hilt..." but then I took it out of its scabbard, and it had an "invisible" or "cloaked" blade. This was a similar effect to the cloaking from the movie "predator," or what you see when you look at the heat waves coming from the hood of a car. The hilt of the dagger was covered by a scrap of leather, and I had a sense that the handle was fairly thin for a dagger handle, but still usable, made with several pock-marks in the metal as a grip. I was reminded of coral or pumice. As I waved this invisible dagger around, it would bend the light of the things behind it. Its aura radiated power. You could "see" the outline of the dagger - it was like it was on fire, but invisible.  For some reason, I was reminded of the Honjo Masamune - a Japanese Katana that was said to not cut unnecessarily. I understood that this invisible blade I was holding would grant immortality. It was not something that would cause harm.

Update: here's a link to the video from the screen capture above. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dream log: 13APR2016 - The Chosen One

I found myself in a city / downtown area with “lower” buildings of 2 to 4 stories – few skyscrapers. It was a sunny spring day. I was with a group of friends, standing in a side street. I think this was an “alternate timeline”. Most of my friends were younger adults, around 30. I was there with my wife in that timeline, she was a young, short asian woman, pretty with a broader oval face, and curly shoulder-length brown hair. She was pregnant with our first child. There was also a taller young man with “germanic” features – sandy-brown hair / taller and skinny, and another woman I didn’t recognize, who was his girlfriend. Mid-height / American, mid-30s and brown straight hair, brown eyes. There were a few other people standing behind us.

It was just after a major economic event or catastrophe – something had happened where there were fewer people living in the city. We were discussing our son-to-be – the “Chosen One”. The question wasn’t “if” he could be the Chosen One, but how he could be the Chosen One with what was left? How would that have meaning in the future? We weren’t sure.

My two friends were getting ready to go, and for some reason they had to dress in a certain way to look imposing. They wore round, white “half helmets” with chrome visors, leaving the mouth and chin exposed. They also wore trench coats and black boots. They smiled (which made them look a bit like chipmunk astronauts) but the overall effect was impressive.

We were all comfortable and not in any kind of distress. Just “happily urgent”. There was a minor sense of danger, such as having to deal with the potential of wild animals in the wilderness.