Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dream Log: 26DEC2012 - At the Armories with Stasha

I was at the Bay St. Armories in Victoria. The building had been converted into a public Space where people could go and chat collectively, carry on collective conversations. Vinyl olive green couches were placed around the perimeter of the parade square - the building was not used for military functions any longer. I was sitting / reclining next to my friend Stasha. She was telling those present how she knew my cousins Kirk and Todd, maybe through school or through a trip they had taken to California. And I pointed out the coincidence that they were my cousins, we were marvelling at the three  degrees of separation.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The White Sisterhood: New Town for a New Era

This is the White Sisterhood.

We speak to you today to address the question of the Resistance Movement. What transpired in New Town is a part of this. Let us first talk about the significance of the name of the town. This is a New Town, heralding a New Era.

Having a conversation about guns, or politics, or mental illness is important, but it does not address the underlying issue. You see, the Resistance Movement is made up of children who resist all that is wrong with your current society. That is what they are here for. This is their mission. This is not to say that this is an ARMED resistance movement. This is to say that they are here to resist in whatever way they can. This may involve such behaviors as "going boneless" to such violent actions as causing harm to themselves and others. Pharmaceutical treatments only mask the problem, they do not solve the problem. Only when the real problem is truly dealt with, does the resistance lay down their arms.

So what is the problem, and how can it be dealt with? This is your job. This is for you to discover. To be blunt, the problem is not with these children, but it is with those to whom they are connected. They are here, as a gift from God, to show you what still needs to be dealt with. Think of it as a puzzle - and the end result is to transmute the social ills (also known as "social norms"), that which no longer serves humanity.

Do not fear the violence that you may witness, but know that this can be a direct one to one correlation to the severity of the problem that needs to be dealt with. It is a cause and effect reaction to that which they find in their social environment. When that environment is "cleaned up," these children modify their behavior to suit their environment.

Know that the Resistance Movement may also be other things, but this is a critical facet of this movement that humanity should be aware of at this time. Look within and know that this is where you will find the tools to solve all problems. And know that the children of the Resistance Movement are here at this time, fulfilling their role in the highest aspect of divine love. They are and will always be cared for, and they will never leave your side. They are your teachers and protectors. They are also your children, as you are their children. They love you as you love them. They are the angels you pray to and ask for assistance. And so, you have received this assistance. It is not a punishment. It is an opportunity.

We love you.

The White Sisterhood


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Love, Multiplied

Dream log 121212

I was at a communal home of several young women. The house was painted with warm yellows and earth tones. Bedrooms faced a central kitchen. Dividing each bedroom between the doorway was only a heavy blanket, but that was fine. I was being accepted into their family as a partner/husband – a polygamous / communal arrangement. I was spending time with each woman to get to know her, they were all quite pretty and had a “love of life”, happy with lots of positive energy, and each had a strong bond with her "soul-sister". The dream focused on being in one woman’s bedroom, she had long wavy brown hair. I felt it somewhat awkward that there was only a sheet, wishing there was a bit more privacy. However she didn’t seem too concerned.
[I feel this dream was a dream about spending time with several spiritual beings. I understand that this dream reflects how they communicate, through experiences focused on love. I am happy to be accepted by them.]

Monday, December 10, 2012

(Metatron): Facets of Understanding

Number sequences are used by beings [a type of being] who do not understand the English language, and are not in a position to do so since they are not "here", and have never had a "here" experience as a point of reference. This principle is demonstrated in the Roswell interview - at first the "vehicle" of the contact communicated telepathically in simple phrases but it was determined that the contact still had to learn how to understand English so that meaningful communication could be established. This is a primary reason for the existence of the device (the vehicle which housed the spirit energy of the entity) in the first place.

With regards to upcoming dates.

Dec 12 2012 = 4+4+4 (3 x 4 = 12), So the date in this way is 444 and 444 and 444
Dec 21 2012 = 7+7+7 (3 x 7 =21) So the date in this way is 444 and 777 and 444

3 is the multiplier / decoder / basic building block of your reality, known as "3D". [Added later]: In 5D you will notice sequences of "0's" and "5's." 000 and 555, 101010, 202020, and so forth. Decoding would be 111000, 222000.

This is only one of many ways to view this information.

These beings can influence electromagnetic devices since these devices are connected to the source field due to the device's nature as an electromagnetic device. Since human beings are also connected to this electromagnetic field, they can receive this information directly but there are many facets to communication which cannot be relayed through human concepts. This includes their (humans) ability and willingness to receive this information, as well as their (humans) freewill to do so. The greater the information is obfuscated the higher potential for freewill association. Can I give you one facet of a crystal? Of course not. When I give you a crystal, it is always composed of more than one dimension. And the human is equally acting on the reality and is a key component of the communication. This is demonstrated by noticing at a subconscious level that time is divided up into numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 1111, 1212, etc. It is never that "time" since this is a relative measure of distance traveled through space as observed from planet earth. Nobody else in the universe will have this perspective, since they do not have life on earth as  a point of reference, although they might have a similar point of reference to their own experience. Another facet is that these are communications. As one approaches greater connection with the field he or she is also more susceptible to influencing their reality. This is the precursor/ first baby steps towards full conscious manifestation.

The decoding provided by Doreen Virtue is accurate inasmuch as the limitations of the communication can be facilitated, however these communications can be taken not as a separate entity but in context with other events in the "now" moment. A major part of this is the influence of the human on the NOW moment as intentional actions. Communications may have several different meanings, if only the radio was on at the time, for example, the message might take on different meaning since the communication is a multifaceted broadcast, and might have been intended to be taken in context with something else also happening at the time. Expanding one's understanding through free association can also yield fruitful results. Understanding that these are separations of the whole message or concept or idea. This is not inferior/superior but "limited" / single-faceted for the purposes of understanding the parts that make up the whole.

Crystal meditation is a means of facilitating multifaceted vision through a device that represents this concept. You may focus on one facet of what you are looking at or you may focus on all facets. This is the nature of the device. It is a representative / placeholder template for the act of seeing things in different ways. Those who understand the templated nature of reality, do not require the crystal device for meditation since they see the multiple aspects of reality at one time. But they may still use the crystal to facilitate/focus certain aspects of that meditation if they wish to do so. Some may wish to participate in a focused effort but variation is not an inferior concept. Some may fear making mistakes in their processes but in fact these are critical to survival of an idea, since these are variations of the idea. So the strength lies in millions of meditations which are and will be different because this is one of the natures of humanity, to explore the variances of creation. From an evolutionary point of view the same idea repeated is still just one idea.

And that meditation device may not be limited to a crystal - other devices may be used which reflect the template of the concept the meditation is intended to be realized. A mixing device (a spoon or spatula) might be held when the intent is to mix ideas into a pot of knowledge. Something with gears such as a watch might be used to gain greater understanding of the interconnectedness of ideas. A lens might be used for greater focus, or for taking a single snapshot of one's thoughts. A toy car might be used, for example to represent traveling in one's thoughts from one place to another.  One should be careful of these devices since connections to these devices may carry unintended intent. Childhood and past life associations play a role in this. Where these exist, an intentional disassociation from the object is required.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dream Log: 7 December 2012

I am travelling by bus or subway to the airport with my Japanese girlfriend. She is quite pretty, quiet and intelligent - she says a lot with her eyes. It is the happy point in our relationship where we've just met - we are committed enough to travel together but haven't had any physical relationship (I can tell she wants to go further!). There is still a small amount of mis-trust, but also a great deal of love. We do not have tickets for a flight but I have a piece of paper which says that we can have a free flight. So first we have to talk to the airport authority about the piece of paper, and we enter an office with a large table. The two guys are nice / laid back but initially somewhat untrustworthy.

So we sit down at the table, and they start interviewing me for a job... and they are saying I am not qualified for the job, why would I even consider applying. And I got defensive and I was saying, you have to be kidding me, I spent 10 years in the Canadian Army, of course I'm qualified! Right there, their mood changes and we're old friends - the main interviewer is actually a pretty cool guy and has a great deal of respect for me.

And then I look at my girlfriend and realize they don't understand why we're here. So I show them the piece of paper and explain we're here for a free ticket. They're somewhat embarrassed but get the joke! So they say no problem, you can get your ticket. Have a great trip.

That's the end of the dream.

Dream Log: 6 December 2012

I had a sleepless night, but when I finally did get to sleep I had an epic dream about this guy who wanted to take over the world with mind control. He wore a tuxedo and had a mansion that was decorated with tacky 80′s furniture. He set up a demonstration in his living room, it was a remote control Chevy Bel Aire with a live brain inside it. Somewhat disturbing but at the same time really funny!
Brain Car
Dude, you’ve completely missed the point of mind control… LOL