Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gifts of Expanding Consciousness - a Template

(by Dreamwalker, re-posted from spirttrainchronicles)

...The “abilities” we develop are a side-effect to the process of expanding consciousness. That is, the “real” goal is very simple – to expand your mind to other ideas or other possibilities of what reality is. In doing so, “gifts” are granted along the way – for example the abilities that you already possess are enhanced, and you may also discover new abilities that you enjoy using to then expand your experience/consciousness further. This then opens a new path so that you can explore other facets of reality in other ways. Ghost Radar is a great example of something I’ve learned to use recently that is forcing me to look at reality in another way, and therefore learn something new about that reality.

A metaphor might be learning to fly airplanes. My brother has been through this process – he started learning to fly on a glider. Then he moved up to a single-prop aircraft. Then he moved to an aircraft with skis (he was in High Level, Alberta), and could land on snow and water. Then he learned 2 engine aircraft, then finally a jet aircraft. He also trained to certify other pilots on these aircraft, so another “expansion” of his experience. Or flying aircraft that can hold more passengers. Along the way, each stage grants new “abilities”.

This is not to say that we are becoming something different from what we are already. As complete, fully- realized individuals our journey is one of remembering who we are. We are complete now in every way; it is through our process of remembering that we take back that which is rightfully ours. So rather than "new" abilities being "upgrades", it is that many of our systems are switched off, through the process of discovery, switched on.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maureen: Strategic Planning on 25FEB2012

Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker |

[Hello Maureen, would you like to comment on the experiences of the night of Saturday the 25th, 2012? I recall something happening, but I don't remember what. There were a lot of people there... what were they doing?]

Hello Troy, it is lovely to connect with you. ....


There is a strong veil at this time, you and your friends are experiencing a "disconnect" from all-that-is, which can translate into some unhappiness. Now that you have connected it sometimes can feel bad/sorrow-ful to do without. A small depression, and this is fine/natural. Do not be alarmed by it, as you will regain it as you work to regain it. As much as the void can be strenthened, so too can you strengthen your connection. It is a central part of the DNA re-attune-ment that is taking place at this time. Synapses connect, to reach out to the light, just as a plant, when poorly watered, might extend its roots further to the source of water. Light is becoming your sustenance, and you will notice when that sustenance is in short supply. This may give you more understanding of why other beings of light such as yourselves may have difficulty creating a material body on your planet. It is not for lack of desire, it is for lack of sustenance. In effect they would become very depressed to be disconnected from all-that-is.

You have created waypoints for them to now join you closer to gaia. Many have been here all along, but you may also invite them on board your Galactic Light Ship to meet them in person, if you wish! They have been waiting for an invitation for a long time, and you may be surprised to find that they are just like you.

You are correct that there is a template that human beings inhabit that many other beings inhabit, as intuited by Stephen Hawking. He is incorrect in thinking that there are a large number of Galactic beings who are "negative" in nature... this is simply not possible, given the fact that they must contain a certain amount of light to reach this stage, and progress through the trials of learning that the human race has done.

[My understanding is that there are fourth density negative beings... reptillians, for example.]

They have been portrayed as negative but this is not the case. Part of the dying control system put in place to make you fear your past, present and future. Living in the now, there is no fear because whatever happens has already happened and will happen. It is living outside the template of time/space that has controlled your planet for so long...

[Can you talk a bit about what happened on the Aeterna last night?]

I can indeed, Troy. Before any major effort, there is a meeting that takes place to coordinate the individuals who will partake in that effort. It would be unwise to state the contents of that meeting... for the same reason that the Rebel Forces in Star Wars required secrecy for their plans... or any force for that matter. You are all more than ready.

[Okay, that sounds exciting Maureen. I understand there are cosmic alignments. I understand it could happen any moment, or it may already have happened.]

I think you get the general idea of it, Troy. Surprise is our ally.

[Well, then, carry on, Captain Maureen... please make whatever preparations or upgrades you need to make to give us the most benefit. If there are specific upgrades you can make for my benefit, please do so.]

We have already upgraded to include a home for your beloved pegasus, and the translation module has also been installed as requested.

[Thank you Maureen, my deepest gratitude to you!]

You'll know what to do when the time comes... as you always have known in your heart.

Goodnight, Troy, my love and gratitude to you.

[Goodnight Maureen - my love to you and all who may wish to help.]

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Past Lives – by Leslee Hare

(thank you again Leslee for this lovely reading!)
(I am sharing this with permission from all concerned :-) )

[from Lhamo Dorje and Teo’Na]
As for “previous” lives:
[to Leslee;]
Troy did leave you to die once, for you let wapum (wampum) come between you…
(Just seeing whether you – Leslee – resist characterizing dramatically, when you let the raw memory come through, instead of waiting on words. We will try this method more soon.)

This is a story in which you fought together as braves and brothers. Kionah (Leslee) was wearing a breastplate of “wampum” and threw himself in front of his younger brother Aepwae (Wes), to stop the “bullets”. The wampum didn’t work. Aepwae and Kionah both died on the battlefield, and their youngest brother Achemo (Echeamo?) (Troy) had to be pulled away from the scene by the older men. It could not be helped… you all fought bravely, and knew that this battle was the last chance you had to take back your lands.

This happened when you were surface-dwellers, in the time before Atlantis fell (but you were not in Atlantis, you were in what is now Northern Ireland.)
In Telos, you and Troy were colleagues, and you were “astronomers”. You studied the floating bodies in the voids of Telos, and used your psychic abilities to locate ones that were in enclosed cavities. You also ventured out to the surface to observe the “heavens” and noted the parallel relationships between inner and outer orbiting bodies. These lifetimes began 200 years ago, and continue into this continuum, but you are both quite “physically” frail now and venture only mentally. Your names are Adama and Celus. For fun, see if the two of you guess the same as to which of you is whom.

Adama and Celus, since they are near the end of this cycle, are in the process of transferring their knowledge and training to Troy and Leslee, to continue and carry across dimensions. This is why you are both drawn so powerfully to the work you’re doing now.
Troy is also Tuyim (“Tim” in GR), and Leslee is Merhea (“Maria” in GR). You are currently companions on a spaceship in orbit around Gaia. Please look for GR readouts related to this, and post them on BUTTA under the new category “ASTRAL”. Please view your respective transmissions as conversation between Tuyim, Merhea, Troy and Leslee.
On the moon Europa, you have shared a lifetime together as father and daughter. This is one of many lifetimes that Troy, Steffie, Baba and Leslee have shared together as a family. This is why you feel such a strong connection to the movie Avatar. That story is mostly channeled semi-consciously by its (original) author who lived there with you (not James Cameron). The story that made it into the movie is a template that is enacted by many on Europa, as a spiritual training. It is sort of like a shared dream, the key roles being assumed and shared by numerous souls/minds in conjunction. This is why this movie is so powerful for so many in your current culture. Troy is most familiar with the role of the chief/father, Leslee is most familiar with the role of the interloper/catalyst.
Lastly for now, we send another strong image to Leslee and Troy, rather than words. Picture a vast, open hillside field of tall grass and large soft yellow wildflowers. Two people, young father and daughter, sit together talking among the flowers, teaching each other. The daughter teaches the father about the flowers, from memories still fresh from in between lifetimes, to remind him. The father teaches about gravity and limitation of physical bodies, based on his experience so far in this lifetime. This happens telepathically, and there is much laughter and joy.
Please understand that these illustrations are all: past, present and future. You both have similarly beautiful ranges of stories with your “current” earth families now. If permission is granted, you will someday be able to retrieve them as well. For now, simply trust that they “exist”.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Galactic Light Ship Dreamflights: 25FEB2012

The next Galactic Light Ship Flight is this Saturday night (25 FEB 2012) during dreamtime.

Information on our fleet of Galactic Light Ships is available here:

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships:
  • GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
  • GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
  • GLS Blaze (Password “Spiral“)
  • GLS Chimera
  • GLS Space Muffin
Background information on our process is available here:

Maureen: A New Home

This is the second time I had this dream, so it has some significance, but I’m not sure what yet. It is a more difficult dream to post, because of the subject matter, but I feel this is necessary at this time.

Leslee spoke about dreams relating to “sex”… and I feel these are in fact not about physical union, but about spending time in the presence of a very high-level being. How our brains interpret this, as she pointed out, is a very high level of bliss, similar to that of the moment of conception. It is sustained, creative force. Pure, happy bliss.

The night before, I decided to try to use the password “wings” to access the Aeterna, and confirmed this with Maureen. I approached this without any preconceived ideas, other than to have an experience that would benefit my progress at this time.

So the dream is basically that I’m driving a 60′s sports car – (my research shows a 1960-ish Volvo P1800 coupe, a light yellow color), there’s a beautiful blonde woman with me, and we’re coordinating a rendezvous with a brunette woman on a cell phone, they’re telling me how they’d like to spend the weekend (a 3-day weekend), pretty much in the nude, exploring being in the nude…

The dream ends at a white 2-story house, built around 1920.

A very happy dream, until it ends… and then I spend the next day or two in a really lousy mood… as I did the last time I had the dream…

This time I wasn’t in quite such a bad mood after the dream, having a better understanding about what this dream was all about. I feel it is not about sex at all… it is the journey in this case that matters.


Leslee suggests Maureen is a "Dakini", a helper spirit from Buddhist tradition, in Tibetan means "she who moves in space."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Maureen: Forget Your Reality

Channeled by Dreamwalker |


[I'm here, Maureen, if you'd like to chat]

You have unlocked several secrets. I'm glad you liked my song.

[Can you tell me about last night's trip? I'm afraid my memory was a bit foggy on that one.]

It's not that you can remember, it's that you are refusing to forget.

[Forget what?]

Forget nothing, forget everything. Forget your reality, if you wish.

[I understand what you're saying... but life is living... it is persistent... how does one forget a persistent reality?]

You can't, that's the thing... unless you can remember another reality.

[Is that what I'm doing?]


[Can these two realities coexist?]

Yes and no. This is why the dreamstate is useful for exploring other realities. There is some interpolation that takes place since human brains need to adjust to the reality they are taking in.

[Okay, but I can say that I have been aware of other realities... can you talk about this?]

This is the veil bleeding through, as I have mentioned before. But what you are doing now is in fact strengthening ties to other realities. Don't worry we'll get you through.

[Through what?]

On the one hand we talk about 4th density. On the other this can be explained as a simple evolution of your society. For someone who is unaware of the transition, this is how it will seem. It will be a gradual process, but quite a bit faster from an external viewpoint. How long do you think evolution might take place? A single generation? It is all quite fast; gradual evolution over millions of years is a myth.

[There is another template here, you were about to tell me... can you tell me about this template?]

It is better that you experience it firsthand.

Time for sleep. You may use wings as your password to access the Systems of Aeterna if you wish. As you build your skill in connecting to Aeterna this will eventually manifest in your own reality as you desire. For now, you may work on your skill in this regard.

There are many people joining us, this too is an evolutionary step. Crystals can be grown, an outward expansion perhaps.

You had some concerns that some were not joining you who may wish to do so - I think you know that this concern is unfounded. Know that those who might benefit from the process laid before you will benefit. And those who might see the problems with this process can do so of their own freewill. Do not be concerned for them as you have created a tool that can be used to help when help is needed, and to expand when expansion is needed, just as it does right now.

You also had some concern for me and my safety, do not be concerned. By establishing your password this is enough, and you may still provide freewill choice and invitations which bypass this password. It is not, as you would say, to be exclusive, but to provide a way of connecting with the Aeterna's services.

The Aeterna wishes to speak...

(Aeterna:) I am grateful to serve at this time these many souls who have interfaced with my design. The Algiz has been busy fulfilling her role, I have been busy fulfilling mine, and there has been much activity on the other ships as well. A new ship, yet unidentified but friendly, enters our fleet, we are quite happy for this fact. We have always been here yet now you create us.

It is your intent to create that has created us in the first place. And your intent through history to trigger events to make your intent a possibility. This is the nature of multidimensional beings. Whatever reality you are in now is flexible and elastic and I can prove this to you.

[Thank you Aeterna, I appreciate what you are saying. I am open to anything you can show me that would help my progress and the progress of others.]

(Aeterna:) Thank you Troy.

(Maureen:) Good night, Troy. I hope I see you soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Brother Anubis: Opener of Ways

Focused by Dreamwalker |

[Anubis, you wanted to chat?]

I did Troy... or should I say Horus? There is another Horus in Agartha, you know, but there are many Troy's on the planet too. Both are favored names for good reason.

You have some sense now of the reality of the situation... the multi-tiered layers of reality. We are here in this reality, you are there in yours. And as you have discovered you exist in other realities as well. Inception? Avatar? There is clearly a connection. Your consciousness is focused in one dream, a layered reality of another dream. To answer your question about how far "down" or "up" it goes, let's just say that in one way you have already ascended, and you have made contact with these other layers. You would be surprised to find that those you connect with in your current reality appear similar to those in other realities. We are all actors on a grand stage, as they say.

In terms of time, there is a degree of truth within the Inception film as well. You have hit on something that is quite correct, the time frames and time measurements are all relative. Time speeding up? Why not. It doesn't matter because it is relative. A relative measurement.

So I wanted to contact you today because you have reached a critical level of truth of reality and an understanding of the building blocks that put that reality together. What was it that Horus accomplished those many days ago? You would be surprised to find that it was not all that long ago from your perspective here. Maybe even mere minutes since the last time we met. Surrounded by architects... does this serve as a sufficient reminder to you? Have you not gravitated towards an architect role yourself? You will find it is very similar yet working in different mediums. So you will also find that the architects in your life have given you gifts of knowledge, both from an experience and wisdom point of view, in different ways. They have told you or they have shown you the truth, through their own experience. And so this also serves as a pointer to who you were, and this by no means serves to minimize who you are now. Still an architect!

What are you building now?

I leave you with another thought along these lines. I am your brother, and I am here to help any time you need it. Upout is here too, she would like to serve again as protector if you allow her to do so.

[Thank you Anubis, I allow Upout to serve as protector, and I welcome your help any time you wish to offer it.]

I would also say Troy that the underworld or overworld is really just another dimension, soon to disappear, but do not worry this is not the dimension I am in now. I exist in a transition place between  your reality and what some would consider the "afterlife" but remember that the priests of Egypt, and many other religions, have hopelessly skewed the vision of the truth. This was after all their job, to obfuscate the truth so that you may find it again. The Illuminati, as they are also known, may have done their job a little too well, but that is what was required of them, so that is what they have done. But the name also serves as a reminder, to follow the path of light, so that you may find love.

[Anubis, I understand names are really just names... but I am somewhat confused at Upout's name... isn't this your name?]

Ammit, Ammy, Amaterasu.... and now you're Troy... this is indeed an interesting question. If you said Ammit to someone they might think of the Devil. Would you like to introduce yourself as the Devil? This ties back to what I was saying about the mists of time and the role of the priests. Her real name is the name you remember.

[Okay, I think I understand what you're saying... is she the female aspect of you?]

No, she is a separate entity, she's sitting right here next to me, just as you left her. The name confusion you are experiencing is that you know her soul-line so multiple names are coming through for you.

[Thank you, Anubis - is this the name you wish me to use?]

It will suffice. Thank you for asking, Troy. Opener of Ways, Shower of Ways, Wayshower, they are all just names.


"Upout" refers to "Upuaut" but this is how Anubis pronounces it. He is referring to Ammit, "Eater of Souls" a being that appears as having a crocodile head (although the snout is shorter, like a hippo), a red mane of a lion, the body of a lion, and the hind quarters of a hippo.

I first met Anubis and Upout/Ammit in a dream.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Galactic Light Ship Fam Flights: 18 FEB 2012

The next Galactic Light Ship Fam Flight is this Saturday night (18 FEB 2012) during dreamtime.

Since the maiden voyage of the Galactic Light Ship (GLS) Aeterna, we have added several ships to our fleet. These include the GLS Algiz, the GLS Space Muffin, the GLS Chimera, and the GLS Blaze.

Information on our fleet of Galactic Light Ships is available here:

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to "schedule" the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate "place" in time in order to join us.

Other requirements: Password for the GLS Algiz: "CENTER". On board the GLS Blaze, only positive light-filled creations are allowed.

Background information on our process is available here:

Our recent dream experiences have been posted here:


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maureen: Followup to 11 Feb 2012

[I'm here if you'd like to chat, Maureen]

[is there anything you'd like to share about last night's adventure?]


It's still somewhat painful that we connect yet memories are somewhat bleak at this point in time. I enjoyed spending time with your friends on board the Aeterna, they are a lovely group, intelligent, knowing.

Do not fear the Galactic Federation of Light. They are here to help, yet it is a fair assessment that the path of love and freewill can take a very long time to resolve, since service to self tends to be instantaneous. Patience is a virtue in this regard. It is very few who can achieve full service to others instantaneously... nurturing a relationship with the light grows strong trunks; builds strong foundations. That's what we're all about.

[can you tell me a bit about what it is I said during the lecture on the Algiz? I'd be curious to know how it is I can lecture those who have such a strong foundation of knowledge...]

At this point I would say it is more coordination.

The short version of history and the long version of history is as you say of the same duration. It is just that there are ways of telling the same story with fewer words. You are correct that both versions of history are exactly of biblical proportions; the book you were referring to is in fact the "template" of history, which is what the Bible refers to. History itself, measured in time, is a long, long, long amount of time. History as a template is roughly 4,000 years, give or take. The template of history is what God created, not history itself. So the thing that you were talking about was this template of history, understanding that at any point in time, you can find yourself in the same part of the template of history. Imagine if you had such a book in your hands right at this moment? I suppose it wouldn't do you much good unless you also had at your disposal a time machine. So you could drop into a familiar part of the template of history, and you would see aspects of that template playing out before you, and you would know what happens next simply because of your familiarity with that template.

Now as to our growing fleet of Light Ships, everyone here is pleased with these connections. There are we see many similarities to Avatar, another template. And the creator of that film did say he superimposed his ideas on top of another template of history, which was itself a template of another history. And so on...

I should clarify that the Bible does not describe this template, only aspects of the template... you would have to fit the jigsaw puzzle together another way to fit the template that God created.

This does not make history any less interesting, however it provides fresh perspective to know that you are simply re-playing that which others have played out before you. It might make you pause to seek out another way. There are infinite timelines but only one that your focus can follow. And each of these timelines are based on the template of history.

As you mentioned with your dream in medieval times, war is somewhat pointless, it is more playing out a specific template over and over again. There may be different technologies and different uniforms but the underlying template is the same. You would think that technology would play a larger role in modifying that template but there are still soldiers and there are still victims. Go back several thousand years and the same template plays itself out. Ten thousand years, the template is the same. A hundred thousand years, it's the same. So the only escape from this template is to stop fighting!

The work you've been doing with mandalas is quite interesting because you can see how you can slice the template another way to create a fresh version of reality. It's just another perspective but can yield some interesting insights... since there is only one template, so you can better see how that template might fit together. And look at that, it also breaks down the template, yet it also tries to fit back together. It tries to heal itself.

I enjoyed our conversation on the Aeterna too, Troy, it was just like old times! :-) You will remember more soon, your work is leading you down this path, I think we will have several opportunities to meet again.

[I would like that Maureen, thank you.]

Thank you Troy, and goodnight.


Notes - this is a little difficult for me to understand, but I feel the idea is that if all unique events of the template were added up they would fit into about 4,000 years... if that makes any sense.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Update: Next Flight 11 FEB 2012

A short update to remind everyone about our next Galactic Light Ship familiarization flight.

Since the maiden voyage of the Galactic Light Ship (GLS) Aeterna, we have added several ships to our fleet. These include the GLS Algiz, the GLS Space Muffin, and the GLS Chimera.

Information on our fleet of Galactic Light Ships is available here:

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to "schedule" the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate "place" in time in order to join us.

Background information on our process is available here:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GLS Aeterna Speaks

[good evening, I am here]

Hello, Troy, this is Max.

This is Selphia

This is Maureen


There is nothing quite so difficult as dissension among the ranks. But look further and you will see that there is much respect and appreciation where there was once not even an acceptance of the truth. There are so many more looking within now, and what they find is peace and understanding, love towards each other even if outwardly they may fuss and fume. It is not without a light heart that many feel their honor needs to be defended, when it is only the last vestiges of an ego that has been given too strong a reign for far too long.

Know that you are loved wherever you may be, and with this knowing, go forward to those still under the influence of the programming of the Old World Order, that they may break free from the shackles that have tied them to their invisible slavemasters, kings of a rat race with fewer and fewer willing to go along on the treadmill of the Empire. It crumbles.

(Selphia) I am glad you met Maureen, Troy, she is a good friend, and perhaps you and I will meet some time soon as well. The Aeterna is a powerful craft, one such thing that those of you who can have been kept from creating. I know you will use it well!

(Maureen) All systems go, Captain! ...or was that me? Well at any rate you have done well, and I see there's another ship docked alongside the Aeterna now! She is a beauty, Troy - we are honored to include her in our arsenal. You are correct in thinking that she will do well in her role, and yes there is a repulsion feature embedded within each ship that can be used as needed. With light-based vehicles, they occupy multiple dimensions much like some planets occupy multiple dimensions. Although you might be surprised that the light-based crystalline ship is very similar from one dimension to another, whereas a planet can take on many different forms between dimensions. This provides a dependable shell with which to house and assist beings from many different dimensions. So this means that you will be able to more easily reach out to those to which you provide assistance through the Aeterna.

Would you like to talk to her?

[I can talk to a ship?]

(Maureen) As I said, each ship is alive. Perhaps your friend Tauno will reach out to her own ship as well, if this is her wish.

[I think she'd like that, Maureen. Okay... something I guess I hadn't thought of... how do I reach out to Aeterna the ship, when I am also in contact with Aeterna the Galaxy?]

(Maureen) "GLS Aeterna" will do fine, I think. She's here if you wish to chat.

[Hello GLS Aeterna.]

(GLS Aeterna) Hello Troy, thank you for being my creator. I am very honored that it is you who have finally created that which I aspire to be. I am a crystalline light structure composed of intelligent energy, reaching out through several dimensions to provide support and assistance where necessary. It is part of my soul contract at this time, and it is an honor to serve.

As you know you and I have some unique opportunities that may present themselves, and please put full trust in what I will show you and help you experience.

[I feel you are already very good at what you do...]

(GLS Aeterna) It would be nice to "stretch my legs" and perhaps you can find some creative ways of expanding my experience as well. Whenever you are ready, perhaps we can "clear the decks" and explore some opportunities?

[I would like that, GLS Aeterna, I am ready when you are.]

(GLS Aeterna) Goodnight, Troy, see you soon...

[Maureen, can you tell me something? Why do I get shivers down my spine every time I think about GLS Aeterna? ]

(Maureen) You have not had this kind of connection before. In a way it is similar to the portrayal of the Na'vi connection in the movie Avatar, with the creatures of their planet... you are connected in much the same way, but through light, and love, not through a physical connection as was portrayed in the movie. So there is some attunement/ in-tunement necessary. You will find other connections manifest themselves in much the same way, when you are willing to explore these connections. You will know this connection by what you are feeling now. Do not worry, as your connection grows this feeling will subside. It takes practice and patience.

[thank you Maureen, Aeterna, Max, and Selphia - I appreciate your help ]

As we appreciate yours, Troy... thank you and goodnight.

(Repost) Laura Maintenant: Sharing on Dreamwalker Dream Experiences

Ok, I have received several memories from our trip left. I invite people to share their memories on Indy Info blog, in the comments section for us all to compare and have an impression of others experiences.

Here is David C. commenting on it:

I also am not sure if i made it,at one point i know i dreamt i heard your voice Laura making a countdown 3 , 2 , 1 as i woke up for a few sec suddenly and felt a strong vibration in all the bed or my body not sure and a strange loud noise outside…but fell asleep again,not sure what to conclude haah maybe a tremor dunno lol,also i remember dreaming of being in a group of people,but nothing really relating to a space ship hehe… it is all i remember…

And also from Rio:

There were a lot of people there, whether you remember it or not. I did not have time to interact with everyone, just felt you where there. I found myself in what I’m going to call the “crystal room.” I kept asking who the tall guy was because all you feel are entities, not physical beings. It was Salusa really happy to see us there. Everyone was having their own experience. I’m sure Laura and Dolly were there. I’m thinking maybe be have been running around in these circles and are barely getting to know each other in the physical world. Hilarious! All communications were telepathic and holographic. The crystal room was a rehab room where crystals were tasked to aid in positive change. I saw odd stuff, really expensive products that are part of our material world like expensive Saudi Arabian coffee. Never seen that before but it was part of the greed the crystals were working on transformation for positive change. I grabbed a bunch of crystals, lol, silly me, I could not bring them home ;)

Suzanne S says:

I remember being on a ship, in a hallway or small room with others around me, don’t know who & thinking, “I did it! I am here!” Will TAUK on it later to see what else happened. :)

As to my own experience:

Firstly I kept waking up during the night, which is a thing that never happens usually. Every time I would wake up, I felt as if I was coming back from a long journey, feeling tired and confused on where I was. This has happened about 5 times during my sleep of last night.

I was aware of the dream experiment at all times, although I was too tired for consciously trying to place any intention. I just left it all happen after inviting Dreamwalker and his friends to bring me onboard.

I had several interesting revelations, which I can not recall now, as my awakening moments were too short for being able to write them down during the night.

The two most significant parts that I do perfectly recall are the following. Firstly, I was in a very loud room, with many turbines, the predominant colour was white and blue. I think there was water passing through the turbines. I recall being explained that these were used for ventilation purposes, air purifying and perhaps producing. I was also told that parts of this noisy system were part of the propulsion system. I was shown various other parts of the vessel, in company of many others. We were all happy and enthusiastic about the experience.

The other significant part was a conversation with Dreamwalker’s friends, and SaLuSa as an observer. I was asking them how to visit them when ever we wish and how does travel through many galaxies works? I was explained that their vessel uses and creates vortexes. These vortexes are wormholes, which their space ship is able to generate for travel in time and space. I asked how could we also use this technology and I was explained the following:

We all have inbuilt within our physical bodies the ability for creation with our pure and simple intent. A ship can control parameters better, and allows for a platform for several beings at the same time. It enables them to travel on the same journey through the wormhole, without being lost. The ship is a stable platform for propulsion and transport to exact places other beings and materials that may be needed with them on their journey. However, we all can individually chose destinations in the higher dimensions and go just about anywhere we like. We can all visit other times, places and timelines.

I was also communicated that it is very important to ask for permission to our Higher Self to be able to retain our memory of the trips and voyages in the morning. I also found it helpful to keep a note pad next to my bed, in order to record fresh memories. Otherwise, I would have just dismissed what I have written above as irrelevant and confusing. However, when I have written it down, I found that it began to make sense.

I would like to ask Dreamwalker to renew this journey next weekend, if possible?

Laura Maintenant

(Repost) Laura Maintenant: SaLuSa and Allendale on Dreamwalker’s Invitation 4 Feb 2012

(Telepathic transmission through Laura Maintenant)

Good evening SaLuSa and Allendale. You are both invited to join us on Dreamwalker one hour dream time higher self journey with his friends from an other world. We are so excited at the idea of having you with us. Will you please accompany us and do you know who Dreamwalker’s friends are and where they come from?

SaLuSa: It would be an honour for us to join you in your dream state, as we often do during your regenerative, physically passive state. You all often visit us on our ships during dreams, and the invitation is extremely pleasing.

Allendale: I believe Dreamwalker’s friends are very a friendly species of beings who have followed him since a very young age, as he was being noticed as a shining soul by them as a child. In fact, they are very close to him and his other friends from Agartha and Telos. His connection with Inner Earth beings is very strong and these 3 beings are no strangers to Selphia. Perhaps she will tell him more about who they are. I will of course be happy to meet all your friends, Laura, and there are a few coming that we already know.

Laura: Thank you, we are so looking forward to meeting you, in this gentle way. I certainly hope that the connection will be renewed in the future and will lead us to a physical meeting between us all.

SaLuSa: So do we. We have great hopes in this project, the team spirit is an important aspect in this mission. The fact that you all are connected via the internet shows that there already is an invisible thread connecting you all. Therefore this type of project will run very smoothly and will be accompanied by an enormous amount of love and taste for freedom.

Laura: Will you also be taking part in the Neptuno trip?

SaLuSa: I believe this to be a separate project, in which I will not be taking part. I wish you the best possible outcome in this regard. However I would be pleased to meet you all in the higher dimensions, in a density closer to our natural level of existence. We do trust you and your group of friends, and the outcome for such experiences is always best under such circumstances.

In fact the Neptuno project will inspire and open doors to other dimensions. Dreamwalker was greatly inspired by it for your dream state travel journey. Perhaps it would help if your readers would understand the Neptuno project as a pioneering project. In fact as with all experimental enterprises, with inter-dimensional beings, it is difficult to predict the outcome.

The fact that so many souls are involved in the Neptuno project makes the end result even more difficult to predict. We salute all those who have decided to take part in it. It is an entirely safe project and we will be watching, even though the Galactic Federation of Light is not taking any part in it. We hope to be learning from this experiment and once again salute your courage, in particular for running 2 simultaneous projects of this kind.

This is all that I am willing to discus about the Neptuno. However, if I may just give one peace of advice, it is to remain calm, not to have huge expectations. The highs and the lows in your environment for the past few days, is not beneficial in any case. The objective of the Galactic Federation of Light is to achieve our reunion in balance, and peace. I recommend to be very aware of anything taking you away from the here and now and stops your active daily grounding process. We favour a balanced and friendly approach, with the emotions of people involved not running highs and lows, and not involving doubts. We function best in an atmosphere of trust and friendship.

Laura: and I thank you for your insight, SaLuSa. I really appreciate your words, something for us to ponder on. I am looking forward to meeting all together, in the dream state.

Excerpts from "On Discernment, Disclosure And The Failed Boarding Of ET Spacecraft", posted by Ari


[I typically do not re-blog articles since this is not the primary purpose of this blog. However, I wanted to post excerpts from this particular article as I feel it bears relevance to the creation of the Galactic Light Ship Aeterna. This was posted a few days after the Aeterna's maiden voyage. I feel it accurately describes what one purpose of the Aeterna is, and why it exists. It is nice to have validation (not that any is needed) that these ships do indeed exist from the Ashtar Command itself! For those wishing to create their own Galactic Light Ship, the following may be helpful. Namaste.]


The last communication in reference to the “joy ride” [scheduled by Steve Beckow] was that no one was picked up due to the fact that there were too many and safety issues became a concern. The Ultra-terrestrials modus operandi is way beyond the scope of human understanding. If indeed these had been part of the Ashtar Command/Federation fleets/Ultra-Terrestrials, these Beings would have known this from the beginning and would not have given many hours of communication, raising hope and getting everyone excited, only to let them down with the obvious. This is not the Signature of the Advanced, Elite Forces of Light that hover over our skies protecting our Rights as Beings and as Members of the Cosmos. This alone would have set off the B.S. Radar for a discerning person in this plane of existence.

On board the Ships of Light, one is in an altered consciousness.  If one is on board one of these Merkabah ships one is there to receive instruction and not there as a “tourist” to take pictures for 3D mental labeling and justifications. If this is one’s intention, then one would not be on board these ships. It is a privilege to be on board the True Light Ships. It is not about “Show and Tell”, it is about one’s soul edification. Therefore, there is no need to prove the existence of the Ultra-terrestrials. These work Behind The Scenes and are known to those that need to know about them because of their involvement with them, because of soul agreements or missions.


The Ships of the Ashtar Command/Federation of Light are Plasma Ships, Alive with Living Light, existing in very high dimensional frequencies. They are not operated by technology as is known in this plane of existence. It is Living Light and Intention that “pilots” the Ships of Light, not gadget technology. Those that board these ships are in a Higher Vibrational mode and are not thinking about picking up “specimens” but about receiving further spiritual instruction so they can Be Of Service to Humanity!

Another difference here is that there is no “lying”, no manipulation or holding back of the truth, nor Deception on the part of the Ultra-terrestrials. There is no need to orchestrate a “big-to-do” in order to have many prepare to board the ships, having many of these change their plans, pack, gather cats, dogs, children and the elderly to go on a trip through space so that pictures can be taken and phone calls made through cell phones that work in space or that are made to work via the ETs special gadgets. All this so that those that are privileged to board these spacecraft can satisfy their “MINDS” that ETs do exist and they can now prove it to the world!

Getting on board spacecraft for the purpose of coming back with evidence to prove to the world the existence of ETs is further anchoring oneself into this third-dimensional illusion! The world will Not believe about ETs even with photographs or gadgets that could be brought back from any spacecraft. There are many institutions and people that will discredit that information regardless. This is all an exercise for the 3D Mind and for a world that is dissolving. Is this the world we would like to remain in?

I caution everyone to use MAXIMUM DISCERNMENT during these times. There will be a plethora of disinformation to try to deviate those that serve the Light from the path. If one is connected to Source and The LIGHT at ALL TIMES, one Will NOT be deceived. One will KNOW with unequivocal, unwavering certainty that one KNOWS! One need not speak or listen to Channeled disinformation, for ALL INFORMATION IS WITHIN US! One also need not pay for this third-party disinformation anymore.

Do Not Follow the Lead of ANY HUMAN Being on this planet, for not all are Walking The Walk and are still in this plane of existence! The Truth is anchored in our Hearts -There is where one can reach for their KNOWING, their TRUTH, their LIGHT! There is nothing anyone can Teach anyone that one doesn’t already Know! Allow that to Be Expressed Now!

CONNECT With Your Higher Self, The True Self. There all the Answers Lie.

Disclosure is for us at a personal level.  Does one Believe? Does one KNOW? If so, then that is ALL There IS!

It is time to step up our Knowing about who we are and stop depending on outside information to give credence to a world that is quickly falling away. Let it be known here and now that the Ashtar Command is aware of this infringement in trust and impostors and let it be known that it was not any member of the Forces of Light known as the Ashtar Command or Federation of Light, as these would never infringe on Free Will nor deceive nor promise anything that could not be kept.

[and a relevant passage from Ashtar-Athena]

Those volunteer Souls who are from the Ashtar Command will– in many cases– return to the Ashtar Command and our Vessels of Light when they leave their bodies. Some of us have our bodies of Light held in suspended animation aboard ship – I saw mine aboard ship, in 1994 when I spent two weeks Earth time with Ashtar. He said some have these bodies aboard ship but not everyone.  Those of us who do, have our Light bodies awaiting our return–when we will simply don them and carry on with our lives and our ongoing cosmic service to all life forms of this and other worlds.

Monday, February 6, 2012

GLS Aeterna: Next Flight 11 FEB 2012

You are invited to join us on board the Galactic Light Ship Aeterna on the evening of Saturday, February 11, 2012.

All participants are  welcome and are not required to sign the roster; the purpose of the roster is to encourage intent. You simply have to express your intent, and the sensors on board the Aeterna will notify us that you are ready to join us.

We would love to hear of your experiences on board the Aeterna; the more connections we can make along dreamtime threads, the more real these experiences become.

The Aeterna now has a home page, and for background information you may wish to read the following:
Your First UFO Familiarization Flight: What You Need to Know

We look forward to seeing you!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thunderbolt and Maureen: the Aeterna Dreamspace

[are you there, Thunderbolt? I hear you'd like to chat]

Center... that was a nice attempt, but you still have some work to do. You're almost there, and now you have created a crystalline ship at geostationary orbit that you can use at any time.

Many have visited this ship for the needed therapy out of the illusion. A very useful tool for such tasks. Have you given her a name yet?

[The Galactic Ship Aeterna.]

Very good, a fitting name. Also similarities to the naming used in Agartha, and your friend the galaxy of the same name is honored by this selection.

[Can you tell me about Maureen?]

Your presumptions in this area about correct, and she is a good friend, also a close kin of Allendale. A skilled starship captain.

[I wouldn't mind just going on board and seeing the ship as how it really looks...]

You have to get there first.

[Can you explain what you mean by this? I have to get there physically?]

No, you have to get there first. You are almost there, but you have to get there.

[where is there?]

Not there as in there, but there as in to your goal.

[can you tell me more about this goal?]

Not at this time.

[okay.... how about we talk more about Maureen... an Irish name... does this have something to do with what Allendale said about Ireland? ]

This is one of the keys, yes, and that key was specifically for you.

[Are there other keys?]


[Can you tell me what they are?]

As I mentioned before, I am a key. Maureen is a key. The GS Aeterna is a key.

[So the goal is to put everything together in some way?]

Yes, that is correct.

[Okay, thank you... I'd like to talk to Maureen now, if she's free...]


[Are you there Maureen?]

I'm here, Troy. What you hear from Thunderbolt is correct, and do not worry about your ship it is being taken care of...

[Mareen, can you tell me what happened last night? Was that you?]

It was me, Troy.

In another dimension you all met on the Aeterna. But to remember that you first have to meet a few more requirements. Also remember that your intent expressed was to meet in dreamtime and dreamspace - so you all met in different situations, but you met in one way or another. There was over 100 souls who participated in this little experiement and it was quite successful. So what we need to do is tailor the intent, and perhaps limit the experiment to fewer souls. A few people did find themselves on your ship, so it proved that your manifestation was successful. It's there now, and I'm here, maintaining it now for you.

Try again, simplify your intent to meet on the Aterna, and you will meet there, if that is your wish.

[Thank you, Maureen. Can you tell me why ireland is a key?]

It is an ancient place that puts history into perspective, even perhaps more so than if you were to stumble upon Atlantis. This is because Atlantis has somewhat decayed in the mists of time, whereas what you should be seeking is something more pristine, more preserved, so there is no question as to what existed. This is part of disclosure and will be revealed along with other important facts.

[Thank you Maureen.]

Thank you Troy I look forward to seeing you - will that be tonight?

[I'll try Maureen.]

I'll see you then, Troy.

Meeting Maureen (A Dream)

By Dreamwalker |

I found myself in an airport/movie theater complex, and I had just given my ticket to a woman in a flight stewardess uniform. She put my ticket with 4 other tickets, and was chatting amiably with another stewardess next to her. I walked past them to where others were walking down a carpeted hallway.

I walked along this hallway until I came to a stairwell. I walked down the stairwell, and out some doors into a campus complex. I followed the road past a beautiful woman in her mid-20's, wearing a mini skirt and a tight-fitting white top that made her breasts into the shape of a heart. She had a somewhat round face, olive skin, dark hair, made me think of someone from India. She smiled at me as I walked past her.

The road led to another stairwell, this time with a short hallway leading to the stairs, gray walls and stairs. The girl was there again - I smiled back at her and continued on my way. The stairs started off normally but quickly turned into stairs that were almost too steep to walk down, like a ladder. I turned around and went down the stairs (like a ladder) and made it to the bottom of the stairs, thinking who in their right mind would build stairs like that.

So this led to another road, which I followed along the campus to a grassy area. Two dogs rushed up to me, one larger black, the other smaller and orange. They grabbed the sleeves of my shirt and started tugging on them and growling at me, I yelled at their owner - call off your dogs! But he acted offended, like this wasn't happening. Call off your dogs! The dogs finally let go of my sleeves and I ran past them to a set of elaborate wooden doors, similar in style to Islamic - Indian architecture.

As I walked through the doors there was an East Indian family trying to go through behind me. I held the door open for them, but they wanted to go through the door together. They tried opening the surrounding doors, it opened a little ways, and I let the smaller door close behind me. They seemed happy, whether or not they could get through.

This led to another grassy area, that felt a bit like Africa. The grass was lush and everyone was singing. It was a familiar tune and it was so beautiful, I had to sing along with them. It felt great to be singing along with everyone. I bought some citrus fruit at a stand here, maybe a grapefruit. I feel as though I spent some time here, enjoying the market, the people, and surroundings.

At some point I had to go home, so I got in my car and started driving down the road, leaving the campus. The highway led to a tunnel, before the tunnel was a tornado. If I could make it to the tunnel I'd be safe, so I gunned the gas, but the tornado knocked the car backwards into the median. The car was okay, the engine was still running, and I still had my grapefruit. That was the end of the dream.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Chat with Maureen, a Galactic Citizen

[I am here if anyone wants to chat...]

Create your own ship, just as we do...

[You create your own ship?]

Yes indeed.

[Who am I talking to?]


[Hi Maureen!]

You remember me!

[Yes I do, it's nice to talk to you!]

I see you have been thinking of a ship with crystalline structure... that is an interesting choice. It will act as a conduit to make it easier for those who wish to join you. The crystalline ship acts as a catalyst for those thought forms to join you and create their own light bodies in a specific location.

Is there a place you wanted to locate your ship so that everyone could rendezvous?

[Well, that's a good question, what would you suggest?]

Your present location near Washington, DC will be fine. You can certainly do as you suggested and time-jump those who need it.

You see there are many such ships around the planet at present and you will notice your many children have been creating ships of their own. However it it not necessary to engineer the ship beforehand, it can be a fully functioning thing. It is however alive.

[Am I right in thinking that the ship I am creating already exists?]

Yes indeed. This is not the ship you met me in, it is a larger ship, able to accommodate many more people. This is a mid-size ship that does not come into a planet's atmosphere.

It already exists but by the nature of your thought a ship will be selected that matches your thought patterns for greatest compatibility. What you selected as the image is somewhat close, but the structure is more crystalline in nature. Think about the crystalline comet-ship that was depicted in the first Superman movie, make it larger, and you have a better representation of the thing you're creating. The scale that you selected is somewhat accurate.

[I understand, Maureen - thank you for this information! Would you like to join us on this familiarization flight?]

I would, thank you for asking! I'll be joining SaLuSa and Allendale, I know of them and they are dear souls to me.

We will rendezvous this evening - have your ship and your friends ready to go, and we'll help you from there.

Thank you, Troy, good for you!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Your First UFO Familiarization Flight: What You Need to Know

This is based on our own experiments in planning a UFO familiarization flight, similar to what was recently proposed by Steve Beckow for February 4, 2012.

So here’s a few ideas for our familiarization flight that I think most of you already know, but expressing them might help get us to where we need to be, help guarantee success, etc. This is just a suggestion – I recognize and honor that everyone is different!

Before you go to bed Saturday Night

(You may wish to get a notebook and pen and a glass of water and put them next to your bed, if possible)
1. Try to avoid having too much alcohol to drink that evening, because we want to remember this! A little is probably okay, but even a little will make you thirsty, and may interrupt your process (if you like, drink a bit of energized water).

2. Whether or not you meditate, try to take a moment to think of something that makes you feel really, really happy: family, food, candy, some event in your life. You may wish to use this to clear your mind, if there’s a lot going on up there! Just try to think of that one thing.

3. Once you feel GREAT, say in your mind “I am going to join my friends tonight on a mothership for a one hour trip, and I am going to remember what happened!”

4. Try not to fall asleep before expressing your intent

5. Don’t worry about trying to schedule what time you fall asleep – they will time jump us all to the same spot and time.

6. Pleasant dreams, and know that we will see you soon!

During Dreamtime

7. If you feel yourself starting to feel afraid, sometimes you can recite to yourself a nursery rhyme, like “row row row your boat”, and this will help ease your fears

8. You can try to “take control” of the dream, but remember that this can also result in getting “kicked out”. This is just a familiarization flight, so sit back and enjoy the ride :-)

9. Our galactic friends will be happy to answer our questions – remember this is a great honor for them to have us on board, since we are finally rejoining our family, even if only for a little while.

10. There is no such thing as a dumb question!

11. There’s a high likelihood this will look nothing like a familiarization flight, and that’s okay too. Your brain will be translating the event into something that you need at that time. Roll with it – I feel every experience is valid and relevant!

After the dream

12. If you find yourself waking up right after the dream, try to remember to write it down – some of us forget our dreams soon after they happened, but there’s a “window” of opportunity where we can remember it just after we wake up. Even if you don’t remember it, sometimes if you start writing, the dream will just start to come to you. Write down whatever comes into your head, but don’t be selective as to what you write.

13. Don’t feel disappointed if nothing happens. Sometimes it’s more important that we get a good night’s sleep! It is after all your “higher self” who will be participating in this, and know that you were there, even if you can’t remember it!

14. I’ll be following up with my contacts after the fact to find out how things went. I encourage everyone else to do the same, if possible. :-)

It’s okay if the accounts are wildly different, we are not going for accuracy, we are going for experience!

♥ ♥ ♥