Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meeting Maureen (A Dream)

By Dreamwalker |

I found myself in an airport/movie theater complex, and I had just given my ticket to a woman in a flight stewardess uniform. She put my ticket with 4 other tickets, and was chatting amiably with another stewardess next to her. I walked past them to where others were walking down a carpeted hallway.

I walked along this hallway until I came to a stairwell. I walked down the stairwell, and out some doors into a campus complex. I followed the road past a beautiful woman in her mid-20's, wearing a mini skirt and a tight-fitting white top that made her breasts into the shape of a heart. She had a somewhat round face, olive skin, dark hair, made me think of someone from India. She smiled at me as I walked past her.

The road led to another stairwell, this time with a short hallway leading to the stairs, gray walls and stairs. The girl was there again - I smiled back at her and continued on my way. The stairs started off normally but quickly turned into stairs that were almost too steep to walk down, like a ladder. I turned around and went down the stairs (like a ladder) and made it to the bottom of the stairs, thinking who in their right mind would build stairs like that.

So this led to another road, which I followed along the campus to a grassy area. Two dogs rushed up to me, one larger black, the other smaller and orange. They grabbed the sleeves of my shirt and started tugging on them and growling at me, I yelled at their owner - call off your dogs! But he acted offended, like this wasn't happening. Call off your dogs! The dogs finally let go of my sleeves and I ran past them to a set of elaborate wooden doors, similar in style to Islamic - Indian architecture.

As I walked through the doors there was an East Indian family trying to go through behind me. I held the door open for them, but they wanted to go through the door together. They tried opening the surrounding doors, it opened a little ways, and I let the smaller door close behind me. They seemed happy, whether or not they could get through.

This led to another grassy area, that felt a bit like Africa. The grass was lush and everyone was singing. It was a familiar tune and it was so beautiful, I had to sing along with them. It felt great to be singing along with everyone. I bought some citrus fruit at a stand here, maybe a grapefruit. I feel as though I spent some time here, enjoying the market, the people, and surroundings.

At some point I had to go home, so I got in my car and started driving down the road, leaving the campus. The highway led to a tunnel, before the tunnel was a tornado. If I could make it to the tunnel I'd be safe, so I gunned the gas, but the tornado knocked the car backwards into the median. The car was okay, the engine was still running, and I still had my grapefruit. That was the end of the dream.

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  1. I love this dream! It feels like one of my "walk along the lane between lifetimes" dreams :)
    Gosh, so many dreams of highways, cars, and storms... We always get home, don't we? ;)