Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Excerpts from "On Discernment, Disclosure And The Failed Boarding Of ET Spacecraft", posted by Ari


[I typically do not re-blog articles since this is not the primary purpose of this blog. However, I wanted to post excerpts from this particular article as I feel it bears relevance to the creation of the Galactic Light Ship Aeterna. This was posted a few days after the Aeterna's maiden voyage. I feel it accurately describes what one purpose of the Aeterna is, and why it exists. It is nice to have validation (not that any is needed) that these ships do indeed exist from the Ashtar Command itself! For those wishing to create their own Galactic Light Ship, the following may be helpful. Namaste.]


The last communication in reference to the “joy ride” [scheduled by Steve Beckow] was that no one was picked up due to the fact that there were too many and safety issues became a concern. The Ultra-terrestrials modus operandi is way beyond the scope of human understanding. If indeed these had been part of the Ashtar Command/Federation fleets/Ultra-Terrestrials, these Beings would have known this from the beginning and would not have given many hours of communication, raising hope and getting everyone excited, only to let them down with the obvious. This is not the Signature of the Advanced, Elite Forces of Light that hover over our skies protecting our Rights as Beings and as Members of the Cosmos. This alone would have set off the B.S. Radar for a discerning person in this plane of existence.

On board the Ships of Light, one is in an altered consciousness.  If one is on board one of these Merkabah ships one is there to receive instruction and not there as a “tourist” to take pictures for 3D mental labeling and justifications. If this is one’s intention, then one would not be on board these ships. It is a privilege to be on board the True Light Ships. It is not about “Show and Tell”, it is about one’s soul edification. Therefore, there is no need to prove the existence of the Ultra-terrestrials. These work Behind The Scenes and are known to those that need to know about them because of their involvement with them, because of soul agreements or missions.


The Ships of the Ashtar Command/Federation of Light are Plasma Ships, Alive with Living Light, existing in very high dimensional frequencies. They are not operated by technology as is known in this plane of existence. It is Living Light and Intention that “pilots” the Ships of Light, not gadget technology. Those that board these ships are in a Higher Vibrational mode and are not thinking about picking up “specimens” but about receiving further spiritual instruction so they can Be Of Service to Humanity!

Another difference here is that there is no “lying”, no manipulation or holding back of the truth, nor Deception on the part of the Ultra-terrestrials. There is no need to orchestrate a “big-to-do” in order to have many prepare to board the ships, having many of these change their plans, pack, gather cats, dogs, children and the elderly to go on a trip through space so that pictures can be taken and phone calls made through cell phones that work in space or that are made to work via the ETs special gadgets. All this so that those that are privileged to board these spacecraft can satisfy their “MINDS” that ETs do exist and they can now prove it to the world!

Getting on board spacecraft for the purpose of coming back with evidence to prove to the world the existence of ETs is further anchoring oneself into this third-dimensional illusion! The world will Not believe about ETs even with photographs or gadgets that could be brought back from any spacecraft. There are many institutions and people that will discredit that information regardless. This is all an exercise for the 3D Mind and for a world that is dissolving. Is this the world we would like to remain in?

I caution everyone to use MAXIMUM DISCERNMENT during these times. There will be a plethora of disinformation to try to deviate those that serve the Light from the path. If one is connected to Source and The LIGHT at ALL TIMES, one Will NOT be deceived. One will KNOW with unequivocal, unwavering certainty that one KNOWS! One need not speak or listen to Channeled disinformation, for ALL INFORMATION IS WITHIN US! One also need not pay for this third-party disinformation anymore.

Do Not Follow the Lead of ANY HUMAN Being on this planet, for not all are Walking The Walk and are still in this plane of existence! The Truth is anchored in our Hearts -There is where one can reach for their KNOWING, their TRUTH, their LIGHT! There is nothing anyone can Teach anyone that one doesn’t already Know! Allow that to Be Expressed Now!

CONNECT With Your Higher Self, The True Self. There all the Answers Lie.

Disclosure is for us at a personal level.  Does one Believe? Does one KNOW? If so, then that is ALL There IS!

It is time to step up our Knowing about who we are and stop depending on outside information to give credence to a world that is quickly falling away. Let it be known here and now that the Ashtar Command is aware of this infringement in trust and impostors and let it be known that it was not any member of the Forces of Light known as the Ashtar Command or Federation of Light, as these would never infringe on Free Will nor deceive nor promise anything that could not be kept.

[and a relevant passage from Ashtar-Athena]

Those volunteer Souls who are from the Ashtar Command will– in many cases– return to the Ashtar Command and our Vessels of Light when they leave their bodies. Some of us have our bodies of Light held in suspended animation aboard ship – I saw mine aboard ship, in 1994 when I spent two weeks Earth time with Ashtar. He said some have these bodies aboard ship but not everyone.  Those of us who do, have our Light bodies awaiting our return–when we will simply don them and carry on with our lives and our ongoing cosmic service to all life forms of this and other worlds.

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