Friday, February 10, 2012

Update: Next Flight 11 FEB 2012

A short update to remind everyone about our next Galactic Light Ship familiarization flight.

Since the maiden voyage of the Galactic Light Ship (GLS) Aeterna, we have added several ships to our fleet. These include the GLS Algiz, the GLS Space Muffin, and the GLS Chimera.

Information on our fleet of Galactic Light Ships is available here:

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to "schedule" the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate "place" in time in order to join us.

Background information on our process is available here:


  1. First frustration, anger, then judgement and now ridicule, what next. I just wanna see where the light is.
    I think you never found the switch to see the real you in the mirror. Add the muppets also.

  2. I'm sorry Anonymous, it was not intended to judge... It was funny because you expressed this in terms of money.... Your frustration did not come through in your text. Thank you for speaking your truth! Typically, negative emotions can actually hold us back.. Anger and frustration can also be seen as determination and passion, a desire to succeed.

    You can see this light through a simple visualization. It is different for everyone, but what I do is think of a piece of paper, and see how long I can think of only that. Once this is all I'm thinking of, I take that paper and shine golden light on it. I then take that paper and make copies of it extending both above and below me into a towering infinite column of light. Be creative with it!

    This kind of visualization takes practice... It may not be something that will lead to other things overnight... Namaste, and good luck...

  3. Hi everybody,

    I also participated in the dream experience on the ship Aeterna, but I can’t remember visually that I have been there only a strong feeling that I have been there.
    So before I went to sleep after my confirmation to be on board something unusual happened. I got a picture in my head of my ship. It had the shape of manta ray and it had pastel blue colours glowing out of it. It is a biological ship of creation. It means that it is centre where you can create everything that is artistic. Like art, music and so on…. I don’t know if I was just imagining it or, it was real. When I asked for a name I got an image of a firefly Blaze in the Tinkerbell movies. So the ship’s name is GLS Blaze.
    So I fell asleep and got following dream:
    I am in a ship and looking at a panel and see a picture of a scout/cruiser ship, very streamlined. On the panel there were little fairies helping me out. Then I am in my mum and dad apartment in Belgium and I am trying to hide something by sitting on it. It is a kind of bench. Then suddenly I want to run away and I take some food with me. When I get out my mom comes home. But strangely see doesn’t see me go out. Then I wake up.
    Just when I wake up I see a shadow of someone going past me. It didn’t feel threatening; it felt like you seeing through the veil to another dimension. Suddenly I hear a kid’s voice saying ‘mama’. At first I thought it was my daughter Sarah, but no it wasn’t her and my youngest was also sound asleep. After that I went to sleep again.

    1. Lisa - welcome to the GLS Blaze! I have added your entry to the "Fleet" page on spirittrainchronicles... The streamlined/scout ship sounds a lot like the GLS Algiz :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing this experience Lisa!

    Just before going to sleep what I see is a white cloud. I said the word "center" and found myself on the Algiz. Female sexual/creational energy, but it was welcoming/ happy energy. Then I went to the Aeterna and had a casual conversation with Maureen, but I don't remember what was said.

  5. Dear Troy, I know that you were on ALGIZ, you were giving a lecture in it in the video hall of the Library. The female energy is easy to be understood because of the nature of ship creator :)
    Love and Light!

  6. Wow, what wonderful dreams you all had!!! Good 12th to everyone! I had an incredibly long and "chimerical" dream, which seemed to take place on parts of planets somewhere, and seemed to deal mostly with trying to reach a destination... I wrote down some rough notes, will need to come back and share later. I encountered many vehicles and types of transportation, although they seemed quite 3D. I see folks were over on STC several hours ago, so I'll go see what's happening there... Right here is the spot to share dreams/visions, is that correct? Many thanks, lots of love and exploding beams of light! :D

  7. Hello everyone! your experiences sound so good - just wish I could remember what happened. I had a very "busy" night, with lots of people, but the energies were not that great. Very clear, very real, but I don't remember any more than that. I know I woke at some point saying a name. Stupidly, I didn't write it down...

  8. (repost)What a great experience I had on this Saturday night – February 11th 2012

    I felt asleep immediately after the password CENTER.
    I was on a spaceship with other people but I did not see them one by one, they appeared as White Light and I was sitting with them as an audience in something that looked like a cinema hall, the space in it was enough to us, not a big space. Troy was giving a lecture in front of us. He was tall, thin and dressed in white, I couldn`t see his face. My books were there and he told that the smaller book is a shortened history by comparison with the other book of mine that was the long history :) He opened the short history . In front of us there was a Lemurian crystal structure and a big shining screen and Troy in front of us.
    There was a diagram on the screen, a horizontal diagram, this was my spiritual potential, one third of this diagram was shining with white light. Troy put my name Tauno on this shining part and the name covered one third of the shining part.
    Troy said ” Tauno is not a stranger to us nor someone who came on chance. Tauno is our friend”
    Then I felt ice, my feet were like crystals of ice … I woke up…my feet were so cold and I had a pain in my throat, I send a prayer and half awakened – half asleep I saw Angels flying and they advised me to swallow several times, I felt better, the pain was gone
    I felt asleep again, this time I saw a big rose quartz crystal and other flying crystals in Space
    I was in Aeterna – and :) …propeller with a cute smiling face welcomed me there
    I was able to say to it whatever I wish :) maybe it was giving the tickets for coming onboard :)

    This was my dream and thank you for your attention, my dear friends
    Love and Light

  9. I am in awe of this experience, Tauno... I'm sorry you felt any pain because of it.

  10. Dear friend Troy, the pain in the throat was because of the cold here, my room is not very warm and the winter outside is cruel :)
    But I have my Light and my Guardians all of the time :)
    See you again in the next Saturday dream, everyone is invited
    The password - CENTER
    Love and Light!