Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Herr Klausen of Agartha

Channeled by Dreamwalker

K> Guten Tag, Herr Troy, how are you today?

T> I'm fine, Herr Klaus... I suppose I could call you Kris?

K> Indeed, if spirit moves you! I am one person here who needs little in the way of introduction, and probably little in the way of connection since so many of your kind hold belief that I exist. I am a sole individual as well as a conscious collective consciousness... a bit of a tongue twister, eh? How does that happen? Those who play the role of Santa create this collective consciousness through their belief; a little bit at a time, some part of them believes they're Santa Claus, and so this creates a group consciousness of the being that I am. It ranges far broader than Christian values - it is a separate celebration on Christed consciousness, which I had the pleasure to progress through. This story is a template similar to the story of the Buddha. Let me tell you how that happened.

When I was young, I was consumed by profit, a German toymaker. It is rare that someone can be born complete with Christed consciousness intact - there is a period of time where forgetfulness is strong so that the human brain can develop. This was the same with the individual/collective consciousness that you know as Jesus or Yeshua as well, and many other saints and sages. It is true, I found myself always looking forward to the money I might make and the profits I might pull in making toys for children. I put myself under a great deal of stress because I was never good enough when the profits rolled in. In those times, I had many privileged clientele, kings, dukes, wealthy merchants. I valued myself according to the clientele I held... that was my worth. The poor were worth nothing from this perspective, and frankly at that point in my life they were not worth my time.

In my quest for greatness as a toymaker, something interesting happened. As you could surmise, making toys is a creative outlet, and I created many delightful mechanisms. These mechanisms brought in much in the way of money... and you would think that this would make me happy. But the cost of this happiness, was fear of failure, I measured myself against that which I created. But there were a few things I created that delighted even me... and something clicked. Like clockwork! It was not the thing or the money that brought happiness, it was delight and love that brought happiness!

The next part of the process for me was the money. It is to some degree as I mentioned before a template that could be applied to anyone, but as we progress through our lives, it becomes less about struggling to keep up and more about enjoying life, since we develop the perception that life becomes shorter and shorter. And this is what happened for me; following my enlightenment, I realized I had everything I needed, and my home and my land wasn't going anywhere, and daily expenses were cared for. What now? Continue making profit to what end?

At about the same time, my brother went to debtor's prison, and his wife and children became destitute. This was something of a wake-up call for me... but I didn't act immediately as I should have. There were two years while I sat on my behind, while she and the children worked to make ends meet any way they could. Not having children of my own, I was initially somewhat terrified of the possibilities - children in my home? They'll destroy my life's work!!!

But I eventually came round, and brought them into my life. As it turned out they developed a keen interest in my work, initially of course for the toys, but later for the mechanisms and engineering.

T> A girl and a boy?

K> Yes - the girl was older. I saw in their eyes a keen interest in the science that made the toys go. The magic that turned a block of wood into a living, breathing thing (if only in the mind).

You know part of the problem was that my brother was right... we were kind of like Scrooge and Marley from the Dickens story!

So back to what I was saying before - these two children melted my heart of stone, and I had the good fortune to love them as my own... and then by extension, every child needs love. I consider my "real" story to start in December of 1787. It wasn't on Christmas eve... but it was an experiment that yielded interesting results. Giving away toys to the needy children of my community certainly had business implications... but I was surprised at the effect it had on me personally; it was exponential love. Other business leaders in my community caught onto the idea, and business leaders were finding ways to extend a portion of their profits to helping the needy in ways they hadn't before. And as a result, the community became a lovely place to live.

An unexpected result was that the small amount of abundance provided to get people through the winter months gave them the leg up to realize their desire to improve their lives in small ways.

One day out of curiosity, I set out across the snow, found a cave with a light in it, went inside the cave, and emerged in Agartha...

T> I'm confused, as I thought Saint Nicolas was from Greece, originally?

K> Not originally, but part of a much longer soul-line. I've had many lifetimes, just as you had. My last before staying in Agartha was the one I described. And this was one of many names I've had... it is interesting how it culminated, as I said, in a template that was similar to some of my other incarnations. Perhaps it is our love of familiarity that causes us to cling to these patterns!

K> Well, Troy, I look forward to meeting you. Won't people be surprised when they see Santa Claus?

T> I don't know... maybe it will be something similar to seeing a "real" alien?

K> Both of us obsolete notions, I would imagine...

T> Thank you, Kris, for this conversation... not at all what I was expecting!

K> Expect the unexpected, and expect miracles... they are all around us!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Atlantis: A History Lesson - Selphia

Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Good morning, Selphia, how about a history lesson this morning?


>Lemuria, Atlantis, Agartha?

No... Why on earth would you want to talk about history? Are you trying to bore people?

> I'd like to confirm that the nature of Agartha is that it is a place created by thought. You thought of it in your mind, and then it existed. You thought of the world first, in your mind, and when you made changes to that world, in your mind, it changed in the real world. This idea can be applied to Max, to the pyramids, and to Atlantis. You thought of the pyramids first in your mind, then they existed in the real world. And by extension, the next leap was to create another universe out of nothing, by your thoughts. Except... I think something went wrong. You are trapped there, are you not?

It is a fairly small universe, I'm afraid... and yes your perception of how we got here is correct, although it is more that we are required to remain here to maintain the dimension. This is why we need your help, now.

>So there is more to this than meets the eye - we are not only to "ascend" physically but also to help you out of the bind into which you've placed yourselves?

Well I wouldn't put it that way - it is a very nice place, and individuals can come and go as they please... but as a society we are bound at the moment to maintain that which we created. There are far more benefits than not, but your synopsis is correct.

>You built a ship in a bottle...

We are not able to join our Galactic brothers and sisters at this time, and we long for their company, although we can contact any we wish, it is not the same. It's like making a phone call when you're in the next room.

>Can you give me an idea of what lies ahead?

I think you already have a pretty good idea, Troy... your people will help maintain Agartha so that we can get everyone out. So first there is much you need to do in terms of using thought to create reality. You need to learn how to create something in your reality by creating in your inner reality first, and then applying that reality to what is around you, in the physical world. This might be a bit hard to follow, but you get the idea, I think.

>Is there more to it than that?

The earth surface will become Agartha, in a way, so this is why the clearing is necessary at this time.  It's difficult to explain, but when we make the transition things will "flip" and Agartha will become an empty place. We are losing one home and gaining another.

>So Agarthans will need driver's licenses?

By that time I think the abundance program will kick in... I'm not sure if the governments in their present form will exist. That's such a minor detail, but I suppose if we want to drive, I guess we'll need to get one won't we?

>Well, some things you just have to experience for yourself, don't you?

Which is why we've decided to join you at this time. This is a unique opportunity because an overcompensation or an overflowing will result from everyone coming "online"... but ultimately it will be their choice if they wish to assist in this effort.

>How many do you need to participate?

We're not really sure, but we're confident we'll have enough at some point.

>I was wondering if this was a part of my process with Max...

Yes it is. Trust them, they're there for a specific reason (one of many).

>Thank you, Selphia, this has been an interesting conversation!

Blessings to you Troy, and thank you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ow! My Ass! Understanding the NOW

Went on vacation to Florida, and had a fall on the stairs. Bruised my ass pretty bad, and it's been sore since the first of the month. The entire right side was purple. I was thinking, wow, if I could get that to spread, I'd give Krishna a run for his money (who is blue...).

The pain has been fairly severe, and pain killers have not helped that much.

So I was thinking about the pain, and then I started to actively think about something else, and the pain would go away.

Then I was thinking about how I could actively think about something else, to dull the pain. For me, I do not meditate, but I use an active meditation technique where I visualize a white piece of paper. So I was using that to kill the pain, and it worked pretty well as long as I didn't think about the pain while also thinking about the paper...

And then, as I was driving along, I realized that the world outside could be used in the same way I use the piece of paper. I can meditate on everything around me, just as I meditate on the piece of paper. This is a strange concept to me, because the world outside is a lot more complicated than a piece of paper! But, sure enough, meditating on the ALL and NOW, the pain goes away.

I realized that the NOW mentioned in many channels is not the NOW of time, it is the NOW of our active meditation. To be "present" in the NOW is not simply to exist, it is to actively meditate and be in the NOW, using it as the focus of that meditation.

Although that environment is always changing, it is also as simple as the piece of paper, because it is all one with creation.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

On Ascension

This is a response to a post that was left by Seizinist on Aruna Byer's blog, channeling St. Germain. This is only one small facet of what I understand this to be, but I like this analogy because it's easy to visualize. I realize there are many different aspects and impressions to what this may be:

Ascension in one way is to "move up" and can be defined as moving up our awareness to higher levels. Expansion of consciousness, and awareness of more than we are aware of now. In this sense, it is not an event so much as a process. It has no beginning and no ending. I think of it as simply a cup that can always get bigger, and we continue to fill the cup. So the goal is to get all of our cups to a certain size, this is what is being called for at this time... but our cups will always grow larger to hold more of our experience. Some may refuse to fill their cups further, or see their cup as being finite in size, they are happy with what they have now, and that is their choice. This is however only one facet of the process as we are multidimensional in nature. Namaste. 

Posted on the 17th of December, 2011, while we're on the topic of water...

One other thing happened today that was kind of cool. I was visualising sending light into my drinking water, and I saw this big red no smoking sign over my cup, with my eyes closed. I looked at the cup and realized it was a plastic cup. Hmm, good ol BPA. Chemicals that make plastic soft, even in those that claim to be free of it. So I dumped out the water and grabbed a glass, filled it with water. No more no smoking sign! So I proceeded to energize that water. 

Quite a direct communique…

Void, NESARA - Selphia

Channeled/Focused by Dreamwalker
Selphia of Telos

>Selphia, are you there?

I am here Troy. How are you doing?

>Can you tell me a bit about this void I'm experiencing?

It is as you feel, it is a cocooning. Do not fear it, or let it get you down. Great things lie ahead, my dear. Do not feel bad that you are somewhat immobilized at this time either... it all has a purpose.

>I understand. I appreciate the gentle introduction/instruction I'm given. It feels like we have all the time in the world to lay a good foundation.

Very well said, Troy, that is exactly it. Impatience really isn't necessary, although I know you feel that you would like to get the show on the road. Remember that you still have a purpose in your current existence and what plays out is exactly what needs to play out.

>How is everyone doing there? Do you ever have trouble with stagnation or feeling directionless?

I can't say that we do, Troy, as, especially now, we are fairly busy with various energy-related tasks around the Planet, and by extension, the solar system and galaxy. I noticed you are able to keep yourself busy by working with energy in various ways - whereas others might require a magazine to keep for getting bored, being bored is no longer a problem. That is one of the many benefits of being aware more of what is around you as it can be entertaining... and will be so much more so as you progress further.

We are sending you a bit of healing at your request, so you should feel a bit better now.

>Thank you Selphia... I certainly notice a difference since I've been talking to you.

This is partly the principle of resonance, you do benefit from the connection in this way.

>Is there a way to connect even if I have nothing to say? Do I still benefit in the same way?

We are but a thought away, Troy... :-)

>Can you tell me anything about the recent developments with the financial situation here on the surface?

The lawsuit currently in the works will be used to fund NESARA kickoff. This is going to turn around fairly quickly. This will lead to abundance, we have an idea of the specific chain of events that will take place but not necessarily of the timeline... but everyone is waiting in anticipation as things fall into place in the way that they need to. These are real things that happen but they are also unreal drama that serve the purpose of teaching.

>I have to go, at the moment, Selphia, but thank you for this discussion Selphia.

Thank you Troy - enjoy your evening!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Skull Collective: The Task At Hand

>I am here if anyone wants to chat.


>No what?

No time like the present

>For what?


You have your assignment.

>I believe I'm my own Master, no?

This is true

At your leisure, of course.

>What are the consequences of non-compliance?

It is your ego that resists at this point in time, but the void indicates there is not much left. You are clearly so near the finish line, and soon in a position to help others.

>Can you tell me the nature of this work?

It is not work, and there is an element of discovery here, as we have said before.

Love yourself, have faith.

>I understand, thank you.

Thank you. It is with great honor that we serve in this way at this time.

>Can you tell me more about yourselves?

Nothing that has not been relayed already will serve the specific purpose. We represent non-ego but divide ourselves only to serve as a conduit for our collective energy.

We will not relay further instruction until you are fully committed to the task at hand.

>You are on strike?

No, you are on strike.

>Ha ha very funny... I am simply asking for more information. I am somewhat still tied to time/space, or at least the illusion of it.

Time/space fills itself in around us as we move through it, similar to walking through water. It has the same properties. So regardless of "when," everything will fit into place as needed through intent.

>Are you blocking other channels?

No, this is your higher self. It is important for focus at this time.

>I understand. Thank you.