Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frankangela the Tree

Channeled/Focused by Dreamwalker

I AM Frankangela

I AM a tree, outside your window.

It is good to live within your proximity, it is good to be near you as you progress to the end of time, for a time.

I have been both tree and insect, insect in previous life and tree as well. I enjoy both perspectives.

As an insect I appreciated my home, and so I changed my focus to become a tree

And vice versa, as a tree I appreciated those who inhabited my bark and limbs and leaves with respect, and so I changed focus and became an insect

As a tree time and seasons tickle a little as they change; my bark grows. The insects tickle too, and it is happy.

You are connecting it is good

I feel my time in this incarnation may not be that long but it is enough.

You could trim my branches or not, it matters little to me.

I enjoy the warmth of the sun and the cold of the wind.

It is good to hear you there now too, it is good.

Thank you for listening to the tree.

Did you know my neighbor was once a dinosaur? And he was human as well once but now prefers the solitude of tree form because his lives were chaotic before. There is enough going on in the insect world for him now.

(Cross Ref. Dianne Robbins: http://intuitiveconnectionsonline.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/we-trees-are-record-keepers/)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Portal Training, Part 2

By Dreamwalker

This is not channeling or a dream... perhaps it's "lucid dreaming?" I'm wide awake, but things play out inside my head...

Anyhow, last night at around 1:00 am I had another training session with Adama.

I was inside the room in my house (inside my head) that has several picture frames in it. The picture frames contain images of other places. I have been previously instructed that these picture frames are portals to other places... the places that they represent.

So last night Adama showed me one picture frame in particular that led to a small white room with a small oval mirror in it.

So I look in the mirror and nothing's there, it's just gray.

"See if you can see a reflection of yourself." (Adama)

I look, and I see a white glowing ball.

"Okay, now try seeing a reflection of your physical self." (Adama)

I look, but the mirror's just gray.

"Show me my physical self."

I see a broken mirror, with blue eyes and blonde hair staring back at me (I can't see the rest because the mirror is broken).

"That's what I want to be. Show me who I truly am."

A raven stands before the mirror, but the mirror is gray.

"Hmm... is that me?"

"That is an aspect of you, yes." (Adama)

I still can't see myself in the mirror, it's still gray.

"Okay... let's try this: Show me my Highest Christed Consciousness."

I see my physical self in the mirror. I'm smiling back at myself. I'm clean-shaven (which I am currently not!) but otherwise it's me.

"Congratulations! You can now see yourself in the mirror!" (Adama)

The experience ends, and I sleep.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maquabeak and Luminaria

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

> I ask for all guides of the highest Christed consciousness who are helping me on this path to identify themselves now.

I AM Adama
I AM Selphia
I AM Mikos
I AM Dreamwalker
I AM Luminaria
I AM White Cloud
I AM Raven
I AM Thunderbird
I AM Maquabeak (White Spirit Bear)

>Thank you, you honor me with your presence

And you honor us with your progress, Troy. You are one of us, as you are all one of us. We are one.

>Maquabeak, I am surprised you are there... but perhaps I shouldn't be as we met once before in a dream.

(Maquabeak) It is too bad we didn't meet in your lifetime but we will meet again. It is wonderful to connect with you Troy, and it is an honor for me to help you on your path. I am here any time you'd like to chat. You do not realize but your recent visit to Cherokee was very important on a much different level. It was being at the right place at the right time. Much happened behind the scenes, and a few things played out in front of you as well. You provided hope to the man you spoke with, even though it seemed to you as if this was not the case. It made him think. It made him "take a step back." That is enough!

>I would have liked to have relayed my revelation regarding Wovoka but perhaps he already knows.

(Maquabeak) He does indeed and you in fact provided confirmation to him on a different level... the subconscious level. He knows, and he will subconsciously pass this to others of the Cherokee Nation. It is the light knowledge that their struggles have not been in vain, that the Cherokee Nation will become one with others on your continent, just as the prophecy predicted. Their desire to see others become as the great Cherokee Nation once was will come to pass.

You are correct in suggesting that in many ways this was and is a more advanced lifestyle to the "European" way of doing things. It is living as one with your environment as opposed to being in opposition with it. This does not mean that you will lose anything in your future, it is an idea rather than a mode. What you are moving towards is a merging of the old and the new - diffusion rather than requirement.

>A few have expressed concern about facing hunger in the coming near future. Can you tell me if this will be a real possibility?

(Maquabeak) You should understand that there are many across your planet now who already face this possibility as a reality. But it is the upper echelons of your society that make this a reality. When these collapse this will have some effect but your galactic friends will be working to cushion the blow. They realize that going through this for North America does not serve any purpose; there may be a few days where the power might go out for an hour or two but this is no different from the storms you currently experience there on the East Coast. Just keep the fridge closed and you'll be fine!

I should also explain that Thunderbird and Raven identified themselves and cannot speak but do protect you. It is why your journeys have often resulted in storms - they are clearing the way, so to speak.

>Well it is certainly nice to have an "armed escort"!

(Maquabeak) We serve and protect, as you serve and protect. Not law enforcement, of course!

>Who is Luminaria?

(Luminaria) I am here, Troy, what would you like to know?

>Where are you?

(L) I am everywhere.

>You are light?

(L) In a manner of speaking, yes, as my name implies! Specifically I am an entity of the 9th level of consciousness, but by everywhere I mean that I am very close to being one with the universe but there is is still separation enough that I can converse with you on a personal level. If I were not it would be as if you were talking to the wind. There would be no difference, but of course it would be much harder for you to understand!

It may get a little confusing for you and your cohorts at your level since there are many ways of describing light. But we still have vestiges of individualism or aspects that set us somewhat apart. It's like looking at slightly different shades of yellow. We are yellow, but you can still tell that these are different shades of the same color.

>Luminaria, it is wonderful to make your acquaintance!

(L) I have not spoken before this but it is nice to have a voice again for a time. We occasionally seek an outlet for our curiosity to the concept of separation in a remembrance of what once was. There is no regret, simply curiosity.

Know that you can reach out at any time and we are all around you. You are touching me now, at this instant. I bring definition to your form, as you bring definition to mine.

>Actually I was touching my nose but I think I get the idea!

(L) You are funny Troy it is wonderful to experience humor that is an aspect of joy. This is important because it is uplifting, and uplift yourself any way and it will uplift others. You all benefit from upliftment.

>Thank you Luminaria, I will talk to you again soon.

(L) Always.

(Maquabeak) Don't be a stranger Troy, we love to chat. Know that you have other guides who did not identify themselves now but have revealed themselves to you and will reveal themselves to you and serve in other capacities.

>I won't Maquabeak, I enjoy any and all connections.


Dorothy Maquabeak Francis: http://ca.bahai.org/francis

(Dorothy was the spiritual teacher of my spiritual teacher.)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Portal Training with Adama (A Lucid Dream)

Last night I had a lucid dream, where I'm wide awake but things play out as if they were a dream, inside my head. The visual is not as clear as it would be in a dream; it's more like remembering something that happened to you. I was thinking about the dream I had a few nights ago...

(Me) So Adama, that portal I saw in Agartha... where is the other side of the portal? Is it here (meaning on earth somewhere)?

(Adama) Let me show you...

I see a room upstairs in my "dream" house (the house I visualize when I think of a house). This is a small room in the house, dimensions a little larger than a hallway, and the walls are painted red. Along the wall that I'm facing are 5 paintings with elaborately carved gold-painted frames, except as I look at them, the paintings are 3-dimensional. They are very similar to the paintings seen in the Harry Potter series, a representation of a completely self-contained world (except there were no people in them).

The gate that I had seen in Agartha was the middle painting. It's a gate with pastel-colored points of light, sitting in the side of a building, outside, surrounded by different statues (including a small dragon statue to the left of it). To the right of it was a painting of a similar gate, except the gate was lying horizontally on the bottom of the ocean floor. The far left painting was a spiral staircase in a stone castle, lit with warm, yellow candlelight. The stone was a beige color.

(Adama) Watch this...

A white outline of a person materialized inside the middle painting, in front of the gate in Agartha. This outline wasn't really a ghost, but a ghost-image of a person, similar to how in video games they create a "ghosted" avatar for instructional purposes (i.e. to show you what to do and how to do it). The avatar moved from the Agartha painting, out into the room, and into the painting to the left of it.  I don't remember what was in this painting.

(Adama) This time I'd like you to follow it.

The avatar was outside the painting to the far left, the castle stairwell. So I followed the avatar into the painting, down the spiral staircase, and this led into an underwater chamber underneath the ocean. The scene was just like the painting I saw earlier to the right of the Agartha gate. A gate lying horizontally on the ocean floor. Immersed in water, I walked up to the gate. As I stood at the location of the gate, air replaced water and a large bubble of air then became air all around me, and replaced the water. At that instant I found myself standing outside the paintings, in the red-painted room inside my dream house.

That was the end of the lucid dream.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Human 2.0

My own perspective of the "end times" is that we should look to recent history to think about how things "end" and new things "begin". From an evolution perspective there is not an abrupt "end" but more of a transition where there are still examples of the old, but there are also examples of the new. And as the new is adopted, fewer examples of the old remain.

TV sets are a great example of this. How many of us own widescreen TVs? How many don't? How many don't even own a TV? Do we view this change of technology as a cataclysmic event? Can we still find examples of old TVs lying around?

How about cars? The VW bug is a great example - a classic car that still exists, but has evolved. It looks kind of like the original, but it's somehow different. A more modern design, a different kind of engine. Maybe you don't have to "roll up" the windows anymore. A better stereo system! (Do you remember 8-tracks???).

I feel the same thing is happening now with the human being. We have modified the world around us to the extent that it is now time for us to adapt to the changes, to evolve with our environment.

There will still be plenty of examples of the "old" but there will also be examples of the "new". Initially there are only a handful of examples of the new, seen as a luxury item. And as the new technology is adopted, fewer examples of the "old" will exist... but there will always be nostalgic holdouts! Those "new" items that were once seen as luxury become everyday items that we take completely for granted. Can you remember walking into a department store and staring in awe at a brand-new widescreen TV, when they were first introduced? How about now? Does that same item still hold the same amount of awe for you?

We clearly didn't fear this new technology, so why should our own evolution be any different? Shouldn't we all be hungering for this change as the true "gadget geeks" that we are?

Meeting Adama in Telos

Last night (July 29, 2011) before going to bed I made a statement of intent to astral travel. And I dreamed that I was in a place with white buildings, with a path running between them, 1950′s / "greek revival" architecture. There was this large dragon statue there, and it transformed into this sparkling doorway of energy. The statue was near a wall with some other plaques and smaller statues, kind of like a very small graveyard. A little way behind me was a group of people dressed in robes, and ADAMA was there, just as he is in the pictures you see of him on the web. This is the first time I have physically met him, and it was just as real as we are.

As I approached him I said, hey Adama come here I’d like to show you something. Sure Troy, let’s go see. So we followed the path back to where the dragon statue was and I said hm, it’s around here somewhere! Then I looked and it had shrunken down to a foot high. But the gate was still there, and Adama told me it can be used any time to go there.



Here’s what the statue looked like but it was made of stone, and more stylized (less detail):


Dragon: Ability to move between worlds, power of fire, protector, represents the connection of the birth of the Universe, exists between the thoughts, longevity, wisdom, infinite. The Red Dragon lives in the center of the Earth.


I found an image of what the portal I saw in Agartha looked like:

“blue apples”… from Rennes Le Chateau