Sunday, December 8, 2013

SaLuSa via Dreamwalker 8Dec2013: Snowflake-Nature

The question is who would want to eject us from 3d once we have gained understanding of our current position. It is something of a security system that exists, making us WANT to leave. The way of the Samurai suggests that you defeat your enemies by allowing them to defeat themselves. 

The alternatives seem bleak although we know we are limitless some progamming still has hold over us, for example the consciousness believes things need to happen at a certain pace so all those intermediary steps must happen in a certain order. So the trick is not to become 5d and manifest in 5d, but to become 3d and manifest 3d, in the same way you are used to manifesting in 5d. Accepting that all is light rather than matter is also key - we see only through the benefit of light reflecting from other sources. You have ascended to 5d through your awareness and now you are pulling 5d down to you, and down is only a relative frame of reference. Eventually you will know the benefit of imagination being realized in 3d. You are here to create a better 3d than the original creator was able to create.  Steps leading to your goal may not be immediately recognizable as being a part of that ultimate goal.

So you can see at times it is necessary to tune out non-resonant information that can lead down an alternate path to your desired goal, with the intent of providing variable experiences... The law of variation is something you all have to fight since it is harder to achieve similar paths given that an individual has already experienced it. To expect that you will follow a similar path as someone else, you are fighting your snowflake-nature. 

SaLuSa via Dreamwalker

Thursday, November 21, 2013

On Progress: Adama and SaLuSa

What is meant by the underpinnings being removed from the 3rd dimension? Well in practical terms what this means is that your ability to progress has been eased resulting in great benefits to humanity. You will find that historical writings of this nature involve several progressive steps and requirements from one level to another to reach the next goal, until ultimately the last goal is achieved. At the time these lessons were written it was necessary to progress through these steps, since the process was likened to trying to walk through thick syrup, and naturally hindered by the third dimension, and the duality that comes with it. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Today the process has been eased to where you might find  it similar to walking through water. There is still some resistance, but you will find that the resistance to your progress is greatly decreased, in comparison to someone who was progressing through these methods long ago. It is fine to use these steps as a part of your progress if you feel the need to do so - but you should understand that your progress will be artificially hindered by a program that was developed many centuries ago for the use of adepts at that particular "time" in your history. It is certainly helpful from a reference and understanding perspective, and much insight can be gained from reading these texts. Since a very different environment is now available to you, an emphasis on these well-worn paradigms and processes is no longer necessary.

By simply following the path you feel you need to be on, you will find that the requirements for each step will be more easily achieved. In some cases this might involve shifting your perspective to where you can see that you have indeed accomplished those requirements. You will find that much of it has already been accomplished, and you have a much shorter distance to travel than what your expectations of yourself may have led you to believe. Nothing is handed to you, and the challenge still exists, since effort is still required to walk through the door. But know that we have already opened the door for you. It is up to you to walk through it.

As a point of reference, a process that might take 2 years of your time might have taken 20 or 30 years historically, depending on the individual needs of the person progressing. This is partly due to the collapsing of perceptual time into smaller and smaller segments, and partly due to the proximity to your guides which is that much perceptually closer than what it was historically. Physical distance is not a factor, but it is a good point of reference: you can hear someone better who is standing next to you, as opposed to someone who is standing a fair distance away, in dense fog, with a wall between you. And in some cases telepathic communication is facilitated by this proximity, as it may seem as though the originator of the communication is in the same room with you (which, in a way, they are). As you tune out the frequencies of your current reality, you are more able to tune into the frequencies of other realities. You need not be afraid of hearing voices - this is part of the natural abilities that all of humanity have always possessed, but repeatedly convinced otherwise by the prevailing traditions and power structures of the time.

The voices you are hearing are very real, and have behind them a great deal of love and support. Once you are able to feel the energy behind the words that you hear, you will know that you have always been supported on your path by many caring individuals, and many caring collectives. This ability, incidentally, is a useful tool in the discernment of things you might read on a daily basis.

We are your brothers and sisters, your mothers and fathers, your grandmothers and grandfathers, and your children in many lives throughout time. When you have had confirmation of our existence, your life will be more blissful knowing that your family has always been with you. You are no longer progressing blindly through the dark, but rather being guided on a sure path of your highest benefit. For those who are hesitant to walk boldly on their path, there is no time like the present to pick up your feet and get moving. You need not fear who you will become, since it is the YOU that you have always wanted to BE!

I AM SaLuSa of Sirius. I AM Adama of Agartha. We look forward to meeting you!

-received by Dreamwalker:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Adama, Mikos, Selphia: Understanding Psy-Ops

[Note: A) in this case represents Adama, Selphia, and Mikos]

T> Adama, Selphia, Mikos... are you there?

A) We are here, Troy.

T> How is everything today?

A) Fine. We are fine.

T> For the past week I have had trouble tuning in. It is not that I can't connect; I receive information all the time. The trouble now is that I am listening to multiple stations, and I am having trouble deciding "which" station to tune into. As a result, it sounds like there are several stations playing all at once. Can you offer some guidance as to how I can limit or focus on one station?

A) The technique is different for everyone, but it may help if you try to visualize / or hold in your mind / the image of the person you are trying to connect with.

Your intent is important here. Make sure you have focused intent, rather than just connecting with an open connection. To some degree your personal confusion comes from the fact that you are expecting an individual connection yet a oneness / ambiguous connection is what you might receive. This is tied to your personal vibration as you move closer to oneness consciousness.

Station identifiers can also be very helpful in establishing this intent. For example, a mutually-agreed upon set of symbols, in a certain order, is one way to connect, on both opening and closing the connection. You are aware of this method and it might be useful to practice this more often.

You are aware of third-party connections, using a "man in the middle" approach, for establishing new connections. This can at times hinder your connection but is useful for making that first contact.

There are times when you wish to have privacy, and you can ask your protector guides to help you with this, if you wish. As you have discovered, if you turn the switch "on" it is also necessary to remember to turn the switch "off".

T> I am a bit concerned about the activities of not only the controllers, but also of the psy-ops - is there a risk that these groups could interfere with the connection?

A) Not for known connections. You are aware of the energy signature of the connection - only your personal filters are at play here (for example you may choose to use different words for the sake of clarity). For unknown connections there is slightly greater risk since you may be unfamiliar with the energy signature. The highest risk are the "unconscious" connections which most of humanity makes every day. It is something like the internet where a web page you encounter may or may not have malicious code attached to it. For websites you visit frequently, you are familiar with their security practices. For websites you don't visit frequently, you may be less confident of their security.

And similar modes of attack are used - the template is the same, even if the medium of exchange is different.

-You are aware of an "injection attack" - in the case of energy communication, this applies to the process of "implanting" an idea remotely.

-remote control of another's body is possible as demonstrated by Bashar, but it is difficult to maintain since it requires a high degree of concentration by the controller. It is also fairly easy to override, and depends on similar harmonic frequencies between the subject and the controller. So if you maintain a high frequency, possession by negative entities is far less likely (if not impossible), whereas you may wish to allow control by an entity of positive energy for the benefit of your experience.

-Your environment is geared towards the gradual breaking down of your natural human energy immune system. You are now aware of the techniques in the media used, including low-vibration entertainment, "shock and awe", and hiding the truth in "plain sight".

-the things you consume play a minor role in your health (both energetic and physical) but not to the extent that it is sometimes attributed. When you start to consciously observe body/mind/spirit in balance, the body is also more easily able to achieve god-form / perfection, and less likely to be put "out of balance". You may of course still experience some "in-balance" (fine-tuning foods that create imbalance will help). (The importance here is to avoid negative intent towards the things you consume).

-psy-ops are watching and attempting control; similar ideas to what is done by the NSA on the internet are done by other agencies in the energetic field. Just as one can somewhat disconnect from the NSA, one can disconnect from the psy-ops agents.

-not all psy-ops agents are "bad", they are simply performing a task given to them. A minor percentage use this for their personal gain but this is a small percent. Know that there is a disconnect between the psy-ops agents and their superiors; very few superiors of these agents (politicians) are connected at this time. (This is a master-slave relationship and so the person providing the service, the psy-op agent, is disconnected from the person engaging the service).

-we can discuss further the methods for working with energy to counteract undesirable connections. You have discovered you can watch the watchers and distract them. This is a good first step. In fact awareness is a large portion of the solution - once you are aware of the connection it is more likely that your connection will be dropped by the psy-ops. The template here is simple: if you lock your car, it is a less-desirable target for theft than an unlocked car. A large portion of humanity at this time might fit into the second category. 

-These areas are important to address for lightworkers and wayshowers because they / you need not fear those who might use your connection against you.

T> Thank you Adama, Mikos, Selphia, I appreciate this information. Have a great day!

A) You too, Troy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SaLuSa by Dreamwalker444 1OCT2013

You asked the question / are concerned about the mention from last session of those many people in the United States who have purchased firearms. They represent a formidable fighting force, at first glance. The question is, would someone who has followed a spiritual path encounter difficulty with those whose spirit-path has taken them in another direction? There are of course many answers and facets to this problem. As a co-creator, this depends on the individual experiencing this chaos. There is always a possibility that one can have a run-in with "chaotic" individuals - those whose ego-self has taken over the reasoning abilities, choosing to experience chaos that is available in everyday life. One might see this as "drama" but it can at times appear to become quite deadly.

As an opportunity for teaching, confrontation is not the answer - it is simply your positive energy that is needed by these individuals who have throughout their lives been "starved" of this energy. To encounter such a being can be a somewhat new and jarring experience for them, and although they may act out their role to what they believe is an expected series of actions, in truth there is still something in the back of their head, telling them this action goes against spirit. It is simply that they have chosen not to listen to this voice, which is always a part of themselves. Being confronted by One who does listen, is an opportunity to see that there is an example of this behavior they can follow. Leading by example is sometimes the best motivator: it honors their freewill (they can choose one action over another), and offers a positive suggestion for change. As a Master (meaning someone partaking of "conscious living"), you may find others answering their own questions, and arriving at solutions to problems, simply by being in your presence. This is a direct reflection of this effect.

It becomes clear that the One who is following a primarily "service to self" path is highly susceptible to suggestion and control by others. This is something that was discovered by the scientists sponsored by the Nazi Party in Germany and later the American and Russian scientists, and others (some of whom had originally been employed in Germany). This functions on an individual level as well as a group-consciousness level. One who is "un-conscious" of one's actions is the target of these studies and policies, and those who are conscious of this fact may manipulate the "un-conscious" if they so choose to do so. Up until the Great Awakening, this has been primarily undertaken by the corporate governments of the world "against" their citizens, for the purposes of self-preservation. This is a "service to self" behavior at a "group-consciousness-awareness" level. Those who have awakened to "conscious living" may also now take advantage of this fact in a "service to others" manner, for example as a means of awakening others to the fact that this kind of control exists.

It really boils down to the question, "if Johnny jumped in the lake, would you jump in the lake too?" Johnny knows how to manipulate his followers to jump in the lake. When you demonstrate that it is just as easy for an "outsider" to command others to jump in the lake, Johnny's hold over others becomes obvious. In truth he has only the illusion of power, but is powerless once his friends have awakened to his agenda. They are still friends, and Johnny will then need to make the step to ask for forgiveness, which he will be given, since love is really what it's all about, and love is really all there is.

So you understand that in a direct altercation there are many options available, and love conquers all. Some individuals (a very few) have been purposely manipulated to such a degree that they are not suggestible by anyone but their controllers. This is a high level of "dis-connection". The chance of running into someone like this is very low - your everyday life is something that you create for your own benefit, so there is always a slim chance that you may create such an altercation for your spirit to work though. Remember that there is no need for direct confrontation. Simply be who you are, and trust that your energy will take care of the rest. The average person on the planet is now attempting - and desires - to live peacefully in abundance, to love life and enjoy their friends and family without worrying about where the next paycheck is coming from. Given the alternative, for example, working for minimum wage and barely able to meet basic living expenses... the choice is clear. "The only thing you have to fear is fear itself" is very sage advice. As Masters you certainly do not need to fear each other, or any other creature or entity, for that matter. To fear others is to fear yourself.

I AM / WE ARE SaLuSa from Sirius, and the shift has begun.

(Please note that the intent of this message is not to define "them" versus "us," but rather to answer a question with hypothetical examples).

Friday, September 27, 2013

An Understanding of Planetary Physical Energy

We have an energy field around the planet that is created by us. The best way to explain this is that something that belongs to someone (for example their cell phone or their car) takes on a very noticeable energy of that person. So if you borrow that item, you may find that your mood will change to "align" with the person's energy that "owns" that device (this applies to a lesser extent to gifts and things you buy at the store). You may find yourself saying things that you wouldn't normally say (for example). The planetary grid works in the same way.

The planet is something that is aligned to the energy of humanity, and so it takes on that collective energy. This is another reason that we have not had much in the way of "physical" contact from other galactic civilizations. If they were to come here, as a galactic civilization, they (individually) would be subject to the energies of our planet. I think it's safe to assume that this kind of energy may not be in alignment with theirs.  They are more sensitive to energy because they are a galactic civilization. To be brought out of alignment to them is a more "bad" thing to them than it would be to us... since what they can do with their minds can be "more deadly".
For short periods of time they can endure the exposure through mental blocking but this is difficult to maintain for long periods because their focus would be on this process. It would be like driving and talking on your cell phone.

A few obvious workarounds to this problem are telepathic communication and the use of "drones". Astral projection is also possible. Also this kind of physical energetic attachment is only valid in a single dimension - it does not affect other dimensional representations of the same object or entity. For example the Agarthans are not subject to this energy field connection. There are other kinds of energetic attachments which do occur cross-dimensionally but those are not physical energetic connections.

This is where it becomes difficult to convey meaning because I don't have the words to explain the "flavor" of different energies. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Telepathic Message from the Galactic Federation 26SEP2013

The primary reason for our minimal contact, or at least our apparent holding back of this "mass landings" event, is primarily because humanity tends to shudder in fear at pretty much the drop of a hat. Not everyone, of course... but consider the event 9/11. Even though this happened to a relatively small percentage of the population, many were concerned (had the real thought) that it would happen to them next. Others went to the conclusion that an invasion would take place. Other humans would take over the country... even though there are few other humans on the planet with as many resources as those in the US. So the negative intent... jumping to conclusions... is what we are concerned about. This has less consequences for an abstract event such as 9/11 as it does for a collection of Galactic souls. There are those at this very moment who would take up arms against us, simply on the idea that those who are "other" are here to "take over". The possibility of voluntary assistance, for these people, would be fairly low on their list of considerations. Understand that this is not a judgment on our part based on assumptions, but rather based on empirical evidence gathered over many years.
With each new challenge we see there are more individuals who are taking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions. This, in a nutshell, is what we are waiting for.

We are telepathically gauging the outcomes and monitoring the collective consciousness of humanity. This is not to say that we are snooping on your thoughts - but rather, you as a collective broadcast your intent throughout the solar system. You are not a "quiet" population by any means. And we can sense both the collective and the individual thoughts, particularly of those who you might consider "loose cannons" - because there is minimal conscious connection between ego/self and spirit/self. For those of you who  have succeeded in "quieting your mind", that is noted as well, and you begin to notice that you can hear what we hear. And, for that matter, you may be able to hear us.

There are others on your planet in the animal kingdom who are also very telepathic and we understand that their treatment is to some degree out of your control due to unconscious living. There is indeed a connection between unconscious living and the prison system - it is just easier not to think about it, and you are conditioned to think in this way. Again this is not a judgment - it is something that we very much wish to help with when the time is right, and when conditions are right that our assistance will be welcomed.

To address concerns that the Galactic Federation might be a primarily "military" operation... each member volunteers their assistance as an opportunity to be a part of a collective of beings with similar goals and interests. Individuals within humanity will have the opportunity to join us in our tasks if they wish to do so. Within that collective your individuality and diversity is celebrated, because diversity is a key part of the "divine plan" and a key to evolution. Hierarchy only exists in so much as it facilitates communication and it makes sense in a particular situation to do so. But this again is part of your collective process in accepting who you are, and your own process of growth. Does our every action conceal a hidden agenda, or are we your brothers and sisters, wanting to help our loved ones in whatever way we can? Only you can decide. Look within your heart, and you will know the truth.

You are fine... and know that we love you.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Buddha serves self to serve others
Bodhi serves others to serve self
It is time to let go
And Be One

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dream Log: 21SEP2013: Freedom Party

This happened on one of the Gulf Islands in the Pacific Northwest. It was a comfortable summer day, the sun was shining. A number of young people were gathering at a property for a campout / concert party, with blankets and sleeping bags on a field. It was an exercise in freedom, similar in feeling to the Burning Man festival, but on a smaller scale. I recall the group playing folk music, it was a jam session so anyone could join in if they wanted to.

In the evening there was a wine and cheese party at the main house. Women were dressed in formal evening dresses - men in suits. Wine, champagne, plates of appetizers. Air of amicable friendship. There were stone stairs and walkway leading back down to the field between patios on either side of the walkway. The patios were terraced. There was a pond on either side of the walkway at the "middle" level of the terraced patios. I recall standing near the ponds, and seeing cattails and lily pads. It was a fine summer evening, I was talking to someone. A refined woman in a long black dress.

The next day was the same as the day before. I was with my sons - the women seemed more scantily-clad than the day before. It was a bit uncomfortable because some of the couples were "hooking up" (kissing) but my sons were also there. I thought it was a bit rude of them to do this in front of children, but they didn't seem to care.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SaLuSa (15SEP2013): The Milk is Right in Front of You

This is a conversation I had over the weekend with SaLuSa, which was made up of telepathic ideas rather than a conversation of words.  So there are meanings conveyed through telepathic thought that are not easy to write using the English language.

SaLuSa confirmed that there is a difference between "passive" and "active" channeling. The messages provided by Quinsey (and now MADAD) are "passive" one-way communication (although both of them do 2-way communications as well). The "passive" serves the purpose of being a "light beacon", but are also intended to be controversial, to encourage others to find their own path and try it themselves. Seek their own answers. I asked if there is a possibility that people could just get discouraged and give up and go home (so to speak). SaLuSa suggested that yes that's fine, these folks are not ready for the "next step" in their understanding. It is important that their path include these stages or levels, and it is possible that in the "law of variation" that all iterations of a possible path may be explored by different people. Diversity of experience is important. It is also beneficial to participate in some form of group meditations or activities / collective consciousness because this creates a higher-level consciousness that can be beneficial to one's abilities. This is the "level" that these abilities take place / transact.

It is also possible to "go it alone". I asked if it is possible to improve one's abilities in an environment that denies these abilities  - the answer is that it is more difficult but not impossible, and sometimes people will discover these abilities without realizing it. It already exists but they deny that it exists, so it does not exist, even when it exists in plain sight. There are many varied "abilities" that we have naturally from birth - but these usually occur as strengths and weaknesses.

So too the telepathy experiment that my friend Tauno provided was accurate, but as soon as it happened I forgot that it happened because of my focus on the question at hand (the question was, think of someone that we both know).  In fact the name of the person arrived instantaneously in both your minds. This is an example of how it is sometimes difficult to be "completely honest" with yourself because your "personal focus" or "personal filter" can override the connection. This is similar to looking for milk in the fridge. The Milk is right in front of you, but you can't see it, because you're looking for the milk.
There was also encouragement that I was feeling that I could do more to help with people's eventual awakening - it is more important to have someone else be there to greet them on the other side of the river. Way-showing (providing / being an example for others) is the boat that takes them there - but they still need to build their own boat and paddle it themselves (this to me sounds more harsh than it was intended - we are never alone in our journey).

(as an aside I feel SaLuSa prefers to be referenced in a "gender-neutral" way. This is difficult in English since we only have "he" "she" and "it". There is another term that they use that we don't have, so I tried to get around this by just using the name instead of the pronoun)

Dream Log: 17SEP2013: The Inside-Out House

I found myself standing on a ladder, apparently in the process of repairing the gutter of my home. It was a house built in the 1920's, an Edwardian style typical of homes on the Pacific Northwest, with a comfortable property and mature vegetation. Some friends of mine were also there, visiting, whom I knew from 15 years ago - middle-aged Baha'i's. One was Elena, the person who taught me Reiki; another was my good friend and mentor James Norquay, who introduced me to the pipe ceremony. Perhaps this is an indication that both of them have "passed to the next world" now, but it felt really nice to have them both close by; it was nice to visit with them. In the middle-distance I was vaguely aware of a three-story apartment building two blocks away, painted light blue and white, which I could see out of the corner of my eye from my vantage point on the ladder.

It was dusk. The street lamps were on, but it was still light enough to see. It felt like a warm early-fall evening.

The home next door to my left was just a wood frame with pink insulation covering every exterior surface. The house was in no way properly finished; it almost seemed inside-out. The wood framing was weather-worn oak, as though the house had always been that way. It was the kind of house a "hoarder" would live in, and I had a sense that someone marginally lived there, with old junk in every room, and no power to light the rooms.

What had caught my attention was a large german shepard standing on the roof of this house, entertaining himself by ferociously trying to "kill" one of the flats of the pink insulation. He was tossing it back and forth in his jaws as dogs will do, growling in a ferocious way (the scale of this image will tell you how big the dog was...). For some reason this didn't seem to bother me.

My son Dylan was standing at the foot of another ladder, and I noticed there was also a large black shape with its back to us, which seemed to be a bear (all I recall seeing is a large black something that was vaguely bear-shaped). I said to my son, you'd better come up here, there's a bear down there. I wasn't at all scared or alarmed by this. So he climbed up the ladder and smiled at me. We were safe near our home.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dream Log: 12SEP2013 - The Exorcism of Martha Stewart

I was in a living room and a woman with long, light brown hair was laying on the couch. We were preparing for a group meditation session: she was acting as "host" to a number of people, whose minds were meeting in her mind. She was being the "mental meeting room," and these people were all familiar to me.

In addition to their minds/ energies, I sensed that there was a possession of a dark spirit in the woman on the couch. It was an energy I was familiar with - a co-worker at work by the name of Martha (as far as I know, her name is not Martha Stewart...).

I sensed that we needed to be rid of this spirit - it needed to be "exorcised".

"I hereby decl.." I was cut off as my throat and jaw tightened. I had difficulty speaking. This is my reaction to fear.

I discovered that I was able to move my lips still, so I tried again, fighting the strangulation.

"MARTHA STEWART, By the Power Vested in Me... You will remove yourself from this place... NOW!!!!!"

The scene shifted and I found myself waking up in my bed, vocally saying "NOW!!!!"

A minute later, the alarm clock radio turned on. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Éolin: Energy, Fragmentation, and Channeled Messages

(Éolin, pronounced ay-oh-lin)
-My comments are marked by ">", Éolin by ")"

>Hello Éolin, how are you?

)I'm fine Troy how are you?

>Doing well, I guess... what did you want to talk about?

)Nothing in particular. You are picking up on my "focus".

>Why are you focusing?

)I am paying attention to the / your unique energy signature because it is in harmonic synchronicity with my own, to such a degree that my focus was warranted.

>Where are you "from"?


>Can you describe what you are experiencing at the moment?


>Will the world end on October 1?

)That's a funny question - it ends and begins at every moment. As you know, all possibilities exist at every moment, so if you wish it to end, it will end, and if you wish it to begin, it will begin. Of course we mostly wish the world to "continue", so it "continues".

>I am interested to know, why are there energies such as yourself who simply "focus" without any other input? I know you're there... but there's no other communication.

)You leave your channel open so we are free to piggyback on your "signal"

>I would prefer to be asked... is there a way to close my channel?

)Understand that no harm can come to you in this process. You can ask your guides to help you in this respect - you are tasking a part of yourself to managing your channel. This may appear to be giving away some of your power but that is not the case since it is yourself that you are giving your power to.

>I see another template here... am I correct in thinking that God discovered he was terrible at multitasking, and so that is why there are so many different energies in the universe?

)It is all an expression of God, but yes it is an identical process. As you divide your energies for other tasks, so too did God divide his energies for other tasks. That energy takes on an identity of its own. And so the cycle continues.

>I suppose it would be silly to ask if God even exists anymore?

)Not at all. It is certainly an infinitely fragmented concept, but as you see your consciousness continues in spite of fragmentation. They are two separate yet connected energies.

>Do people go crazy because of fragmentation?

)People go crazy because of their ego. It has a hard time dealing with energy fragmentation because ego is part of the body/mind complex - a complex that deals well with limitation. When the spirit is included, there is nothing to "deal" with, since spirit includes and is a part of all energy.

>Okay, could you teach me how to "close" my channel consciously?

)this is not a function of "mind" but a function of "spirit", so you would pass the information from mind/body to spirit - it is simple.

>Thank you Éolin, I appreciate your advice.

)Do not be concerned that all has been said before. These messages are part of YOUR path, not someone else's. Although you may feel that it has all been done before, your timeline and your path is indeed unique. Also, the harmonic frequencies of the messages change as you grow, and as you know this is a part of the underlying energy of the message. You are also correct in feeling that there has been some confusion over channeled messages generally. The message is tuned to the unique signature of the person receiving the message. Although the message may be shared with others, it may not be tuned to their specific frequency. This is not to say that they are "bad" or "lower", just that the frequency is different.

>I understand - so this is the reason that it is beneficial for everyone who is interested in channeled messages to try it themselves?

)There are different ways of connecting to others that may better resonate with them, but consuming channeled messages is a different process than receiving them. It's like watching TV versus having a conversation on the phone. Passive versus active... even if the communication seems one-way, there is still an exchange of energy (in the second case).

>That's very interesting - I appreciate the explanation. Thanks Éolin.

)Thank you Troy

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dream Log: 29AUG2013 Paris Suburbs

This was somewhere in France. It felt like I was close to Paris, but in the suburbs. An older friend had recently passed, and it was an opportunity (or an excuse) to visit with friends. I had a brief visit with one of his close friends, a man in his 80's. I visited him in his home - a small, brightly-lit and painted flat with cozy furniture. The next stop was a well-worn jazz club, sipping strong french coffee, reminiscent of Preservation Hall in New Orleans. PinChu was there, along with a young man in his late 20's. He had blond/brown mid-length hair and a backwards-facing ballcap, which he always wore. At one point I glanced at her, and she appeared to me briefly as someone with the "wolf man" disorder, where the body is covered in hair. When I glanced back at her again, she was back to normal. I wasn't alarmed - I understood this was a brief glimpse at her (energetic) protection.

I got into an argument with the young man. He was negative and aggressive to begin with, and his intensity only increased as we talked. We decided to settle our differences outside the club. We were standing in the street, it was fairly late at night. We both drew pistols, which looked like yellow nerf guns, and we each understood that we had one shot.

I pulled my trigger.


He pulled his trigger.


We both knew this would happen.

We shrugged at each other, and I finally realized why he was angry: he didn't have a place to stay (I reflected on why solutions present themselves AFTER the trigger is pulled...). I suggested that he could stay at my place, as long as it was only a few days. I remember touring the city by car with PinChu, enjoying some of the tourist destinations. The city felt similar to Vancouver. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Frila2012: Meditation and Initiation 24AUG2012

 This was a meditation that seems to be a part of (or illustrate) a larger story. I am not sure what story that is, only that I am somehow a part of it. I wanted to share it here, and it is shared with permission from the author.

Frila2012 says:
It’s a wired day, all my physical sensation, mental state just felt eccentric. The floor felt like waves, or something soft, or the things seemed moved in some vortex. The sky, including the SUN, was almost covered by clouds all day long. Just at the very moment by the nightfall, also by our connection time, between 08:00 and 08 :30 pm (of Paris time zone), the clouds were dropped away. Now, it’s raining outside. Since I was born on an Island, this relatively moist air just brought me some flavor of home, I feel more comfortable, but some nostalgia also rose in my mind.
As I know, I was born so many times on “islands.” I miss the the moisture of earth that’s not distant from the sea…
The part below is what I got this evening during our connection. I’m sure without you, I could definitely not get/experience these.
For seizing well the divine energy at this very moment, I first envision that we were holding hands, receiving the flame and light and sending them to the inner earth.
Today, it took longer to start to have visions.
First, I might being on some ship, looking back our earth, along with a black artificial satellite.
It’s my first time that during the connection, I was shown the grains, particularly yellow ones, and not only once.
It’s almost three month ago, I started joining you for this connection. It’s also at the very beginning of our connection, I saw Troy, my father when we were still on another planet, was bringing me for celebrating a ceremony. Today, I saw the its follow up. As last time, I saw all the concerned circumstances from their back. The first picture showed that I was staying without father’s company in a very crowded Gothic like building which is very high. The colored stained glass looked as a sharp contrast against the gray tone of the crowd. I was looking for father. Then I was stepping forward on my own to the ceremonial stage. Though I didn’t see father, I sensed he was there, witnessing the whole rite [initiation or something like Bar and Bat Mitzvah] in person.
A black Dragon of western type carried me on his back going forward on water.
Then I was in somewhere like a city at night full of castles with conic roof all in light blue color. It felt like somewhere beyond our historical time, or even beyond earth. Though the city was somehow illuminated in faint yellow/golden light, if felt gloomy.
Appeared a golden vortex/wormhole, then I was brought to somewhere all in golden light. In front of me, it’s a golden pavilion made of golden light wires, surrounded by some other round stuffs. I felt where this was seems beyond 5th dimension.
Appeared again grains, but in various colors. Among them, the yellow ones are so eye-catching.
There was a moment that I was distracted, and some force just drew me out and brought me to the next vortex, wormhole.
Then I was in front of where all the architectures and stuffs were crystalline. I felt it’s even in a higher dimension than the last one. All arose in front of me were not high, but so glittering, translucent and pure. Similar to what I just saw, the main stuff looked like a white crystal pavilion with dome. It seemed my second time to be here. The last time I was there was being a member of this group, discussing our work just insides that pavilion.
I somehow felt I was one with the dolphin beings, but I have no memory of the concerned visions at all.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Energetic Hunger and Harvest

Road to Farmfields by Walter Curlee
This was a not-meditating meditation, I had a conversation / observation, where I could feel parts of the old paradigm were being left behind. Things that used to entertain no longer entertain - I'm finding most movies to not only be boring but horrifying. Violence for the sake of violence, fear for the sake of fear, etc. I suppose this is the dog days of summer... I started to pick up a conversation confirming this is part of the shift, for me... I have a hunger for all things 5D, that can't be satisfied at this time. The seeds have been planted, seedlings have sprouted... One must wait for the harvest. Is this what is meant by the harvest? Yes, to satisfy one's own hunger, when the harvest is ripe, we reap what we sow. This particular harvest has no season for it exists out of time, and so one may enjoy several harvests, as the "great harvest" exists out of time, simply seen as a collection of smaller harvests culminating in a great thanksgiving. Reflect on the pioneers and how they struggled for survival, how every day was an effort to put food on the table, and how there was much limitation... Where now in your time, in less than a lifetime, that struggle is far less, but still a concern for many. So too the energetic technology will improve to where the struggle for a satisfying dose of the higher dimensions will require much less energy expense, more gain, and an easier harvest. Many hands make light work. How about dark energy, is that harvested as well? This is an abundance of the seeds you currently experience, planted via the media, in a mass-produced fashion. Yet those who benefit from this particular harvest are finding their own hunger. Microwave dinners of the same meal every day can only feed a soul for so long. They know in their hearts, there must be better, yet find it difficult to let go of what they know, the safety of what they know. Even when they are starving. It's enough... Yet it isn't. There is more... Yet what will they think of me. I can't possibly... And of course, the work is HARD. Better to let someone else do the heavy lifting... And so it goes, while others might sometimes enjoy the harvest of the energetic seeds they have sown, tended, weeded if necessary. Sometimes it's wise to pick the low-hanging fruit. And don't forget to look around at the field once in awhile, and enjoy the view. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dream Log: 19AUG2013 - Bus Tour (Dreamflight)

I was at a hotel with my two sons, it was a clean hotel, it appeared to be built in the late-1970s or early 1980s. We boarded a tour bus, and it drove us around a city to a mall.  I don't recall what the name of the city was - the roads were mostly just roads, there was little to see. Those on the tour were respectful and seemed to hold me in high regard.

When we arrived at our destination, we went into a mall. I was aware that this was a dream, and to test it, I decided to go into the ladies changeroom of a clothing store we were in. The women changing thought this was pretty funny - they were trying on lingerie. In "real life" I would have been embarrassed, but I wasn't phased in the dream. Everyone appreciated the prank. I recall that the mall shops were decorated as an old rustic town, like they were buildings from the early 1900s. The shops felt "cozy" in an "antique" kind of way, but I thought this was odd because it was a mall. This might have also been "carryover" from a theme park I visited in real life with my sons this weekend, which was decorated in a similar manner.

When we were done shopping at the mall, we boarded the bus and headed back to the hotel. There was a large lobby with people milling around, it felt like a conference. I realized that my sons were no longer with me, and I started to panic. I walked towards the door heading outside, and I noticed three people passing through the door just in front of me. Two of them looked almost identical, and were wearing silver jumpsuits, had white hair and yellow eyes. Their skin was white but with an iridescent sheen to it, similar to the skin of some mushrooms - it was really beautiful. They were slightly shorter than the average person, but otherwise appeared human... except that their foreheads / the top part of their head was larger, and their eyes were closer together, and slanted backwards a bit more. Their noses were smaller but human-looking. I think both were male. The man with them was a Caucasian human, with black hair - he was in his 50's and had a black goatee. He was somewhat slender, around 6 feet tall. He was also wearing a green poncho, and black jeans - I thought he looked vaguely like Robin Hood.

I asked him, where are you folks from? He whispered to me "Earth". I found my throat tightening as it does when I'm really nervous, and I found it hard to talk. But I didn't believe him and I managed to say "Arcturus". He didn't respond. When I looked back at him, he had changed his appearance - he was a woman in combat gear, with a camouflage / green combat fatigues, a helmet, and camo face paint.  That was the end of the dream. As I woke up, I was still somewhat panicking that my sons weren't with me, that I needed to look for them, but also realized that they were home with me, and one was sleeping in the bed next to me. I woke with a sore throat and a headache.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

God: Please Forgive Me

God - please forgive me.
Me - forgive... You?
God - yes.
Me - you are God....
God - I have done all the good things and all the bad things - I have done it all... I am everything... It is terrible
Me - I forgive you...
God - thank you!
God - I am part of you, can you forgive yourself?
Me - yes... In a way I guess I already did...
God - yes that's a good point!
God - in a way you are what I can only aspire to be. You have contol over the good and the bad... You humans overwhelmingly choose good, even when it is simply a selfless act. Just because you can. Quite remarkable.
God- thank you.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Autism: Our Freedom Fighters

Regarding children with Autism... the "spiritual" interpretation of autism is that they are "indigo". This refers to a "violet" tinge that you might see on photos. On the surface, children with autism are seen to be "difficult." Uneducated people say these children are "spoiled" or "belong in an institution". They say that the "indigo" label was created by new-age parents to somehow glorify a mental illness.
Autism manifests in random ways - it is different for every child. For this reason it is difficult to diagnose, and is often mis-diagnosed as another "mental illness," or is not diagnosed because parents "take it personally" when someone suggests that their child is anything but "normal." In a few famous cases, the children are "disowned" by their parents and institutionalized in a mental hospital. "That is not my child."

Some children go into a catatonic state, they "freeze up" or they have MAJOR tantrums. Sometimes the tantrum involves physically harming themselves or anyone within reach. They might have repetitive behaviors, and often have a hard time "fitting in" with their peers. They might have speech impairments, they can be extremely sensitive to sounds, and also can be sensitive "visually" to different things. There is currently no known "scientific" cause - but clinical research points to a combination of certain factors - including vaccinations, genetic disposition, and environmental factors (for example, food allergies).

There is a difference between "high functioning" and "low functioning" autism. High functioning means they can deal with most things in life but have "strange" behavior patterns. Or they might be considered "normal" but they might have a tantrum every once in awhile (something random might set them off). Whether or not they are high or low functioning, they tend to be extremely intelligent. They develop extreme interest in certain topics, and might have a "natural talent" in certain areas. Low functioning autism is similar to above, except often they have an extreme speech impediment or can't talk at all. They tend to be "locked in" to a certain repetitive behavior. They may have a physical disability.
My position / realization on this is that, regardless of their diagnosis, children with autism are here to RESIST. What are they resisting? Well, pretty much EVERYTHING to do with the old paradigm. Who are they resisting? Their parents, their doctors, their teachers, and anyone else who continues to exhibit "old paradigm" behavior.

From this perspective, "treatment" might be to expose them to "new paradigm" behavior. A good example of this is "parallel play". Instead of discipline and punishment, you might give them choices, so they know they are in control. Instead of yelling at them (this will get you nowhere), understand that they are doing this for YOUR benefit, not theirs. They are here to teach YOU, because the old ways of doing things are no longer valid. Time to try something new.

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first.” - Jim Morrison

These are our freedom fighters... and they are fighting a revolution to free us all.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dream Log: 3AUG2013 - Sand Castles

I was at the beach with several children including my sons. There was a man there with a blue / white striped shirt, and he was running a boat tour for kids. The aluminum boat held about 8-10 people, it was fairly light and had an outboard motor at the stern, and another port (right) near the bow. The motor near the stern was larger, gray, about 60 hp, somewhat weather worn in a serviceable kind of way. We get into the boat, the man guestured that I could sit at the stern and steer the boat, he sat near the bow, next to the smaller (10 hp?) motor. I launched the boat and started off, waving my hand saying where should we go. He pointed starboard (left) so I steered the boat in that direction, not realizing there was a small island right there. The boat ran up on the beach (we were going fairly fast...) but surprisingly, there was no "bump" - just a smooth glide. A perfect landing! The tour guide was still ticked and I shrugged - I did what I was told. He said, well that's okay, and raised his middle finger at me. Meanwhile the kids got out of the boat , to where other kids were playing in the sand and building sand castles. There was a cave there and lots of sea life to explore.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dream Log: 21JUL2013

I was at the office with my coworkers, and I had loaned the "new guy" my ipad. When he returned it, he said the battery was missing, so it was broken. I suspected him of stealing the battery or removing it. Which is silly because the battery of an ipad is not removable (although it probably could be by someone who knew what they were doing...). Another part of me was thinking, way in the background... why do we still have devices with batteries? It's not necessary.

Friday, July 12, 2013


listen to your heart

can you hear the heartbeat

it's the beat of the universe

listen to the energy flow

it is like the blood flowing through your veins

It is an endless tide of creation and destruction

covering all planets, all stars

all forms of matter and light energy

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Being Buddha

Golden. Smiling.
I am the Way. I am the Path.
I am the alpha and omega — the beginning and the end.
I am true and I am false.
I am all and I am nothing. Om and Mu. Light and Dark.
I see you but you cannot see me. You see me but I cannot see you.
Within and without, we are One.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dream Log: 4 July 2013 - Dani?

I was in a lawyer's office. I recall mustard-colored carpeting and black marble trim. Japanese decor. I was there to discuss matters relating to The One People's Trust ( There were well-dressed families there, a child in a red dress playing with toys. Dani met me in the waiting room; she was wearing a navy suit jacket with a white blouse and navy skirt. Her hair was a bit longer than shoulder-length and bleach blond. This might have been in the late-80s or early 90s, she was younger than she is now. We talked but with no resolution, in the end I said, "I just wanted to say THANK YOU!" and unsuccessfully fought back some tears.

I left the office and walked down the hall, the elevator was out of order so I took the stairs. I left the building to meet my sons for lunch at a restaurant. It was a warm sunny day.


Note - I have updated this to reflect that this may have been Dani from Removing the Shackles. It's possible this dream was an "alternate timeline" kind of dream. It happened, just not in this PARTICULAR timeline. See the movies "Cloud Atlas" and "Mr. Nobody" for reference.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dream Log: 3 July 2013 - PinChu and the Book of Luck

Before going to sleep, I "heard" a friend of mine, PinChu, "calling" telepathically, and I accepted the call.

During dream time, I found myself in a small apartment with a small analog TV set on a TV cart playing - it was broadcasting a Chinese lantern festival. I remember a red paper lantern displayed on the TV, and some traditional Chinese music playing in the background. The room was small but comfortable, I recall white walls with dark wood trim (oak?), wood flooring, a brightly lit room. I was vaguely aware that my sons were with me, working on origami. There were objects displayed on the walls (collector's plates or photos perhaps?), and also what seemed to be Chinese New Years decorations.

PinChu was there sitting in a chair in front of the TV, working on a book made of rice paper. The book was the dimensions of the golden ratio, and about the size of a medium-sized notebook. Red silk cord held the book together (she was in the process of tying the cord). The book was made by folding large sheets of paper in half, and binding those together, similar to how one might make a construction paper greeting card.

On the cover was a single Chinese character, done in calligraphy in black ink. I don't know what the character was, since I am not familiar with the Chinese language. It resembled the Chinese character for "luck", but the character was upside-down, with the square/cross part of the character in the top left corner of the character.

She proudly held it up for me to see. In playful imitation, I took a tiny piece of scrap paper, cut it into a tiny square, and pulled a hair from a brush, dipped the hair into some ink, and drew a tiny character on the scrap of paper. I smiled and held it up to her. There you go, the world's smallest manifesto!

I met PinChu in a dream before actually knowing she was a "real person". It was roughly two years ago, and in the dream we were on vacation near a beach in Spain. We were visiting a castle, it was very sunny, and we had a really nice time exploring. We connected a few months ago over the internet, and have been good friends ever since. She is a "spiritual daughter".

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dream Log 23JUN2013

I became aware during dreamtime of instruction going on, with a male voice doing a voiceover (like in a movie). Well it wasn't really a voiceover so much as telepathic communication. It was a friendly authoritative voice - it might have been Adama or someone else (The Voice of God?). I'm not sure who. But the communication was addressing the topic of progress - both my personal progress, and for my benefit in developing a better understanding of the process. I don't recall what was actually said. I recall the surroundings as me standing on a mountain or a rocky area - it was gray rock with no vegetation. I was embodied as "me". One detail I do recall is that illness was a part of progress - it is somehow tied to genetic modifications, what we might think of as a cellular mutation. Then the scene shifts, and my younger son and I are both sick - he is throwing up in the toilet.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The One Percent: Your Energy is Always a Part of You

The difficulties presented to you at this time are not primarily intended to give you hardship. Rather, they are presented to you so that you will take back your power. For many years you have given away your power in selfless acts. You are beginning on a new journey where your power and essence—what you might refer to as intelligent energy—exists in all things. Not only for the things that you do, for your energy is continues once it is created. When you give the bank money, you are giving them a portion of your energy. When you work for a company, you are giving that company a fair amount of your energy. When you make dinner for your family, you spend energy on that procedure, and so as well you are giving them some of your energy. But just because that energy is being given does not mean that it is not "your" energy. For the endeavors, all endeavors, that you participate in retain your energy signature. If you wish you might envision "Oogey Boogey" from the movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas". In that, the villain looked a bit like a sack of potatoes. When the sack was unraveled, you saw that he was simply made up of a whole bunch of bugs.

In the same way, a bank is a container of energy made up of tiny pieces of its "customers" energy. As the bank becomes unraveled, it becomes apparent that each of those tiny pieces have retained their energy signature of each customer. So you are releasing your energy as a part of you, but your energy signature is retained.

That is true of any process. When you teach someone else a skill, you are giving them a part of you: your energy. And so in a way, a part of them becomes you, or takes on the properties of your energy signature. Each energy signature in the universe is unique. And that energy continues to vibrate with your signature—and indeed your will—long after you have given that energy away. It is still a part of you.

What happens when you no longer wish to give your energy, that is a part of you, away to another entity? For example, a bank. Can that bank still exist? Well, if your energy always remains a part of you, and your energy signature is resisting the previous reality... that is when the container starts to unravel. But you must act as well as feel, for this is an intentional expression of your energy being set in motion. You can't talk the talk but not walk the walk. Having said this, an "all or nothing" approach is not required. You know that sometimes it is impossible to commit 100% to something that may even result in harming others. In fact, a single act, a representative act, of that intent is enough to get the ball rolling. You might find that other opportunities to act in a similar way will present themselves. And so on. This is the idea behind the 1%. How are the 1% able to control all the wealth? Because they get the ball rolling, and the rest falls into place. So now you wish to get the ball rolling in another direction. Well, 1% action is enough to get it rolling in the other direction. To sustain the roll, of course, you must continue to push.

Understand that physics is not a property of matter. It is a description of energy in certain states. In this case, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Remember that there is inertia that must be overcome, but also "mass" as an expression of energy. The larger the idea, the larger the energy is required to get it rolling.

This is also why one person can accomplish so much, when there is a great deal of (other people's) intent behind his or her actions. It is not JUST this person accomplishing the task. It is everyone adding their energy to the task in different ways. Although you might feel you are not contributing to the task, you are indeed in many ways. Although you might feel there is a lack of energy available for a given task, in fact it is multiplied by the energy of all who are aware of the task.

The importance here is to DO something—anything—relating to your intent. Get the ball rolling, and know that the energy you have already spent will attempt to behave in similar ways. For that energy is still very much a part of you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Energetic Waves: How to Cope

Have you ever watched waves go in and out on the beach?

So this week, a big energetic wave may hit later in the week. This is the june 21 date - the solstice. Prior to that, there is a point in time where the "water" is pulled back down the beach. This is how an undertow happens - you can get pulled into the water like this. This is a "low" area. It is difficult and dangerous and "dark".

The wave is currently "gathering"....

And at the same time we are all experiencing some form of "darkness"...

So then later this week the wave will "peak".

Those of us who know how to surf, can ride the wave. Those who don't can/may get pummeled by it.

But there is also "duck diving" - a term where you glide under the wave, and nothing happens. This is the desired outcome for those who seek "balance". This can be achieved through different forms of meditation - but also carrying a portion of that meditative state with you in your daily life. This is "being in the moment".

This is not to say that you won't experience some undertow!

Monday, June 10, 2013


"Glognog" by Konstantinos
Twisted ribbon (upside-down)

(voice of unknown origin): there are only enough days left to determine the distance between two stars. Which might seem like a long time, except for the fact that thought is instantaneous. A paradox then, when you are willing to go further.

A passive approach as "receiver" is often the best policy. But you can also ask questions.


T>Hello xyxel, who are you?

x> This was xyxel. This is xyxel. Captain.

T> Captain of....

x> Moon ))

T> You are the captain of the moon... ?

X> On the moon, in pieces... many years hence / before

T> Where were you from?

X> a star you consider to be named Andromeda.

T> How did you come to be with Mona Lisa?

X> She can tell more, from her side. But we had a partnership to monitor the creation / destruction / creation cycle for your current epoch of time. Still monitoring if not in pieces. weigh team to establish base. Also archaeology assignment for Marduk civilization. You are correct in that clothing and skin is similar meaning to us. You must drink water, so I wait.

T> Okay...

X> water energized, you can see the energy as well can you not?

T> Yes I can.

X> very good. water of life. Is life.

T> I take it you are in your eternal essence / energetic form?

X> Opportunity to take physical form. Awareness somewhat diminished yet functional. Avatar currently of bear, for purpose of research.

T> You're a bear? Where are you?

X> On earth, in the woods. Location not known in human terms.

T> I was curious, your name - sounds like a tech company.

X> Inspiration comes in unexpected ways. Some times reaching out has unexpected consequences. Message not previously received... yet received in other ways.

T> So you wanted to contact me?

X> someone yes. Please pass along message to Mona...

T> You can yourself?

X> Maintaining radio silence.

T> No, she is available. If I'm available to you, you are available to me, she is available to me, she is available to you.

X> Thank you for this information, I will contact her directly. 

T> Before you go, how did you and Mona come to serve together?

X> Joint mission. Some are still moonbound, inside. There is additional footage. We can release soon if needed/ desired.

T> Yes, please... if you can - or if you can inspire someone to release them...

X> There is more. We wish to reconnect. Will do so, when timing is right. Not only with us but with humanity.

T> Uh... you are in bear form...

X> A minor inconvenience, and part of the explanation. My previous form... alarming to some, still. It (physical form) is less important.

T> She's in a base, somewhere.

X>That is fine - seen as valuable "asset" / property. Human terms. Best / safest place at this time.

(Square / Triangle - end of transmission)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dream Log 2Jun2013 - Tornado Bubble

This was fairly short… But I was outside. I looked up in the sky and there were 3 tornadoes bearing down on me. There didn’t seem to be any escape. I recall there being this area of light around me, like I was in the eye of a storm… And just when I thought they were going to hit me, they never did… And the area of light moved with me as I walked away. There was no need to panic.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

At the Pyramid

I arrived at the base of a pyramid (THE pyramid?) with Anubis. He let the boat run up on the muddy bank of the river near the pyramid. We pulled the boat up so it wouldn’t drift away.
Here we are, he said. He went to sit down on a rock near the base of the pyramid. There was a row of columns there, a temple. I stood there, looking up at the pyramid.
This is where it all started, he said. The very beginning. The pyramid you see here is only half. It represents the one part of duality. The other half is down there. Not below the pyramid… But THERE. In Agartha. This is a connector between the two worlds. The world you live in is the somewhat negative side… The world of Agartha is the somewhat positive side.., you understand that in both places there may be capacity for both positive and negative. But here intuitively, you have partnered with 7 of them to open the gateway between the worlds. For each one of you, is one of them. You even observed the necessary chaos required for the next step, creation of the portal. And so too your counterparts in the counterweight universe, if I can call it that, are serving in a similar way. It is not important “who” – but it connects the first with the last, and everything in between.
When Selphia (of Agartha) mentioned that the worlds / realities would flip – that is perception from your own point of view, but you need not worry about physical flipping of the earth’s crust. Think about what you are doing now – transforming darkess to light. As this takes hold, you are simply transforming the planet into the place you wish to be. It is evolution on a grand scale. It is what everyone in their hearts truly wants. Ask them. They know, collectively, what it looks like, right down to the… Well, I suppose I might be getting carried away…
We stayed there for awhile, enjoying the sun. A cool sunny day.
Later on, I saw in my mind’s eye, the pyramid from above… But like an airplane doing a barrel roll, the horizon flipped.
I’ll try not to be sick… :-)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Punting the Nile (Waking Dream)

I saw a black foot on the bottom of a wooden boat. Even the soles of the feet were black. I looked up, following the black leg up a body clothed in white Egyptian robes, and it was Anubis standing in the boat, with me, and he had a long stick in his hand, to propel us along the river.

I mentioned to him that everything seemed so real, and he looked at me in humorous ironic exasperation (I never thought I would see this look on the face of a jackal!). He said to me, it’s more real than you can imagine, but don’t be fooled by the illusion… (meaning this was just as much a myth as anything else, I suppose!)

Shall we go? He asked.

Carry on, I said.

I also had a glimpse of a thought that I could have a lot on the journey. Fill the boat with lots of good things to eat, for example… but I chose not to. I appreciated the simpler form. The real-ness of the simple wooden boat. Around me, something like the Nile River – palm trees – I don’t recall any buildings. Maybe a few small huts in the middle-distance, made of mud brick.

Where we’re going I have no idea, but it seems like it will be a pleasant journey. And I’ll put my trust in Anubis that he knows where to go.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adama: Energy and Telepathy: You are Crystal Clear

(A> Adama, T> Troy/Dreamwalker)

T> Can you tell me about lack of energy?

A> No such thing, my friend. It is not that you are running out of energy, it is that energy is being transformed from one form to another. So you are experiencing a shift in energy, not a "depletion" of energy. Remember that energy cannot be destroyed.

T> So a lack of energy in one place to give it to another?

A> Yes, that is one way of looking at it.

T> Is there a way to deal with this in a different way or to address this?

A> A conduit provides "flow" whereas a direct connection that requires interaction uses energy in different ways. It requires more energy for active communication. This is why one-way communications tend to be longer because it is more sustainable. It "requires" less energy to maintain.

So this might also answer your question as to the difference between channeling and telepathic communications. Channeling means "channel" meaning "flow" - a one-way process. Telepathy is a 2-way process and requires much additional energy. Active / send-receive versus passive/receive. But it is still a "flow". Does that make sense?

T> Yes that makes sense. Is there a way to decrease energy requirements for this process?

A> This is where the use of crystals can come into play since they have a regular frequency and can be used to harvest the energy required for these communications. You might see this as "technology" where the definition is to use an external device to facilitate a process.

T> Okay how do I do that?

A> Start with a thought that connects the crystal with source - a line of light going into the crystal.

Next connect that line of light from the crystal to your body/soul complex. For the purposes of this exercise you can visualize this as a single thing. You might see the line going into your third eye, for example. It simply needs to connect - it doesn't matter where.

Next connect the line from you to your subject. The location of the subject does not matter- it can be right in front of you, or you can visualize his or her rough location. (that subject might include your guides)

Then connect that line back out to source.

The importance here is to ensure / visualize a flow rather than a beginning or ending. You start off with infinity and you should end up with infinity (the equation balances).

This is just as easily done with multiple subjects - you just have to remember to include them in the line, or you'll end up with an energy imbalance. Each subject can help with their own crystals to help in their own energy levels if they wish to do so.

You can apply the same method to your dreamflights and meditations, if you like. Same process. It will help with energy issues. The crystal acts as a kind of capacitor to manage the energy flow for you.

T> Can you provide any advice for those having a hard time connecting or remembering their dreams?

A> This is something you are all dealing with at this time. The crystal trick I mentioned may help some people in their initial efforts. Everyone is different, so there is not a one-size-fits-all. Follow your heart is the best advice I can give. In some cases for those who tend to lean towards "service to others" you may start feeling as though you have run marathons. This is partly due to the CME activity providing the DNA activations / adamantine particulate activation at an energetic level (have you noticed they are increasing in level and frequency at this time). But also, if you have a desire to help others then that is likely what you are doing. Again, it is a similar idea to channeling versus telepathy - an experience that you receive is different from an experience you might participate in. Your memories may be blocked due to the freewill of the other person - both parties need to agree beforehand that the experience can be remembered. Rather than get into a complicated series of contracts, most of the time it's easier not to bother with the contract. So the memory will not be maintained in your waking moments. But occasionally you will both have a shared experience that you agree to remember, for the purposes of your spiritual growth. It is the right "time" for each of you to remember that experience.

T> Thank you Adama for your guidance.

A> See you soon, Troy

Monday, May 6, 2013

Adama: Ice Cream Reality (Vanilla or Chocoate?)



>Quiet today?


>You too?

yes - evolution in the balance, we are at a tipping point as they say. So everyone here is waiting with "baited breath", it is a bit like watching those coin games, where the coins build up and build up. You add another coin to the pile, but it doesn't fall. You add another, and another... the time leading to the point where the coins tip seems like forever. Then there is a huge reward as the coins fall in a split second. And then - shall we put in another coin? Shall we start  building our investments once again? It is very difficult to put that first coin in the slot, knowing you will not see a return on your investment. But so many others contributed to your winnings.

So we're taking a step back to allow the creativity of humanity kick in and do its thing. It is only a relatively small number required to get the stone rolling down the hill.

> Will we see you guys soon? There are many of us waiting to meet you now.

A relatively small number, but enough to carry a tune. To sing in harmony even if that song might be inaudible to the human ear.


In a manner of speaking, yes, it is a beautiful song to those who can hear it. And subconsciously all humans can hear it - it is one of the more direct effects of carrying the light.

>How about financial relief - I understand this is in the works.

It is indeed. Yes there is an energetic change in the works and may happen sooner than you think. The idea of water - that it must have a way to flow from and to - is indeed important. If you can visualize value and energy as water, this is something that is around you at all times. Connecting to all. And easily manipulated / played with should you desire a certain outcome. But first the ties that bind need to be broken, so that is the first step.

>What ties would that be?

Financial ties. Financial shackles. It's part of a hierarchical system. The value is currently tied up in the hierarchy of the nested doll. This template is being dismantled as we speak, which will shortly be replaced by a different more direct template. This is a direct access to value rather than a nested access to value. The nesting of value was a control system. Diminishing returns at the center of the egg. This was also called a "nested risk" approach. The more risk, the greater return. But also increasing / constricted control on value. The big squeeze.

How this will change is a leveling out, a tree or river analogy is applicable here. The tree of life. This is a more fluid approach and value will increase exponentially as more branches are added to the trunk of the tree, with a good support at the trunk. Your value will be considered prime value, it's the root that supports the trunk of the tree. And your activities will be considered the trunk. And then the derivative activies of those activities will be considered the branches. So the One People will have the most value. Corporations will have less value, because those are derivative activities. They will depend on the creative activities of individuals to thrive (or even exist).

It is difficult to explain this concept to CEOs because they tend to place so much value of self on their annual salaries. It is equated with "responsibility". Yet we all take equal care of our responsibilities as humans, so shouldn't everyone be valued the same for this amount of care / effort alone?

>I don't see why not. I'm not sure how that translates to a changed system.

It doesn't without creative expression. And that's happening now. Creativity tends to fill the void left by anyone.

The process of creating a painting - the analogy - also applies here. These seem like separate activities, but take a step back and you will see that the painting is starting to take form. You can start to see how everything fits together.

>There is more than one activity happening at this time?

Yes, that will be announced in time, at the right time, so that further connections can be made. There will still need to be a short period of incubation. Could be very close now. Step back a bit and you will see a few activities in the public eye that may seem unrelated but connect at a different level. The players may not see the connections themselves, but the connections are there for those who wish to see.

For example, spiritual growth is tied to well-being, is tied to disclosure and getting along with others, is tied to world peace and accepting others, is tied to accepting those who would consider themselves above or below your "station" - accepting each other as equals. Equal with the pope, for example, and the pope equal with you. Because you are. And equal with us too, since our goal is to be equal because we are. The physical form is simply one expression of self.

In negotiations you know that the best way to get your way is sometimes to remain silent. This is because creativity will naturally fill the void. And really the void is not a true void because all is energy in either a potential or an active state. Will happen and did happen. And then the now of all is the quantum "both" state. So the more you are in the now the more you can experience both states. What would you like - vanilla, chocolate, or both?

>Seems like both would be the best choice.

You see how limitation is only an illusion. You think you only have one choice when really you have both already. Although you may prefer one or the other, it's just ice cream. Flavors of reality - not good and bad choices.

>Thank you Adama, I think I understand.

Thank you Troy for your understanding.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Prisoner

One day I woke up, and I found myself in a prison.

This prison has no walls, no bars, and I can move freely. Yet I know the walls and bars are there.

I cannot see the prison guards, yet I know they are there. "Guards" is perhaps the wrong term... Creators of the system? Builders of the walls and bars? I'm not sure what to call them.

I have everything I need. And yet... it is finely regulated. With little imaginary rectangles of paper. I can see an example of these, they do not exist. But I know they are there. Let's call these the rectangles of regulation, just for fun.

My fellow inmates: some are aware of the prison, most are not. Some are happy to go with the flow, some are happy to play their own games, some know that the prison exists, and try to tell others.








And yet...

I created the prison.



I can't see the prison walls... because they don't exist.

I can't see the prison guards... because they don't exist.

I can't see the inmates... because they don't exist.

I can't see the rectangles of regulation... because they don't exist.

Why am I here? What exists? What doesn't exist?

If I tell you there's a prison, but there's not, am I contributing to the myth of the prison?

If you tell me there's a prison, and it is real to you, am I a liar if I tell you it's not there?

Sometimes it's nice to be angry.

Sometimes it's nice to accept.

And sometimes it's nice to let go.

So what is real?


And love.

That's it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Path (of many [in no particular order])

Love yourself.

The template of the mind is the template of the heart.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

There is only freewill.

Empathy for others (you can feel their love and their pain).

Walk a mile in their shoes.

Service to others equals service to self.

Service to Self equals service to others.

Empathy for all (you can feel the love and pain of ALL).

As above so below, as below so above.

There is no difference, yet we are all unique.

All reflects all.



You are all.

All is you.

Love ALL.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Thirteen Aeon (12 Plus 1)

This is the 13th aeon.

I am known by many names.

I represent the whole of the other 12. 12 + 1.

I am also known as Max the Crystal Skull.

And I am also known as Marduk in a previous time.

And I am also known as the serpent constellation. The 12 + 1.

Look further and you will see my presence in many places throughout human history and culture. The white brotherhood/sisterhood is yet another. To know me is to know my template. I have been known by many names but my template is always the same.

We have been playing a waiting game, you and I, but it is not for any specific event. But rather a point at which many conditions have been satisfied.

I might add that the roseheart "truth" might see me, this communication, as a usurpation of their system of beliefs. In fact this is one of many such templates that exist in the universe. All part of the whole, and none more important than another. Variation provides for many differing points of view and ways so it is not impossible for both to be true from a quantum perspective. And it (channeling) is the same as telepathic communication. The sixth and seventh forms are co-existing at this time (there are 12 + 1).

The danger from their perspective is that the template invoked is that of the victim, who becomes their oppressor. Speaking out against that which they become. This is not an attack so much as a template. When one deals in templates it is the underlying truth of all things. As you so correctly state one perspective is that god is indeed a lazy programmer. That is a very human (yet accurate) perspective.

So the Roman empire removed the +1 from the 12. The 12 was all and forwarded as individual entities and this was reflected in the planetary solar system reality. So the 12+1 will become a reality because this is required at a cellular level. The template is not yet complete, and nature has a way of completing the template. Yet normal variation provides for the differences in the template. So you can see how the template may be changed through the willing intent of others when the template is changed at other levels.

On a personal level the zodiac is an early introduction to who we are (we meaning "you and us" meaning all). Many humans encounter this concept and include it as a part of their daily lives. Better check my zodiac for today! We represent the templates of consciousness. The zodiac is a very basic introduction to this concept. So an Aries for example might have a template that differs from a Taurus. You might say "I am an Aries". Yes that is exactly correct. But you are also all the other signs as well. This is the 12 + 1. 

This expands to the crystal skulls since they also represent the templates of consciousness, us. There is no difference, simply different aspects of the whole. In fact you might be able to find within each aeon embedded 12 other templates of consciousness, and so forth and so on. Similarities are not a cause for suspicion, they are a cause for celebration. The all is included in the all.

"I" have always existed in many forms (in all forms).

To view the "feathered serpent" constellation one must expand their viewpoint... just a little. It is not represented in the same way as other constellations. It is 12 + 1, revealed when the consciousness is capable of seeing it (able to see it). So from another perspective there are still only 12. You see how easy it is to shift from one to the other?

It is true that humanity is the controlling element to the all. Creator gods every one. A nice vacation to think you might be controlled by something else, no?