Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dream Log: 24 July 2015: Animal Party

This happened on Friday night. I was at a park with some friends. It seemed like it was in Vancouver, or a place like it, because the trees were mostly large evergreens, the park was a large public space, and we had a sense that we were in a large coastal city in the Pacific Northwest, but it could have been anywhere. It was night time, after the sun had set. The temperature was comfortable, so it may have been early fall - September or early October.

We were sitting on the grass in a rough circle. There were about 10 of us. We were putting on costumes for the evening event. We understood that this was a late-night public party in the park that was adult oriented, similar to "Burning Man." We understood that we were free to do whatever we wanted, and sex would be involved (this never happened in the dream, this was just our understanding). I was also reminded of the movie "Eyes Wide Shut." Every adult had to wear a costume of an animal. The costumes were more formal-looking and well-made. My costume seemed to fit very well and was very comfortable.

Next to me, a young man in his early-30s with short sandy-brown hair was putting on his costume. It was a gray dog. He adjusted the gray body suit, which fit well. Then he put on his mask, shrugged his hands and said "there we go." His mask reminded me of Snoopy, with long black ears. The mask had a funny smile and looked like it had been made in the 1930s - a vintage mask. He looked great as a gray dog.

The group wanted to get going, and I told the group to give me a minute because I was finishing the label for my costume. On a small white piece of paper in black ink I wrote "Crafted By", followed by my name, and drew a wavy border around it.

This was the end of the dream.

I understand that "sex" in this context is not "our" understanding of sex, but rather a reference to a gathering / merging of positive spirits. This is difficult to explain, but etheric spirit can't have sex - it's a joyous sharing of positive energy. When a community of spirit gets together like this it is a very happy occasion. It is also not complicated... Which our version of it usually is!

I also think this dream might refer to "The Event," for those following that storyline.