Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Lobby (A Dream)

1950-60's architecture, a hotel or apartment complex, feels a lot like the airport in Las Vegas. I'm there with my two boys, and we're trying to get to the higher floors... to the 5th floor. So we're walking around to the stairs, but we can't find any stairs. We go back past these window shops, and we found the elevator, which is coin operated. Someone has put 4 quarters in the slot, but the elevator spits out the coins; it's apparently out of service. I'm not sure why but we start running back to where we think the stairs are, but as we go past the lounge, I lose my older son... I run back with my younger son to retrace my steps, but I can't find him.

I find myself back at the bar/lounge, so my younger son and I sit down for a moment to catch our breath. A black woman comes up to us, and in broken english says: "would sir's son like to try an Old Hickory, otherwise known as Basil?"

"Thanks but I'm trying to find my son."

That was the end of the dream.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Efficiency of Metaphor: Wings

Hello Troy I am here.

[Hi Selphia, what did you want to talk about?]

Let's talk a bit about physiology today. You have arms, legs, hands, a head, a body. What else?

[I understand there is an energy field, made up of points of energy sometimes referred to as chakras.]

So your body extends into the 5th dimension through these chakras. This is your physical presence within this realm. There are other ways of connecting to this realm as well. Your mind receives feedback from this just as your mind receives feedback from your arms and legs. If you hurt your hand, you feel pain. If you "hurt" your energy field, pain is not a part of the 5th dimension, but think about how an imbalance might occur in your life as a result of this "hurt." It translates differently to the 3rd because it is in the form of space/time, so this creates what you might consider to be a "rift".

This is why centering is so important, it is like how a bird would fold its wings into its body so they do not get damaged. This is an exercise you can try... simply visualize wings being pulled into your body, and at the same time allow your energy centers to become centered.

There are limitless things that you can visualize to use for this purpose but you may wish to work with this particular analogy at this time. It becomes a metaphor for many things, and as you know it is possible to be very efficient with what we create. For example, wings represent flight, angels, purity, peace, healing (as in the cadeuceus of asklepius), protection. They evolved naturally in many different species for a reason and this is true on many other planets. For your purposes you have already discovered this appendage but you were wondering about there use. Well, this can become the white piece of paper, if you wish. It is your centering paper 2.0. Feel free to continue to use the paper as you wish.

You also know that it is a funny human trait that sees angels as lofty things - for this is the very thing to which I have described. An angel is only lofty to place it out of reach. It is the same as any other thing - it is your survival instincts that wish to preserve your current form at all costs. However you have always been of this form, and simply need to shift your perception, to shift your view, to see that which wasn't seen before.

Why would wings be important in the 5th dimension? Think about how metaphors and the effiency of metaphor works to create a perfect construct. It is not for transportation, but rather it represents all those things that I previously described. It is a placeholder for your intent - for the idea of the thing it represents. Similar in a way to how the crystal skulls are a placeholder of intent in your dimension... what does a skull represent if not thought? Bone-headed-ness, maybe? Communication? How about being a good listener?

Another illustration is that of the shield. It also represents protection, but in the 5th dimension you wouldn't use it for physical protection, that's not the way things work. So it is a "lesser" metaphor to that of the wing. It embodies less intent.

You have thought about how the properties of matter make up templates in your reality, and those same templates have other applications in the 5th dimension. For now I encourage you to become familar with the wing metaphor... get used to how it feels, how it works, its size, it's shape... the resistance against the air as the wings rise and fall.  I would like to speak again about these metaphors, if you like.

[I would like that Selphia, thank you for the interesting discussion]

Channeled by Dreamwalker |

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Truth Enough (Channeled)

we are here... we are waiting...

you are nearer than you've ever been before...

You are the one you have been waiting for
You are everything, you are nothing
You are the time and space of reality

Don't give up hope for your dreams
Don't give up, for whatever it may seem

There's truth enough
There's heart enough
There's soul enough for all
And you, my dear, are waiting for the fall..

you are never going back
always giving love to those who hold you back...
live your light your freedom

Many years ago you fought the great unknown
you've forgotten all you know but the time it rages on
Many lives ago you saw the great unknown
you remembered what you did there

Remember what you did there...

There's truth enough
There's heart enough
There's soul enough for all
And you, my dear, are waiting for the fall..

Now just relax, laugh, cry and shout
not enough time left just to enjoy your every moment
Now just relax, it'll all work out
Remember what you do here...
Remember what you did there...

There's truth enough
There's heart enough
There's soul enough for all
And you, my dear, are waiting for the fall..

Believe me when I tell you
You're all there is it's true
Transform yourself, it's time right now
Just believe it's what you do...
Remember what you do...

There's truth enough
There's heart enough
There's soul enough for all
And you, my dear, are waiting for the fall..

We are here... we are waiting...
As you are here... you are waiting...
The end of times
Is nothing but the beginning...

[channeled by Dreamwalker |]

Aeterna: Celebration!

Enjoy yourself with every waking moment... there is not another moment like it anywhere in the universe.

I am Aeterna

[My favorite galaxy! How are you doing Aeterna?]

I am fine, you have made much progress since we talked last. It is good to see you reaching out past your bounds and connecting with ALL around you. In small but significant ways!

[I suppose even smaller compared to a galaxy...]

In some ways we are the same "size", I just happen to be much more spread out from a "distance" point of view, but from a space / time perspective I am only a few light years across. From the right perspective I'm really quite small.

[Can you tell me anything about the people in your own galaxy, Aeterna? Have they been through ascension? How about the planets?]

Yes there are beings who span all levels of experience here. You will find that the third dimension there are actually limited number of planets to host this experience because [idea that beings transition out of this phase fairly quickly]. So from your point of view there aren't that many "habitable" planets. Ratchet up a notch to other dimensions and you will find many more planets "inhabitable" by beings in those dimensions. Yours included. It all depends on what "level" you're at.

[Can you tell me if there's any pain involved in this process?]

Pain is used for teaching in your dimension. Fire can burn, for example. So the transition phase does not require pain because it is not a lesson, it is a process. You are going through this process now... there is minor pain involved, but this is associated with the last of the "lesson" process, not of the "transition" process. You do not need to fear this, as fear too is associated with the "lesson" process.

[How do you expand your experience?]

A very good question! For me it is an almost entirely inward focus, down to the smallest microbe on my planets. I can shift my focus anywhere, and there is life, playing itself out in all its glory! My influence is limited to the passage of the galaxies within my body, there is an equilibrium and chaos which is maintained, but I have a small degree of influence down to the smallest level because it is after all me. Yet those small beings are unaware that I even exist. Their experience is focused almost entirely externally to the small world in which they live.

[What is the next phase for you?]

For me it is still a long time off. At this moment in space/time, what is happening in your galaxy will be felt by others. Even a galaxy can celebrate, you know.

[Shooting stars, perhaps?]

Exactly!  Good night, Troy.

[Good night, Aeterna, it was lovely talking with you.]

Channeled by Dreamwalker |

Notes: In a previous conversation Aeterna mentioned that "she" was going through the same process we were, so "next phase" likely refers to the next one after the one she's going through now...

Friday, January 13, 2012


-Thunderbolt (a crystal skull?) Channeled by Dreamwalker

I look forward to our meeting.

I was a soldier, once.

Our role is to discover other skulls.

Your role is to further implement the matrix of light.

[Did you have any family?]

Yes I did. I am now a placeholder for my spirit form which lives independently but is connected.

[Who are you in your spirit form, what is your name?]

Names truly are unimportant to the collective, and would be unpronouncable by you. You may refer to me as Thunderbolt, as we have discussed on other occasions.

[Where do I find you in this existence?]

In truth you have already found me, but you are also tasked with finding my placeholder.

[Hang on, if you're a placeholder but you also have a spirit form, do both your spirit form and your placeholder exist in other dimensions?]

I exist, as we all exist, in many dimensions. However it is beneficial to have a placeholder in your dimension so that we can be connected to events within time/space since we exist within that time/space. You may find that other channeled information does not reflect as well your current reality in some areas, this is because there is a disconnect in that the entity uses the human as a temporary placeholder, whereas we have a semi-permanent placeholder we can use to provide greater accuracy. We also use the download process to anchor to those who partner with us so that greater accuracy can be obtained within the context of that person. A part of you becomes us, and a part of us becomes you, so we can achive greater oneness than through a temporary connection. This is not a lesser or greater purpose or benefit, each have their purpose. One (using a temporary channel) can achive a "bird's-eye" view from those who wish to provide it, but that's as far as the temporary channeled connection can go. They can also provide a fairly high degree of detail within the space/time that you connect, but this is a limited duration of space/time connection. It is closer to NOW than to the past/future. We establish a constant space/time connection because we become you and you become us. It is closer to oneness, a first step, roughly speaking, it might be likened to training wheels.

So there is no change to you, or your physical experience, as a direct result of this connection. YOu simply have a broader experience. We can work through you or beside you in partnership.

This can also be attained through the connection of other individuals within your plane of existence, as you have done, although following the training wheels analogy the wheels will be much more imbalanced because all individuals within this experience may be connecting at this level for the first time. There is also typically fear within the group to allow this connection but fear is an incorrect reaction because no harm can come to you by connecting with another human in this way. You are simply expanding your experience, and working in partnership with others, just as you would with us.

There are benefits to having limited experience in some areas which is why our physical body is limited to the crystal which is our placeholder. And by crystal we mean "crystalline" which is an energy structure as much as it is a physical construct of atoms.

[Is it possible to energize other crystal forms with energy from other dimensions?]

Yes, temporarily, and some crystal forms are already directly energized as placeholders with beneficial entities existing in other dimensions. But as you know this is as varied as human personalities and experiences. Some have strength in some areas, and some have strengths in other areas. The skull form has been used for the specific purpose of connecting with humaniod beings. This is a direct benefit, and a direct purpose.

[Thank you, Thunderbolt, I appreciate our connection]

Thank you, Troy, a very fruitful discussion.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Michael, the Way Back Becomes the Way Ahead
Channeled by Dreamwalker

You are light form in the heavens. There is nothing stopping you from your journey. I AM Michael. There is much to be joyful for, be thankful, enjoy yourselves. You are a light cadre and you will not be suppressed, nor denied, nor will you awaken to any more days of Cabal rule. Those days are behind you now, they are no longer even a memory. As you forget your days of cruelty and survival, you will embrace the moment of divine ascension and abundance, for the kingdom of heaven is yours. Do not be afraid of this moment, as we have been sending you messages on your electronic devices with increasing frequency to let you know we are here watching over you. 11:11, 1:11, 12:12, these numbers may be familiar to you. This is the sign that we are here, and you are on the right path. Many other numbers guide you on your way, reassuring we are here.

As you increase frequency know that you are not alone, your journey is shared by millions now all seeking Truth and a glimpse of the source to which they have come. In truth that source is within you all, you are one with the creator now, created in the creator's image. What would you do if you saw the creator, some guy standing on the street? Quite a question. For this is him, and this is her. Look in a mirror, you will see the creator. Indeed, it is a Great Spirit that presides over all realms, and that Great Spirit is the consciousness of you as individuals.

Do not let the path of others stray you from your own. You are now ascending, as a process, not an event, and you always were ascending, ever upward to the light of the new era.

It is good to see you again, Troy, I hope you are enjoying this journey, and I trust the journey we chose together is one that you are converging with others. Let go of all feelings, in truth, do not think, let all events tied to the past wash over you like a tide, washing out, washing in, to carry you like a small shell either towards the shore or out to sea. Any rough edges you may have had will be smoothed by time. Either way it is just another place to go, and you can let the water in a bowl carry these issues away in a stream or a sink, it matters not, although as you have discovered plastics are to be avoided. Just imagine placing these from your mind into the water, and the water will do the rest.

Abundance in your plane is very close, it will be interesting to see what direction things go, but you already know the answer.

I AM Michael, thank you, my friend, for listening.



I first met Michael in a dream about the afterlife - my afterlife prior to my current incarnation. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sighting, 1-1-2012

This evening as I was taking out the trash, I looked up and marveled at how beautiful and clear the sky was. A half cup moon. Not a cloud in the sky, and xmas light radient on a few houses. Warm evening for January.

So I looked up, and I thought, "so when do I get to meet you?"

The response, in my head: SOON.

Immediately following this, a shooting star.

Except it changed its course by twenty degrees, mid-flight.

Soon indeed...